Rat Race Rut

Rat Race Rut

Rat Race Rut

Abstract notion of forward motion—connected to greedy emotion—a road going nowhere—the destination is despair.

Wake up in the twilight of existence, realization of life wasted in a perpetual situation known as rat-rut-race.

Rat Race Rut WasteLike so many lab rats in an endless maze, chasing the cheese in expectation of better days.

This tedious pursuit is like rotting fruit, ultimately pointless and fundamentally fruitless, at the sacrifice of personal cultivation—why not start from the Beginning Again today?

It is here and where, you are entreated to muster courage to reanimate a distinct personalised journey, not unlike Mr. Francis Albert Sinatra—pointing in the direction of doing things My Way.

My Way Album CoverRat-rut-race, a metaphor for the ceaseless competitive struggle to get ahead financially and societally to the determent of extraordinary tales yet to be told—epitomising emptiness and failure reflecting the undesirable conclusion of a vapid life and an empty soul.

Undoubtedly the emotional appeal in the pursuit of Material Sludge is an inherent humanoid desire, with money, status, and power like the thrill of a jet coaster ride.

Yet, this is merely a slippery slope and a razor sharp slide—amplifying the volatile emotional nature of egocentric indoctrination now have taken rooted in the darkest corners of the nooks and crannies—the subconscious abyss inside.

Dystopian Abyss
Inflection ٩()۶ Point: identify and defeat rat-rut-race

Long Working Hours

The Japanese are famous (notorious) for working extremely long hours; however, there is a clear distinction between working and being at the office.

Historically, in the Japanese mind, spending long hours in the office is a sign of commitment to the mandate of the company—think of this scenario as han men kyo shi (bad example) of productivity having definitely gone awry.

Essentially the Japanese have only just recently begun to question the wholesale commitment to the company over all, and slowly discovering and uncovering the corrupt nature of the rat-rut-race.

Chronic Stress

Just like any other organization Japanese work environment is fraught with personal intrigue and drama.

The quest to move up the ladder causes significant stress, which carries over into all other aspects of life with harmful consequences of the death march of stress infecting the entire spectrum of rapidly dwindling life. 

Mercifully, the old Showa business mentality is slowly waning away, but the commandments of the entrenched staunch taskmaster dies hard in Japanese society of mandated conformity—all must still endure invoking the protocol of Suck It Up Buttercup, regardless if this may seem insane.


Retail therapy otherwise known as Material Sludge spree is a symptom of the rat-rut-race mentality malady.

Once upon a time a young Japanese lady was asked about her homestay in U$A and to describe the highlight of her trip—the shopping channel was anti-climatic answer passing through her uninspired lips.

No Sense of Personal Fulfilment

Make sure to check you personal satisfaction gauge—is there a sense of accomplishment or purpose in what should be ΩNE’s life work?

The J.O.B. (just over broke) feels meaningless, nothing beyond bonus and salary, really that is all you got—now labeled as a faceless ‘salaryman’, this what life is definitely not.

Constant Comparison

Otherwise known as keeping up with the Joneses, success is regarded as some kind of competitive thing, along with the pressure cooker to acquire meaningless status symbols, represented by trite material things.

The epitome of a meaningless destination—the ultimate regret waiting as you arrive at someone else’s vision—congratulations your final destination is a dead-end—how was the ride?

The rat-rut-race is the fast track in a Race to the Bottom, sacrificing health, relationships, and personal growth in pursuit of purely financial gain is a mindless pursuit—there is no end.

A significant life journey can never be measured by a mere job title or in the accumulation of possessions soon to fade away, but in the richness of meaningful experiences, with the people and community who enrich the essence of Each Other’s every single day.

Walk your own way and follow the sun

Let’s Go Molecular

Let’s Go Molecular

Let’s Go Molecular

Viewing the humanoid body as a chemical Matrix akin to thick green pea soup, at first glance may seem surreal.Green pea soup-itadaki mouseRest assured, there is simply nothing more visceral, bona fide, or reflective of the Fabric of Reality than metacognitive acknowledgement of the physical flowing of molecules throughout Material Sludge.

Coming to terms with the fascinating reality of the intricate intertwining of heart, mind, body, and soul is exactly where the story begins—you are now in control of a new constructed reality where the legitimate meaning of life as the revealed revelations are slowly unpeeled.

