Grandfather Ωmega

Grandfather Ωmega

Grandfather Ωmega

Good fortune means different things to different people—different strokes for different folks—if you will ٩(ε )۶

Indeed, the antiquated adage—fortune favors the bold is a double-edged sword with razor-sharp teeth residing inside the fickle belly of the Lady Fortuna beast—taming this volatile vassal is the essential core of an Idealistic lifestyle—mind of peace inside a serene ephemeral dream.

The Big Girl and SanyaTides always turn into the absurd, thus always be redefining this critical word, making sure to give the negative suffix a miss—as adding “mis” to any fortune leads to headaches, heartaches, and disaster.

True fortune is in the locus of the beholder—ban butsu—life in all things—organic, visceral, and surreal—exceptionally good fortune of pure energy had The Little Girl delivering the original Ωmega grandson to Kizuna Jinja Main Gate.

フィリアトローロレンスー人情神社-bannerAstral-Sanya entered the Age of Shingo神悟 Zone1 Way1道—May 4, 2024—initiating the amalgamation of widely dispersed packets of pure energy transformed into a sentient human being.

Called back to homeland Japan, the tutelar deities of his emerging neo-clan anointed his purified soul as his journey is to follow the sun—Under God’s Shadow, so it shall be, as this is the way of ΩNE.

Sanya and the Land Of The Rising SonThe frequency of Infinite Mother—also known as Muse—is in the potency of her intoxicating elixir fruit-cake juice.

Magic keys opening untold possibilities, for she has anointed you—Astral-kun, as the Incidental Pioneer, potentiating eminence of the burgeoning neo-societies, as you and your phantasmagorical neo-crew unlock ethereal ports and concealed egresses into infinite opportunities of flourishing neo-youth.

Unlike the rigid hierarchical society of the Japanese, life instantly slips into serenity, whenever you are bouncing on Ωmega Grandaddy’s knee.

A realistic scene featuring a Japanese boy and girl toddler holding one key together, engaging in unlocking ethereal ports and concealed doors leading

The mirth and joy embedded in your living, breathing, toy awaits you at honkei of your neo-clan, where we always expect the best of each other—in fine arts, molecular symmetry, or climbing bamboo trees—I know this may be a little much, but then again, soon enough,  you will be turning three.

The glorious life of Astra-kun was conjured into molecular existence by his seminal grandmother, christened by Muse—The Big Girl, along with her sub-par Incidental Occxie, a mere prop in her uncanny movie—melodramatic to say the least.

Sanya Ωmega Grandson has been anointed and blessed by Empress Grace via her steely inexorable edictal order:

You are to become the archetypal example of an enlightened rising son ٩()۶

Empress-Grace-Posing-Land-Of-The-Rising-Son-Sanya Celebration Reflecting the emergence of prodigious children the unifier manifested as a consecrated concentration of pure consciousness representing flow into ΩNE.

In the immortal words of Infinity Professor Deutsch:

“Give children access to whatever they want to pour into themselves. And pouring is the wrong metaphor, because children create knowledge internally.”

Master-David-Deutsch-Infinite-Professor-ExtraordinareBifurcation of industrial education initiated by internalization of words of wisdom embedded in a humble 4-character Japanese compound:

on ko chi shin—温故知新—create the future from the past

Learn from the past:
Astral-kun’s ancestors are pioneers, with the mysterious frequency of beloved Aunty Umeko, connecting him directly to her own extraordinary journey, as she too, was destined to follow the sun.

Establishing Tsuda Juku Daigaku, in 1900, she has bequeathed ΩNE a living creative legacy—formal education for the women of Japan—for all  girls inside Mother Earth’s world indeed.

Aunty Umeko as a young woman

A civilized merger of two advanced societies was enjoined by Muse, instructing Aunty Umeko to merge with her visionary counterpart, the esteemed Ms. Alice Bacon; this historical female union having sparked Civilization Three.


