Curry Favour

Curry Favour

Curry Favour

Through no fault of their own, the Japanese cannot distinguish between “r” and “l”—sometimes leading to mortifying misunderstandings.

Occasional cheeky bloopers slip out during impromptu ido bata kaigi (gossip at the communal well) about an upcoming mayoral election—not to be confused with the philandering mayor’s clandestine trysts seeking to satiate his insatiable erection.

Kanamara Matsuri

Perhaps having led to misinterpreting this article’s title—mistaking this commentary as an ode to the awesome curry flavours now available in Japan—curry favour has a more practical application—to seek favour—a pragmatic protocol for achieving long term objectives—this conclusion is to be favoured.

Even though Japan has incredible cuisine, the Japanese also have an insatiable appetite for an exotic array of Indian curries—along with exotic spices comes their virtuous Hindu kindred spirit—binding them deeply to the heart of the Japanese.

Hindu and Japanese connectionIndeed, the spectrum of delectable curries now available in Japan cannot be denied, nor the international flavours arriving from around the world, which the rapid globalization of Japan can no longer hide.

Enticing Indian chefs to bring along their Mother’s Secret curry roux and sublime regional recipes—curry favour with the women for these ladies hold Civilization’s Keys.

Key to unlock freedomWhile their men work in distant lands, the women embrace an ancient clan dance—their men toil away, while the matriarchs stay by the hearth collecting their husband’s pay—building their noble bloodline in their ancestral homeland.

Here curry flavour changes to an intriguing life lesson—to curry favour with the women—especially with the hidden matriarchs of Japan.

A quick look, through the Hardcore History books, reveals plenty of reasons to curry favour—think of it as part of a survival plan—making it easier to understand where true power lies and exactly in whose cold calculating hands.

女武芸者 - Land Of The Rising Son

In other cultures, the notion of currying favour may not yet be applicable within that culture’s grand scheme—all emergent society and culture must evolve or they will certainly expire. Change cannot be forced; it must always come from within.

Women in burkkaAs for the Hindu nation and Japanese—obsolete sentiment as described in dan son jo hi (male chauvinism) reflects a decaying historic description of how the world should not be.

The laws of nature require society to be built upon ingrained civilized behaviour—a reflection of the Frequency binding the masculine and feminine—honouring the roles in the creation of Civilization Three—the foundational principle of harmony and civility.

dynamic energy between a man and a woman within the Yin and Yang

See All You Can Be

See All You Can Be

See All You Can Be

Seeing is believing—or—believing is seeing ʅ)ʃ

For those of left brain persuasion and of a deeply practical nature, ‘seeing is believing’ is the order of the day.

A most pragmatic notion accompanied by many other fine traits embedded in the left-brained brethren such as: logic, focus, and linear thinking the inborn nature—serving a very practical purpose, which more often than not, is described as realistically—indeed, by birthright all are immersed in earthly Material Sludge wandering timeless days ephemerally.
Wandering in Material SludgeWhy not choose to tune into different frequencies, this path leads to existence inside ΩNE—frolicking inside the deepest frequency the conviction of ‘believing is seeing( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Alas, for those destined to live within the confines of this monotonous mono-plain—the world of the ΩNE super-conscious being is undetectable by the five fragile senses of frail human-beings.

Particularly, the highly erratic macroscopic inspection—only reveals an illusion inside self-delusion, detected and manifested as ‘real’—the pettiness of humanoid’s monotone bandwidth, decrepit and very frail, in circumspect retrospect the ‘seeing is believing’ scenario has been deemed highly suspect—earning a fat F, a genuine hard fail.

This is a failPolishing the sensitivity of errant emerging beings is the first step to detect the immense scale of the frequencies endlessly streaming through the 5.1-Surround Sound System gifting ΩNE life-giving energy infinitely—faith and belief the constituents of this mysterious key—unlock the essence of the meaning—See All You Can Be.