Just as in the Matrix described in the Rising Son’s Earth Log, closely examining the mirror reveals your personalised chemistry and its veneer—scary at ignition at the Beginning of Infinity—your molecules starts the evolutional journey outside the Matrix where lies worlds of endless eternity—no beginning—no middle—no end—truth no longer surreal.

no beginning—no middle—no end—truth no longer surrealOnce consciously assimilating the quirky quarks of the molecular being—heart, mind, body, and soul amalgamate for an illuminating journey—Follow The Sun—journeying on her beloved sister Mother Earth—just one of the many planetary islands among an infinite number of gooey atolls—inhabited by otherworldly chemical matrixes of enigmatic bizarre sentient beings.

The physical body is a carnal conduit consisting of mind, heart, spirit and soul, thus, it is imperative to nourish the restless wary whole—personification of Personal Identification—the Ego and the  turned loose Muse, floating in Harmony in the True Communities throughout this celestial atoll.

New Worlds Indeed the composition of a humanoid chemical Matrix, varies widely depending on the sauce in the feed mix deeply impacting all 4 vital signs, personalised touchstones as a present to all seminal sentient beings.

Fortunately, at the tender age of just twenty-three—Japanese food arrived instantly—in deep contrast to this Incidental Occxie’s humble culinary beginnings—straight to pickles, rice, and sashimi.

豪華刺身船盛り - Land ΩF The Rising SΩN - cybersenseiInflection ʅʃ Point

As an Incidental Occxie, this journey Following The Sun can only be considered in the realm of inexplicable happenstance, a most peculiar instance of surreality, manifesting into materially reality inside Earth’s Force Field.

Undoubtably the selection of Japanese cuisine includes much more that pickled vegetables and raw fish, in fact, when asked why to have remained in the Land of Japan, the answer envelopes just three:

(1) Japanese people

(2) Healthy Japanese food with reverence for rice

(3) The foundational workings of the civil society of Japan—internalising this leads to penetrating insight into Civilization Three.

Surreal map of Japan high tech red rising sun backgroundMoreover, the Japanese astutely describe the essence of savoury scrumptious succulent nibblets—corresponding to the flavour of glutamates—the fifth category of taste—umami.

Once upon a time in Occxie-land visiting a grocery stores—there was shock and dismay in what appeared to be food devolved into sludgy chemical goop—conjured in an Industrial Laboratory—bad news ya’ll have been duped—consuming ubiquitous chemical compounds like high fructose corn syrup—you are fat, stupid, sad, and a pathetic pale hue of Mississippi Delta blue.

Fat and stupidUnsolicited (ò_óˇ) Advice 

The vital organs of humanoids orchestrate the music of mind and soul—reconstituting earthly chemical matrix using natural flavour decisions, the sustenance of your life akin to personal rocket fuel 

Rejuvenating the physical body creates a solid foundation to build the four divine points of homeostatic humanity—reseting the entire celestial body the personal Mitochondria Muse, an ally and the new best friend. 

The simplicity of the molecule rearrangement theme and its execution therein, is where a complex mind game in earnest will begin.

The mandate is clear—72 hours of abstinence—three fleeting days—on the quest for eternal harmony—rejuvenation starts from within.

As in all heroes journey’s, the antagonist will show up again and again—its must be viscerally experience personally—you now own this pesky little hunger hormone—who goes by the name of Ghrelin.

Ghrelin moleculeThe sole mission of Ghrelin is to bring hunger pangs—let the first battle kick in—even if breaking down and giving in—there is always tomorrow as described in the song—ashita mo aru sa—the vision of another day—Start From The Beginning Again.

In the blink of an eye, the renewed bio-chemical system can now fly, collective gratitude abounds for this soul cleansing protocol profound, brought to you by the wise Dr. Sten.

One more fascinating magic ally in the quest for the heart to sign and the soul to fly is also courtesy of the sagacious Dr. Ekberg—most important to know, thus to be aligned the regeneration of the cellular—the miracle of Autophagy the ultimate regenerative friend.

Sten-Ekberg mashAutophagy is the personal cell recycling program—just like a tired out cellular telephone eventually it starts to slow down too many old files cluttering up the memory—leading to ageing, physical breakdown, and eventual senility.

Clean up the unnecessary files and update the software so it can run smoothly once again—72 hours of abstinence—three ephemeral days is where Autophagy is put into play.

As cells live and work, they accumulate waste material like old or damaged proteins and organelles, which are the vital organs inside each cell.