Reimagining the Japanese way as timeless Matriculated Female Warriors enter the fray—reminiscent of formative Onna Bugeisha—neo-mothers of modern-day Japan—Culturalized curators of the neo-clan now revealed as a part of Aunty Umeko’s master plan.


Live in the present:
On the maternal side of the tree of life resides Bungaku Mama—Astral-kun’s resilient Great Grandmother, a graduate of Showa Women’s University, quite the feat, a thriver and survivor, a testament to her resilience and durability as the representative of the Yasuda-clan.

Bungaku Mama YearBook - Land Ωf The Rising SΩN - cybersenseiBungaku Mama’s name is now synonymous with a massive paradigm shift, and the accompanying changes happening during the bifurcation—neo-societies reflecting the value of being a homeostatic well-rounded sentient being.

Her spirit of resolve carried her family through the trials and tribulations of post-war Japan—her neo-clan now honors her by establishing the Bungaku Mama Juku-Juku—[文学ママ熟塾].

Her sublime legacy to Great Grandson Astral-kun—bestowing a gift of unconditional love, the foundation of her Civil Cultivation Center—the edification paradigm of Civilization Three.文学ママ熟塾

Plan for the future:
Recently, Muse has brought the future of humanity to Incidental Occxie’s strict attention—the future has now been officially mentioned.

Analytical Idealism has now been firmly planted, spreading its epoch making seeds—perpetually curious children profoundly enchanted—entrust prodigious children to the pedagogical freedom inside the phantasmagorical manifestation of Master Bernardo Kastrup’s prophetic vision and lucid dream.

Master Bernardo’s divinity is reflected in a quirky 4-character Japanese compound—ki men bu sshin—鬼面仏心—Ogre’s Face Buddha’s Heart.

ki men bu sshin—Ogre’s face Buddha’s heart

This delightfully cantankerous Master has a double Ph.D—one for the purge—the other for the merge—his brilliance is the sacrosanct wellspring of knowledge—he holds the ultimate key to the inner sanctuary of enlightenment, last stop before the portal to infinity.

At much personal sacrifice, suffice it to say he is a magnificent exemplification for malleable autodidacts to emulate.

All Great Masters heed the wisdom of their tutelar deity—this is the Japanese Way—Master Bernardo, welcome to the Yamato fray.

Master Bernardo and his disciples

Knowledge is used as a strategic tactic to advance the emerging neo-civilization, the neo-clan generation embracing the shapeshifting core curriculum of the essence of nature—on ko chi shin always enlightens the way.

The core narration of the neo-clan nation is threaded into the fabric of what it means to be Japanese.

Benefits are aplenty when adhering to the rules in the spirit of flexibility.

Model the innate practicality of the Japanese as embodied in the ingrained protocol of Form Order Process—its ingenious power is the deepest reflection of its inherent simplicity:

learn from the past

live in the present

plan for the future

on ko chi shin

wisdom of the Elders

Disastrous Mouth

Disastrous Mouth

Disastrous Mouth

The Japanese have a pithy expression aimed at avoiding the verbal quagmire of the highly volatile freedom of speech, with the liberty to interpret any exchange in a deeply personalized manner to be taken every which way, and loose—口は災いの元kuchi wa wazawai no moto.

Many moons ago, an outstanding filter was gifted from beloved Muse, however, in the heat of verbal battles, inside the plethora of indistinguishable incomprehensible mundane extraordinarily trite themes—oral decorum becomes distorted in an all around ugly scene.

Disastrous MouthIs it kind, necessary, and true—internalizing this san-ten-setto leads to no regret, now a Master communicator and orator, when understanding what lies beyond the wisdom of commonsense.

The urge to merge—Kind-Necessary-True—with FormOrderProcess—leaves not much left, but one small step—and without further ado—a gift from us to you—the evolution of creative communication solutions.