The first deviation from preconditioned norms and innately experiencing different frequencies was to have stumbled upon my first friend—who also happened to be Japanese—forever connecting Amaterasu, the Mother of ΩNE who dwells inside the Chrysanthemum Palace radiating forth from our beloved Sun.

Launching this wandering boy into an exploratory journey—for some mysterious reason she chose her earthly resident of no fixed abode or address entreating him to Follow The Sun—forever intensely exploring the uncanny Nooks and Crannies of emergent Civilization Three—Japan and the meaning of becoming ΩNE.

Ephemeral Dreams InfinityBreaking through to the other side—identify pretences of constructed reality—to face the truth as described to you by your personal Muse for use as an idiosyncratic lifestyle guide.

A gift from the Sun to all humanoids installed with the super-consciousness program flowing into ΩNE—the essence of being alive, a roadmap to thrive on a stardust voyage through this infinite void—a pico-blip inside the abstract supposition of the untraceable concept called Time.

Vanishing candle of infinite yesterdays, now reflected in exhausted eyes—the final earthly tears wiped away and dried—the ending scene drawing to a close as you wish Mother Earth a fond final farewell—the chemical matrix of your earthly makeup dissolving and resolving into ΩNE.
The end of life and the beginning of dreams Dreams Intentionally accessing emergent frequencies represents the ultimate act of Love toward the greater Clan, becoming the change in the frequency’s chemistry as a conduit propagating Universal Love.

To manifest something into reality, you must first believe in the possibilities of creating new paradigms of progress, building upon the resilience enshrined in the Universal Constitution, brought to you by the Japanese, the curators of Civilization Three.

Futuristic Japan

Truthfully, each day is composed of Personal Choices—either way, this might not be the right day to spread your wings and fly away, starting a personal journey into ΩNE on this auspicious day.

Leave the prospect of deathbed regret behind and listen to the voice of your Muse, understanding that what she is asking of you is sublime.

Rise above the mundane with guidance from inside—join this game of mortal human existence with the notion of life in flux, and to embrace change from within.

Clarity Over Time - Land Of The Rising Son

Love Is All You Need

Love Is All You Need

Love Is All You Need

The Westernised notion of love is akin to the Easter Bunny or Commercial Santa; exciting and mysterious as gullible children, but like all mythology, fabrications created by powerful forces to control the heart and mind of humanity.

The notion of falling in and out of love is as nonsensical as a fat man in black boots with a potbelly slithering down the chimney to deliver goods and to feast on milk and cookies.
Santa w E BunnyThe real world offers much more visceral tutorials to guide the propagandised lovestruck lovers—serving up a healthy jolt of reality—Unconditional Love reveals the wisdom of life’s meaning.

The feelings when first falling in love is as exciting and infatuating as a gentle spring breeze—what’s not to love about feeling warm and fuzzy about Each Other, if only temporarily.

True commitment to an authentic partnership entails surrendering to the notion of growing together—into future frequencies, unseen worlds, and far beyond the surreal—regardless of the inevitable suffering that Unconditional Love entails.

The infinite frequency of Jion-jionBuyer beware: love comes with a caveat—we must love Each Other unconditionally and love Each Other without fail and until the end.

Chocolate merchants have a field-day on Cupid’s sacred holiday—February 14th not having satisfied their sweet-tooth quite yet, the ingenious Japanese pioneered a reciprocal scheme inside a plot—continuing fleecing the smitten masses—the commercially thriving—White Day

Remember, in Japan on Valentine’s Day, the women give men chocolate as a token gift at the behest of Lotte, only to be coerced into reciprocating a month later in Japanese confectionary makers’ creamy dream, the socially constructed aforementioned—White Day.

Happy White DayFoundationally, the Japanese take a much more practical approach to love and what it entails—particularly in mate selection when joining hands to proceed, creating the precious legacy of sacredness—ΩNE’s clan and the progress they have achieved.

First and foremost, in order to love others, it is imperative to love ΩNESELF before becoming capable of Unconditional Love—the primordial instrument of human thriving.