In the Autophagy process waste material is packed up to be destroyed—break it down and recycle it making new cell parts with a renewal of stelar energy is where the new beginning starts is definitely the place to be.

Happy cells, molecules, atoms kissing each other

Matrix Escape 

Matrix Escape 

Matrix Escape 

Not unlike the iconic movie escape from Alcatraz, breaking out from this manifestation of the Matrix needs meticulous planning—remember, just like Neo & Trinity, agents Smith & Suzuki are always surveilling you.

Also remember that within ΩNE is an autonomous humanoid working in tandem with the personal Muse—but only if recognised and then turned loose being mandatory to escape the Matrix of Another’s simulated game.

cybersensei__Green_matrix_back_ground_Japanese_salarymanSo, what exactly is the Matrix?

The Matrix is a fabricated reality to which everyone pays lip service—already an ingrained notion residing inside Japanese DNA—manifested in the Land Of The Rising Son as—tatemae protocol. 

Understanding the magnificent notion of tatemae allows ΩNE to recognize the exact location within the Matrix, clarifying the exit portal from your constructed life-station encompassing a very personal earthly illusionary illustration.

cybersensei__Abstract_picture_of_earth_with_a_large_open_doorHint٩(ε )۶Mint 

If you are Japanese, or aspire to integrate Japanese societal protocol into your core being, but do not understand the fundamental protocol of tatemae, you will be labeled as KY—kūki yomenai.

The kūki yomenai class continues to grow among the stupefied, therefore petrified population groaning under the weight of nefarious indoctrination and mindless adherence to dogma.

cybersensei__Lost_humanoids_wandering_in_the_open_desertMore often than not wilful ignorance is chosen while outright reject, or worse yet, not even noticing the fundamental protocol of kūki o yomu (read the air) being a requisite step toward enlightenment, therefore to discern the truth lurking behind all constructed reality—tatemae.

Although the Muse is calling to you in a plethora of different ways—inklings of light and what is right and the ennui you feel every day are smothered in a symphonic cacophony blaring from the S.M.A.R.T phone and the television programs indoctrination of the malleable minds—every minute—every hour—infinity passing you by each and every day.

Brainwashed Zombies on the Cell Phone - Land Of The Rising Son

Once actualisation of escape from the Matrix becomes palpable, thus true and real—accept that all humanoids live inside a Matrix, and the pre-programming of your life is not actual reality, but a constructed narrated world, and this factoid is what is truly surreal.

How do most Japanese intrinsically understand tatemae which resides in the air and to accept the constructed reality to pay lip service and adhere?

Over two millennia the citizens of Yamato evolved organically embodying the essence of culture and society which can be considered one of the oldest continuous Matrix in all of earth inside of humanoid’s Hardcore History.

Hardcore History

Still, there is one missing piece to this elusive escape key—you see, there is a counterpart to tatemae, and without knowledge of honne, this story would be incomplete—forever without an escape key.

The Japanese are bound to strict social conventions and they know, in order to flow, the mask of tatemae is obligatory laying the Japanese Matrix bare for all to see.

What separates the Japanese is the application of honne—true feeling and intentioninnately understanding human nature, and freedom from greater societal constraints, when congregating with their clan and community.

Jomon Period Settlements - Land Of The Rising SonIndeed, the Japanese are mandated to conform to the meticulous societal protocols as a matter of patriot dutythe fact remains we are all Japanese.

In essence, the Japanese intuitively understand tatemae and honne can be use as an advantage to live vibrantly and carefreeregards of the drudge inside of the sludge of the Matrix in where you are now in possession of the honne escape key.


Less Hope More Vision

Less Hope More Vision

Less Hope More Vision

Hope springs eternal, or so it has been said—the burning question is: by who, and why was this less than hopeful notion put into motion once upon a time?

Hope sounds good in theory.

Then again, hope springing eternally could be looked upon as the proverbial pig in lipstick—dressed up as a comforting idiom, at one time serving practical purpose, now represents heavy chains that bind the mind to a hopelessly obsolete theory.

Dead TheoryOriginally this old platitude embodies confidence of expectations, reasonable or not, to come to full fruition—alas, hope alone absent of elbow grease and vision will manifest not—for hope is usually another’s personal universe—those having a clear vision however you do not—you have hope and that is what a vision is not.