Kind Necessary True Mere with Form Order ProcessWhen this highly sophisticated protocol is ignored, an overabundance of anguish, pain, and their manipulative nefarious friend, mental torture arrive with the preachers and the choir.

A deeply emotional serenade, a skipping record playing the same old song over and over again—being chided while guided—excruciating punishment meted out, it’s a matter of course—brought to task for blatant disregard of the cordial civility enshrined in Japanese communication protocol.

A diverse and inclusive interstellar choir singing in unison with a preacher conducting them. The choir includes aliens, fairies, and elves, all harmoAnnihilate incessant amplification, and its worse mate, cacophony—a manifestation of a viral infestation, consuming a narrowly defined spectrum of a decaying humanoid mind.

The dissonant discord of raspy-throated humanoid noise pollution is reflected in the failure of modern communication systems—cans of germs create fantastical delusion couched as the verified solutions according to the forked-tongued servile minions.

Mitigate the sulphuric acid taste of astringent verbiage, the toxic waste pit kind, moribund products of linguistically decaying artifacts still haunting modern primordial man.

A scene featuring rustic goblets filled with acrid vapors pouring from the mouth of a suspect chalice. The goblets are old and worn, made of rough metThe Japanese innately know the mouth is the fountain of all disasters—more often than not, the Japanese default to the standard protocol of tatemae—maintaining a facade of socially constructed harmony—as it goes—so life flows—internalize this to see—you too can think like the Japanese—a rock-solid 100% money-back guarantee.

This could really be why the Japanese communication protocol is a game of hidden meanings, inside subtle intonation, ambiguity, and the paramount societal position of each Japanese.

Bound to ancient esoteric communication protocol embedded inside what it means to be Japanese, expressed via extraordinarily beautiful non-verbal communication tools with the ability to reach deep into the past via the culturally rich kanji.

Gain Wisdomー温故知新

For within the Japanese zone they have a visceral historical precedence, strict enforcement of their communication protocol—know your position while edifying all—make sure to not lose your head—the mouth is the source of disaster—that is all.

Once upon a time in Edo Japan, a slip of the tongue got the sideways glance to be met with a visceral real feel of the renowned samurai steel.

A phacken bloody mess, early death, returning to the bosom of the tutelar deity of your neo-clan—the disasters spewing from the mouth flowing to the final destiny.

All disasters spewing from uncontrollable pie-holes—leads to a mediocre destinations for those who fail to gain a semblance of control—loose lips elicit the markings of an untamed beast, and the resultant bore, bears out the cold hard facts—your life is an all-around abject failure—start from the beginning again.

A confrontation on the streets of Edo between an obnoxious drunk rogue and a noble samurai. The scene is set at night, with traditional Edo period arc

Coming from a long line of clever witty conversationalists, gabbers extraordinaire—some innate traits can never be changed, thus, those in this whimsical conversation class must reframe cultural communication codes by internalizing the spirit of the word for they lurk everywhere and hold one of the keys to mastery—this is the way.

Making the transition from a loudmouth full of self opinionated news-cycle driven—brainwashing runs deep, and in this, there is leeway for a slight modicum of forgiveness.

In the realm of humor, disaster from the mouth is always waiting like a dim-witted smartypants anticipating a second chance to ruin the perfect day—lurking inside the shadows of a former-self, just one innocuous blunder away.

A solemn and realistic scene emphasizing the message to 'watch your mouth.' The image shows a person with a ticking time bomb in their mouth, symboliz

Engaging strangers at Meiji Shrine with Sunshine Lover on a brilliant sunny day, an Occxie lass from the British Isles inside the conversation actually said:

Unfiltered Princess said “How about you?”

xybersensei replied: “Here since arriving in 1987 at the age of 23.”

To which the unfiltered princess then sullenly replied: “Why would you live here?!?!?”

In the days of yore, she would have been eviscerated with an unfiltered reply, a common tedious myopic Occxie chick, absent of any wisdom, not even one small pearl, her mind trapped inside a minuscule world.