The reflection of psychopathic narcissism is that of an insubstantial sub-race—forfeiting their place inside ΩNE—separate from the Whole—their very existence fundamentally embodying hate.
Ugly narcissist putting on make up and staring into a mirrorUnconditional Love is the will to extend ΩNESELF for the singular purpose of nurturing ΩNE’s own, or others’ psychological growth—incrementally polishing a true daily reflection of the meaning of Unconditional Love.

Upon realization, the next stage of the story is revealed—the illuminated infinite lovers embracing Civilization Three—the pathway of progressive enlightenment, a juicy fresh onion as the layers are slowly peeled.

Onion layers w Land Of The Rising Son Logo
The process of extending ΩNESELF is evolutionarily successfully extended ΩNE’s own limits, growing into a larger state of being via the act of loving others, a spouse, a child, a friend, or indeed a stranger is an act of self-evolution and edifies all others.

Filial piety - Land Ωf The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

Reaching through kaizen toward self-evolution draws the ΩNE spirit deeper into the state of Unconditional Love of ΩNESELF and of others—knowledge being fuelled by the Love generated within ΩNE—along the electricity lines of the Unconditional Love Frequency—binding Each Other Infinitely.

Ephemeral Dreams Infinity

Carved In Stone

Carved In Stone

Carved In Stone

The Japanese are often looked upon as somewhat obstinate and unyielding, conservative and traditional.

Like so much mythology concerning the Japanese, the constructed reality to which many have been led to believe, has been thoroughly debunked as hackneyed regurgitated drivel—the academy of stale third-hand piffle—courtesy of crumbling ivory towers—brewing and stewing conjecture and supposition as to the way the Japanese should or should not be—this constructed narrative has now been rendered obsolete.

Zombie Professors decaying universityThe Japanese have always embodied the notion to seek reason, ideas, and guidelines from Outside Worlds, internalising the findings, setting objectives for the newly acquired objects their affection—this is the Way of the Japanese.

Fortunately for the Japanese, they were able to experience 260 years of undisturbed peace at the tip of the sharpest sword in the drawer, which happened to be that of Ieyasu Tokugawa.

Tokugawa Ieyasu Through this, the Japanese manifest their essence into our Earthly World by the extraordinary will of collective super-consciousness weaving Shinto into Buddhism creating the modern Japanese—the curators of Civilization Three.

Alas, all good things must come to an end—American gunboat diplomacy mightier than the sharpest sword, thus the reign of peace came to an end at the behest of the Americans with Mammon’s eyes squarely fixed upon the treasures embedded inside Japan.

The gunboat is mightier thn the swordAfter the dust settled and industrialisation became the plan, the Japanese sent envoys to explore the new worlds—a kind of missionary, not to convert the Occxie masses to become Japanese, but to probe the world for concepts and materials to initiate the burgeoning nation of modern Japan.

The incredible story of the rise of the Japanese as the creators of Civilization Three, begins as a journey marked by an innate curiosity as to the blueprints of the outside industrialised world, and when the Iwakura mission was initiated just a few short years after the end of the Tokugawa Clan reign.

the-iwakura-missionThe Iwakura Mission was certainly imaginative when selecting the participants for this arduous fact finding mission to unknown corners of the globe.

Not only was the mission filled with aspiring diplomats and industrialists, but also included children such as Tsuda Umeko, the youngest member at just six years old, Aunty Umeko is one of the earliest pioneers in Women’s Education as the founder of Tsuda University.


The Japanese spirit of modifiability manifests as the notion of constant incremental improvement—kaizen—embodying the notion of flexibility—a sharp contrast to the misconstrued representation of the Japanese as an unmoved, cold, calculating race; thus, everything in Japan is  Carved In Stone.

In actuality, the Japanese exhibit either flexibility or rigidity according to the actual requirements of any specific situation—displaying not only the foresight of flexibility, but the acumen to ‘read the air’ while engaging in dialogue with the worm (intuition), and maintain rigidity when doing so serves their greater purpose.