Regrettably those relying on the notion of hope for some meaningful motion in life is merely wishing upon a star to sprinkle into the hopeful notion of some elusive magic potion.Magic-PotionHere the hopeful continue to hope against all hope, hoping for to fruit abstract notions such as happiness, longevity, prosperity—this is where the hope protocol allows plenty of leeway for uncertainty, depression, repression, and despair—feeding a plethora of unpleasant outcomes leading to misery. 

Really, what could be more hopeless than waiting for spurious scribes’ edicts to come to fruition—waiting for an eternity, but even all the more so, embodied in humanoid flesh on this mortal earth’s journey—waiting and hoping desperately—for something out of control—this is a date with an unfaithful fair-weather friend—now understanding the meaning of hopelessness for all of eternity and indefinitely on standby until the bitter end. 


Universal Truth ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The notion of a pipe dream has been mixed up with hope.

Hope is an immature notion consisting of inching closer toward a constructed outcome created by another—understanding this brings ΩNE closer to the crux of this critical discussion—inspirational transition into maturation of your sentient beinghopepipe-dreampersonal universe vision.

Visionary childrenThe Muse now loose pointing out the truth of reality and you have already seen this inside organic lucid dreams.

In contrast to the Occxie notion of hope, the Japanese default is that of worry, and by extension a feeling of hopelessness and helplessness.

This is the common default of the Japanese as they continue to refer to their beloved nation, Yamato Japan as wazuwai no kuni—country of disasters—historically this is the truth of this archipelago’s geographical nature.

Surreal map of Japan high tech red rising sun background

The importance of visualising the future cannot be understated.

Observe the proletariat class having lost sight of any personal vision, and this can be tracked back to the lengthy period of industrial indoctrination handing out degrees of hope beyond hope throughout impressionable youngsters important formative years.

Hint Mint *(^o^)/* Visionary Starter Pack 

To spark up the personal universal vision, the is no better place to start than stepping out onto the thousand mile journey, beginning with the very first step.

Your own colouring book starts with the first stepLive in this world the way it has been constructed, all the while visualising the world ΩNE desires to create, thus live in—leaving an extraordinary different world—the Great Clans of Japan in the infinite continuum of manifesting an original noble vision—a very personal edict as described in the ephemeral dreams brought to you by your intimate sublime Ms. Muse.




How does ΩNE go about pursuing an intangible abstract notion—such as the elusive station in life known as—happiness.

A highly ambiguous recommendation to say the least, brought to you by the long-since-departed grandaddy of enlightenment and reason—ΩNE Mr. John Locke.


This Occxie philosopher’s writings stoked the French and American revolutions—ridding society of the parasitical bad gas cloud class—to be looked upon as one mere instance in the turning of this emerging world—known as Mother Earth.

Declaring the profoundest edict in the entire spectrum of infinity, Mr John Locke merely points out inalienable rights as sovereign individuals—irrefutable and irrevocable—never to be changed, nor once recognised unseen.

The pursuit of happiness was first described in the dissertation: An Essay Concerning Human Understanding.

cybersensei__Essay_Concerning_Human_Understanding_old_leather 温故知新

Thomas Jefferson then amped up the volume, incorporating this noble notion into the most seminal clause describing the inalienable rights of the proletariat—life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness—reflected in the second most important document in human history—Declaration of Independence.

This extraordinarily important document plays a paramount role in modern society—consider it ancillary to the most important document ever written in the history of humanity—the Constitution—an indelible reflection of Japanese society enshrined by Shotoku Taishi —7th century Japan.


Even more so prescient today, this document represents the constitutional reach of Shotoku Taishi and his sublime explanation—underpinning the universal principles of the Yamato Nation, and by extension describes all facets of any civilised advancing society, wherever upon Mother Earth they may be—Civilization 3.0 yōkoso.

The pursuit of happiness does not solely equate with pleasure, property, or self-interest.

Mammon and the Greed of the Christian Church - Land Of The Rising Son

Foremost, the pursuit of happiness must emboldens decisions that lead to life as a sovereign human being—embracing the substantial intellectual and moral fortitude necessary on the voyage of self-actualization—deeply resonating realisations upon revelations unique to each individual as ΩNE now sees.

To the detriment of the autonomous mind, the Occxie notion of happiness has been mal-matriculated, thus taught to be sought anywhere and everywhere beside inside the internal sublime being.