This is where the filter kicked in, mitigating a tip of the tongue tart wise-guy reply—at long last, the acrid tongue finally reigned in—one giant leap on the road to becoming what Muse has in store to explore throughout the nooks and crannies of the phantasmagorical portals residing within.

The burning question now on the beloved readers’ mind is:

What would you have said if you had allowed yourself the freedom to opine:

The answer is clear for those who care to be:

I never wanted to become someone like you—not kind, nor necessary, nonetheless true.

A slightly obese British princess with raggedy clothes and gaudy makeup, standing in wonderment at a shrine. She has a snotty nose

Be Better

Be Better

Be Better

Incremental improvements, the long game of innovation using remarkably useful tools for discovery of the inner-worlds embracing the fundamental principles of kaizen.

Kaizen is the ancient Japanese principle of incremental improvement as alluded to in the handy daily natto protocol—be just a little bit better each and every day—this is the pathway for there is no other way.

The magic of truth whipped up into the frothy daily natto protocol is—simplicity.

natto with sticky chopsticksIntentionally seek something personal and unique, deepening perception a mere 30 minutes out of the 24-hour-fray—emerging visions can never again be waylaid.

 Caveat emptor is stamped in massive bold ink letters just to be Kagami Crystal clear.

Once starting, there is no stop—no exit from the infinity train—if you stop, it is never a flop, but you must start from the beginning again—shortcuts do not exist in the Material Sludge manifestation game.

Infinity TrainJust recently, it has now come to be, a feature that is not a bug—digitized denizens attention span,—reduced to that of a gnat—creating lots of twats—decayed brains the size of a shriveled pea, brought to you by the creators of manifested destiny.

The keys to the inner sovereign nation of untold troves of wisdom also comes with one phacken hell of a ride—mastering just one little juicy secret, lays a rock-solid foundation for those who embrace the day.Boy and girl embracing the dayThis universal truth elixir is the ancient wisdom super booster of incremental improvement which is deeply embedded as a morning routine—this is the power of on ko chi shinlet the games begin anew each day.

The notion of generation transcendence is revealed in the material manifestation of ancient tradition—fifty-three generations and counting—Form Order Process—ancient Japanese protocol embedded deep within.

Welcome to an ancient world, where the Koshu Nishiyama Hot Spring reigns supreme—this ancient hot spring hotel has been operated by the same family for over 1,300 years—the essence of an ancient world—let it soak in as your head spins, your life having turned into a sublime whirlwind.

Koshu Nishiyama Hot SpringBe better is initiated at dawn every day—deep gratitude to our tutelar deity as he and Muse guide the neo-clan way.

Come rain or shine, sleet or snow, the daily natto must be imbibed every today—show up, or be a chump, or even worse yet—M5 will chide you to the core—a withering glance as he brusquely asks—so what exactly did you do today?

Being better is self-actualization, unconditional love lights the way, maturation in this exalted notion facilitates the pathway to become exceptional somehow—when the student is ready, the sensei appears Master Derek guides the way.Self acutalization with Master DerekThe Laws of Human Nature are described in this seminal lifestyle guide—details of the peculiarities of the human condition—the reason to be a little bit better each day.

Navigating Material Sludge becomes transparent—wipe away rose tinted myopic tears, as you lend Master Robert both ears—the profound depth of mastery personified in this formidable sensei—the harbinger of the future today.

Robert Greene holding his book THE LAWS OF HUMAN NATURE

Inside pristine puddles of mental clarity comes the deepest of understanding—life is not a charity—accept personal responsibility for the emerging vision of neo-clan, thriving societies, creating the future for all descendants as initial stewards of Civilization Three.