Japanese person having a conversation with a personified worm, representing the 'worm of intuitionJapanese disposition in large part come from the innate understanding of two important protocols embedded inside the Japanese language for navigating the world of stories—seeing reality through two distinct lenses—tatemae & honne—imperative fundamentals to recognise the world as layers—becoming super-conscious as to the difference between “constructed reality to which everybody pays lip service” and the raw reality of any given situation.

Super consciousness

The ability of the Japanese to intuitively apply flexible or rigid protocol, according to situational awareness—the highest level of this earthly material game, and the main reason the Way of the Japanese are meticulously studied, analysed, and researched somewhat like the Japanese did at the dawn of Emperor Meiji’s industrial Japan.

As the Japanese understood the value of keeping the Japanese identity while integrating the newest technology via Occxie-land and their Age of Reason, they have successfully navigated the tricky waters of modern civilization and at great cost to the Japanese nation over several decades in the early 20th century. 

A scene contrasting old Japan with modern Japan, yet conveying a sense of hope and harmony. On one side, there's a depiction of traditional Japan

Indeed, the merging of the Japanese foundational constitution written by Shōtoku Taishi in 604, the constitution of the Meiji government, and the third document brought to the Japanese via nuclear warheads, completes the documentation as the blueprint for the future of the Japanese nation. 

An incredible journey throughout the nooks and crannies of Hardcore History, the Japanese have evolved into a nation of passionate, yet peaceful people and diligent citizens.

Unequivocally, Japanese society runs like a well oiled mechanism, going through industrialisation while coming out the other side a highly technologically advanced nation with the Yamato Spirit imprinted firmly on the sacred soil of Japan—the curators of Civilization Three.

Japanese-respect - Land Of The Rising Son

God Fraud Squad

God Fraud Squad

God Fraud Squad

Creation mythology paints gods into all kinds of shapes and sizes—imaginary imagery used in a construction of ‘reality’ or from the Japanese perspective tatemae—the layers peeling away, the news cycle of yesterday, turning into the Hardcore History epoch of our times each day.

Japan is not only referred to as ‘Land Of The Rising Son’ but also as ‘Land of the Gods.’

The abundance of Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples spread throughout sacred spots in the ancient nation of Japan, bears testament to this sublime reality, therefore, Japan has deservedly been christened as Land of the Gods.

Amaterasu and the seven lucky godsIndeed, the Japanese are extremely flexible when considering the doctrine of Others, and the variety of gods contained in human mythologies.

The Japanese maintain a deeply spiritual essence, even though they are not considered by Others to be religious people—as a matter of fact, all Japanese are embedded within stringent social, cultural, and moral protocols—in essence being Japanese.

The foundation of the Japanese nation is based upon the assimilation of information coming from Others—moulding foreign notions into powerful potions, reformulating concepts and ideas, making them uniquely Japanese.

Japanese fans cleaning up the stadium after soccer match - Land Of The Rising SonEmphatically the Japanese are masters of integrating external worlds into the way of the Japanese, including the successful integration of Buddhism in the Heian period from 800 CE, weaving the Buddha into the way of the Japanese gods, thus, the super-conscious tenets of Buddhism becoming an essential part of being Japanese.

The success of the Buddha can be linked to one main thing, the skill to overlay these new tenets on top of the indigenous protocol of ancestor worship—Shinto—preservation and deification of deceased kin, anointing them as gods to be worshiped as ancestral clan.

Praying at a Shinto ShrinePeeling back the stark black and white of mythological dogmatic stories, lies an insight into suppressive dogma, emphatically embedded into decayed ideology, the indoctrinated adherent submerged in the authoritative notion—either Zero or One, heaven or hell you cannot pick both, so you have to choose one.

Onnabugeisha with the fork in the raod between heaven and hellThe mandate of the Portuguese Jesuits was to convert the Japanese—to instigate the creation of fresh patrons—tithing to feed a vast unholy beast—geographically distant from this Pacific Island nation—conceptually remote from the Japanese.