反面教師実例代表 - Land Of The Rising Son

Counterintuitively, this is rare air where in actuality happiness evolves as an infinite vibration of Universal Truth—profoundly intimate personal manifestations—within subconscious nooks and crannies of the intuitive spirit and mind thriving inside—outside the pursuit of happiness.

Material desires of the humanoids run deep—witness the paramount significance placed on singular and plurals, which are conceptually embedded into the lingua franca—also known as the Anglo-phonic-sphere.

Conceptually, the notion of plural nouns is the fetid root of all unhappiness.

cybersensei__the_fetid_root_of_all_unhappiness_to be clear and surePlurals have been engineered as the basis for all accounting—created to divi up every last earthly molecule—including you know who—bundled up and then sold to the highest bidder.

Indeed the branded Occxie notion of happiness may seem attractive—still, if there is a modicum of doubt left in your barren soul, check out this special quest for happiness—brought to you by the visionary Mr. Steve Cutts.

Often, the Japanese are considered to be samuraishly-stoic, showing little emotion and often looked upon as a unique species that does not seem to be very happy at all—when viewed from the tinted lenses of myopic Occxie eyes.

cybersensei__tinted_lenses_of_myopic_eyes_surrounded_by_dark_cloudsJapanese society is based upon an ancient hierarchal system built over millennia—within the convention of Japanese societal protocol, the pursuit of happiness makes no practical sense to the Japanese mind at all—the emotion called happiness and the pursuit thereof, is conceptually alien to all monolingual native Japanese speakers, and to those adhering to the civilised notion of the same kind.

Emphatically, the Japanese find personal fulfilment, which is undoubtably related to the emotion known as happiness, by attending community activities and participating in the clique of exclusive circles.

This is where the Japanese find meaning and fulfilment—indeed the essence of happiness, and what it mean to have a satisfactory journey as reflected in a life lived with intent and purpose—as measured in an abstract notion that humanoids refer to as space and time.


Clear As Mud

Clear As Mud

Clear As Mud

Nothing represents misunderstanding, miscommunication, and ignorance more saliently than cluelessness regarding the significance of Japanese sociological protocol, and the weight such etiquette carries upon the spirit of the Yamato soul.

The conceptual chasms between Japanese and all other languages can be attributed to the isolated nature of Japan, accompanying by the enlightened period of peacefulness under mandated harmony, where they nurtured their nation’s foundation, doing so prodigiously.

Chasm between the Japanese language and every other oneThe unspoken rules of our society are deeply woven into the Japanese Language Spirit—underpinning foundational cultural norms—dōitashimashite—knowledge of this has now left you forewarned.

The Japanese are suspicious of excessive friendliness—those who desire to quickly move to first name—not an acceptable cultural norm, nor a protocol to be adhered to whether visiting or living in Japan.

Groups of Japanese children bowing to each other - Land Of The Rising Son

Edification for those going ΩNE Way:

It’s imperative to hear this cautionary tale crystal clear—avoid like the plague or risk becoming the dregs—internalize the meaning of yobi sute—呼び捨て 

What exactly is yobi sute ΩNE might say.

Not applying a suffix or choosing an improper appendage to the counterpart’s namewhether the first or last onethis is the part that does not matter—as long as you do not disrespect their name.

Chasm between the Japanese language and every other oneFailing to adhere is kind of like a grave smearwould you not have to say, there is no worse way to establish a respectful relationship?

All Japanese have a designated space in the strictly structured hierarchical system of Japanyou must recognize, thus classify by appropriate titles, which everyone uses in Japan.

Two Kinds Of Japanese Flags - Land Of The Rising Son

Communication becomes much more dicey as non-native speaker advance into esoteric nooks and crannies of the social intercourse etiquetteconceptually singular, having been evidenced as reflected in the Way of Japan.

Modern and ancient Japan all together now - Land Ωf The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

A most curious complex notion residing inside the Japanese language legacyan ability say so very much, using a little strategic vocabularyinvoking the notion to read the air, pregnant with the actual intended meaning.

In this highly stylized society a subtle danger lies, as clear intention can be taken out of context with the listener misconstruing the original meaning.

In light of the truth of these noteworthy facts, also reside the subtle, delicate nature of the language of the Japaneseby default aesthetically pleasing.

wabi-sabi-aesthetics - Land ΩF The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

Regardless of the nature of Japanese ambiguity, it is through this veil of mud ΩNE can now clearly see, these communication protocols smooth the way throughout our society progressing and pressing the advancement of civilization 3.0, extending out into all of humanity.