Infinity Professor Deutsch

Infinity Professor Deutsch

Infinity Professor Deutsch

Is it a monotheistic miracle, or a molecular shake from Dear Ol’ Darwin and his fading revolutionary theory of evolution by natural selection—in fact, the cantankerous brilliant Analytical Ideologist, Master Bernardo Kastrup pointed out so saliently(*´`*)Master Bernardo Kastrup - Quote - 2024 -06 -29

Perhaps a little of both, although the previously sacred term—miracle, is a shadow of its former self, and just recently, a mere reflection of the true state of the Fabric of Reality.

Be that as it may, a phantasmagorical event occurred the other day—when autodidact avatars are ready, the Infinity Professor appears—mandated with the unenviable task of a Quantum 101 lecture via the Beginning of Infinity.

Watch carefully as Infinity Professor Deutsch dances throughout the multiverse; there are no brakes inside the infinite plane within the fabric of his sublime reality.Phantasmagorical Infinity Professor Deustch dancing throughout the multi-verseIndeed, intuitive curiosity belongs to a right-brain dense anomaly, who also happens to be assigned to the dissociated reality field of the Japanese.

Another biological molecular incarnation of an Incidental Occxie brother, or Meiji era Japan’s main-man, Patrick Lafcadio Hearn affectionately referring to Yamato as—fairyland *\(^o^)/*
Way Station No 9 The last stop before NirvanaObservation of the material world can never be viewed through the symbology of Mr. Schrödinger’s equation—i∂t∂ Ψ(r,t)=H^Ψ(r,t)—for each being has different shades of perspective—a view of the world the way it seems to be.

As opposed to abstract symbols also known as “equations” neo-clans see the world through a different len, an animation of ethereal creatures flying throughout infinite galaxies—at long last dark energy has been perceived and revealed.

Contained within consciousness resides the deepest of visceral intuitive feel—the collective amalgamated wisdom flowing to ΩNE.

As fundamentally real as any surreal mythology could ever truthfully be—venerate the tutelar deity of your own ancestral neo-clan in the protocol of Form Process & Order—join this emergent party plan.ネオ氏族の入門Discerning the atomic world via formulas and provisional abstract equations makes no sense whatsoever ʅʃ

Heaven forbid, ever having to faces the three-headed bogeyman of the autodidactic neo-clan—theoretical physics, inorganic chemistry, and hyperbolic triggernometry.

The quivering masses continue to bump and grind inside the fray of Material Sludge—avatars known as wetware in need of a little unconditional love.

This piece of outstanding cerebral meat, creates spectral illustrative illusions, reflections of materialistic existence, meandering throughout these unseen worlds in exquisite ultraviolet scenes.

Spectral Ultra Violet SceneThe fabric of reality has now been laid threadbare by Infinity Professor Deutsch, master communicator of the esoteric notions of infinite possibilities, describing consciousness and its counterpart, dark matter, weaving it all into a phantasmagorical spectral tapestry.

This journey was triggered by the prodigious seminal philosopher—Master Naval.Master Naval RavikantSeek out this incredible visionary right away without delay—enlightenment reside inside his consecrated mind, his wisdom is enchanting and of the practical kind—always listen when Master Naval Ravikant prognosticates, or you will be left behind.

Infinity Professor Deutsch has now set the record straight:

Master-David-Deutsch-Infinite-Professor-ExtraordinareHere is the paraphrase: Creation of knowledge and its resultant reach, has nothing to do with something as phacken ridiculous as the extremely narrow bandwidth of IQ.

Music to the ears, after desperate struggle over decades and years, the esteemed Infinity Professor has cleared away this wayward autodidacts’ tears.

The future of knowledge acquisition and resulting societal position, awaits all erudite sovereign citizens—essentially an update of the infinite knowledge system—collective consciousness drawing from the infinite flowing into each other amalgamating into ΩNE.

Flow Into ΩNE - 万物

Welcome Mat

Welcome Mat

Welcome Mat

The proverbial doormat with an encouraging message signals a welcoming environment with the default to goodwill expressed as innate humanity.