The collapse of Christianity in Japan and rejection of their Zero or One doctrine were due to the diabolical notion of clan destruction, along with the decimation of the honourable notion of the loyalty Japanese show towards their clan.

Jesuit Crusade Japan - Land Of The Rising Son-01

In fact, the Japanese have no religion per se—the core tenets of Japan are reflected in the Japanese Way—mirrored in their ancient culture—forever binding them to societal protocol—by birthright to which they all must agree.

Form Order Process is the Japanese way—sending forth into the world, recreating foreign objects and concepts into all kinds of things—ancient ritual tasting like fine matcha tea—the Japanese are destined to merge and purge, integrate and reiterate, concepts, ideas, and convictions, now in the process of building the pinnacle of human thriving—Civilization Three.

Modern and ancient Japan all together now - Land Ωf The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

Five Rupee Coin

Five Rupee Coin

Five Rupee Coin

Raised in a diverse inclusive atmosphere in the mountains of British Columbia, Ceylon was merely a topic in a geography book in a distant land far away.

By virtue of living in Japan, came the good fortune to travel distant lands—an extension of acquainting with the foreigner community, all of us strangers in a strange land, or as Patrick Lafcadio Hearn saliently noted—fairyland.

Patrick Lafcadio HearnMany moons ago, a Sri Lankan Buddhist temple was established in our rural town of Japan—along with it came friendly Sri Lankans, leaving behind their cherished loved ones in a distant homeland, seek a better life for their clan

In the early 90’s my dear Sri Lankan friend, then in his early 50, found work as a stableboy on a nearby horse farm, and is where the encounter occurred with this devoted Buddhist Sri Lankan man in Japan.

Sri Lankan Man in JapanCommon among foreign nationals originating from developing lands is their sacrifice, building their homeland clans in culturally remote isolation, only temporary guests in the insular homogenous nation of Japan. 

By happenstance, a serendipitous opportunity came to visit the island nation of Sri Lanka—an interpreter for a Japanese entrepreneur, a chance to visit my friend’s family in the breathtaking city of Kandy in the center of Ceylon.

Ceylon Map Interestingly enough, inside the ‘Temple of Sacred Tooth’ resides the sacred tooth relic of the Buddha, embodying deep spiritual significance—one of the most sacred religious artifacts in all of Buddhism.

So, what does this all have to do with five rupee?

Raised in the essence of empathic humanity, the stark dark, abject poverty common in Sri Lanka was far too visceral and startling to see.

Shocked into an instinctive conundrum—how to go about alleviating this wretched suffering and to once and for all end human misery.

Hand out five rupee coins
A bag full of 5 rupee coins will initiate the planetary poverty alleviation protocol the world will change forever and for certain, just wait and see.

The line for the 5 rupee coin was as far as the eye could see, all of the sudden it was clear as dawn—after handing out the last 5 rupee coins—once all the money is gone—a new beggar born, now looking for a free coin and a free lunch juicing life along.

An old book once proclaimed—give humankind fish, feed them for a day—teach humankind to fish, feed them forever and a day.

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man how to fish and you feed him for lifetime

My Sri Lankan friend was no beggar at all—he left his beloved wife and three daughters in a far away land—forging his way in the world—raising up his clan—a saint at the feet of Buddha, on his own as a sovereign man.

All stories come to an end, where this deeply devout Buddhist exited this mortal coil having never touched the sacred ground of his cherished homeland of Sri Lanka again.

One can only surmise when observing the loneliness in his eyes, he died of a broken heart—his final earthly chapter—a stableboy in Japan. 

Buddha and disciple
While transitioning to the land of Buddha, is when he make a courtesy stop to say goodbye to this Incidental Occxie, who loved this Fellow Traveler from Sri Lanka for his devotion to his family and dedication to advance his clan.

Continuing on his infinite journey, took a special seat at the table as an enlightened Buddha, his essence and spirit uniting once again with his family in his beloved homeland of Ceylon.

Sri Lankan man in orange buddhist monk robes sitting at his feet looking at the face of the Buddha