Diversity and inclusiveness was stated on the well-worn welcome mat, signaling the neo-clan’s hereditary gregarious magnanimity.

Alas, things are not what they seem when raised somewhat naïve—you are your brother’s keeper—or so we were led to believe—native Occxie indoctrination, now considered as a treatable disease.

Fat American Japanee doctorA noble notion, to say the least, but the world shows glaring holes in the mismatch between ideal and real.

Once upon a time, in a distant land, on a faraway planet called Japan, the glowing tonsured pate of this Incidental Occxie attracted a plethora of biological configurations, seeking their fortune in this ancient land.

The spectrum of humanity arriving as stranger has left distinctive stains on the Welcome Mat of this humble door—WARNING—the Welcome Mat contains punitive fine print buried inside draconian Terms of Service—embedded deep inside the notion of an unconditional Welcome Mat manifesting Grace at the main gate of Kizuna Jinja絆神社

Lawrence Joseph Filiatrault the tutelar deity of Kizuna Jinjaー絆神社の氏神フィリアトロー・ローレンスThis is where the story takes a much more pragmatic turn, pushing a perennial sucker into a cold, harsh, stark, dark, visceral reality of the evolving Welcome Mat, nature of a particular mammalian species, and the updated notion of connection transfusing Muse’s nectar to each other’s neo-anthropology soul.

Whipped up a gourmet evening meal including A-5 wagyu steak, a variety of delicacies prepared with tender loving care.

A warm bed, a traditional Western breakfast, yet an abject twat from Down Under, slandered a dear friend and faithful morning companion; coffee as not only mediocre but subpar.

This marked the end of the unvetted Welcome Mat, and guests who bring rude parasitical friends.Fat AUZs not welcomeThose whose life philosophy lacks gratitude and when necessary, offering up a banal platitude, would have been the correct posture and official procedure.

Unfortunately, this piss-poor attitude seems to be some kind of cultural programming, an unpleasant aspect embedded within the primordial nature of the grand human scheme of things.

Heartfelt, genuine hospitality turned into simmering hostility, as Maggie May pointed out so saliently: house guests are like fish; they start to stink after day three.

After being chided by Muse to become more deeply aware of the nature of humans, to ascertain what people without dreams look like—no original thoughts, no original schemes—all they can do is repeat what is on TV.

Television ZombiesThe Welcome Mat is now a strategic tool, extending a hearty welcome to those who possess vision and emotional fortitude.

Those who choose their own theme, marching to the beat of their own drummer, while keeping in mind—this ephemeral biological manifestation, described by the dystopian visionary Aldous Huxley, is not to blame for anyone’s life in a flamboyant existential flame—you must choose to fly counterintuitively toward the fire in the belly of the proverbial beast—this is the nature of the Material Sludge game *\(^o^)/*

The most extraordinarily magnificent of themes is fathoming a predetermined destiny of a pre-recorded effervescent kaleidoscope of socially constructed mythology.

Umero Framed as the 温厚知新親分肌The tutelary deity spirits embody the essence of neo-clan—the manifestation of strategically placed biological avatars of the phantasmagorical shapeshifter kind—rulers of the ultraviolet spectrum of Yamato Japan.

The neo-clan affiliation protocol has now shifted out of the biological avatars’ control—let Muse flow—her subliminal juice enlightening infinite neural pathways inside the nooks and crannies of trustworthy societies populated by wayward old souls and those who follow the sun.

Japanese civil society all it can beWelcome Mat protocol of the mushrooming neo-community clans in the Age of Shingo神悟is the preliminary stage where you and Muse get your story straight—known as—reconfiguration of fickle ways.

The infinite odyssey in the unseen worlds in the age of Shingo starts with the daily dose of natto routine, signifying commencement of the journey as ΩNE—embodied in the tenets described in the Declaration of Interdependence, the catalyst of a Constitutional Merger—building Civilization Three into ΩNE.

Each Other Banner

One In One Out

One In One Out

One In One Out

The journey from West to East was mandated by Muse to facilitate the merging of two advanced civilizations, commanded to reanimate both into neo-societies inside the node of Civilization Three.

Survival mode has been described in tales yet untold, destined to include long-winded fables of splendidly conjured up tales, containing magnificent pithy grandeur in everlasting stories embodying the pinnacle of the verbose piffle of an innate gut feel, the real deal.

Play the hand you are givenCreate a constructed reality connecting emergent neo-societies currently populating the aforementioned Civilization Three—integrating the primordial Japanese protocol of ancestor exaltation with the magnificent, magnanimous intellectual legacy of masterminds Sir Isaac and his drinking buddy John Locke.Sir Isaac and his drinking buddy John Locke

Discover the reflection of Buddha fused onto the Way of Gods, setting the scene as paragons of Japanese flexibility—see the portal into ΩNE, leading to the nooks and crannies of Form Order Process, become a bonafide citizen of the neo-Yamato clan—it is in the second nature, the irrevocable instinctive feel to flow naturally.

Looks like the Japanese are on to something ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Depending upon the magnitude of the vibration throughout this oxygenated journey following the sun, there remains a distinct possibility of becoming a deity—don’t ask me ʅʃ it is in the rule book—look it up to decipher the meaning of serenity.

Make your own rule bookThe next critical question popping straight into inquiring flexible minds is: 

What exactly does it take to become the tutelar deity of a neo-clan?

Ascertaining the moral compass to guide the neo-clan is reflected in the foundational principles of the ancient family—what would the matriarch say if she saw you behaving that way (°_°)*

Muse with childrenRejecting a stern stare or wise admonishment from celestial grandparents for sleazy behavior and breach of etiquette signifies the end of your game—the rest of eternity is to be spent in a self-imposed purgatory, having abandoned your civil obligation to the constituency of Civilization Three.

The power to deify our own neo-clan deity is a reflection of the magnanimous magnificence of Lawrence Joseph Filiatrault’s radiant legacy.

Lawrence Joseph Filiatrault - June 15, 1935 ~ April 5, 2022 - Land Of The Rising SonHe, along with Maggie May, created an exemplary example of societal guidelines to emulate around the journey following the sun.

Our beloved tutelar deity setting the precedent—his 86 years around the Sun sets the primary example of how to live in legitimate authenticity.

The significance of his mortal journey determined the eminence of the celestial ascent—one foot in this mortal plane—the other reaching into infinity—he was then somewhat surprised when he realized he had become our neo-clan’s beloved tutelar deity.

Lawrence Joseph Filiatrault the tutelar deity of Kizuna Jinjaー絆神社の氏神フィリアトロー・ローレンス

The salient question to ask while embracing the day is about the pending eulogy, the qualities of the newly minted deity on full display—what will the mourners say—edify our tutelar deity to laud his philosophy of the life that he embodied along his merry way.

The divine story embedded inside Japanese mythology allows for a whimsical whisper of smoke and mirrors, inside the vast expanse of the multiverse, in fact, the reality of the tutelar deity is now considered as the beginning of infinity.

万物無限All gods reside as an embodiment of the Japanese notion of ban butsu—life in all things—to the Japanese, life is an infinite synergistic game of simulation systems.

Realistically, god and the presence of the divine tutelar deities are not some outlandish conjured up fantasy—feel the spirit of this distinctive type of energy permeating the Land of the Gods—the Japanese have created their own mythology an ephemeral constructed reality for the creation of important tutelar deities. 

One foot in Earth, the other inside the Sun, Amaterasu welcoming the newly minted tutelar deity, an infinitely kind hearted citizen, reflected in the enshrinement of human kindness into the Shrine of Kizuna「絆神社」signifying the initiation of the age of neo-clans, the constitution of Form Order Process—the foundation of Civilization Three.

Neo Clan Banner