One In One Out

One In One Out

One In One Out

The journey from West to East was mandated by Muse to facilitate the merging of two advanced civilizations, commanded to reanimate both into neo-societies inside the node of Civilization Three.

Survival mode has been described in tales yet untold, destined to include long-winded fables of splendidly conjured up tales, containing magnificent pithy grandeur in everlasting stories embodying the pinnacle of the verbose piffle of an innate gut feel, the real deal.

Play the hand you are givenCreate a constructed reality connecting emergent neo-societies currently populating the aforementioned Civilization Three—integrating the primordial Japanese protocol of ancestor exaltation with the magnificent, magnanimous intellectual legacy of masterminds Sir Isaac and his drinking buddy John Locke.Sir Isaac and his drinking buddy John Locke

Discover the reflection of Buddha fused onto the Way of Gods, setting the scene as paragons of Japanese flexibility—see the portal into ΩNE, leading to the nooks and crannies of Form Order Process, become a bonafide citizen of the neo-Yamato clan—it is in the second nature, the irrevocable instinctive feel to flow naturally.

Looks like the Japanese are on to something ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Depending upon the magnitude of the vibration throughout this oxygenated journey following the sun, there remains a distinct possibility of becoming a deity—don’t ask me ʅʃ it is in the rule book—look it up to decipher the meaning of serenity.

Make your own rule bookThe next critical question popping straight into inquiring flexible minds is: 

What exactly does it take to become the tutelar deity of a neo-clan?

Ascertaining the moral compass to guide the neo-clan is reflected in the foundational principles of the ancient family—what would the matriarch say if she saw you behaving that way (°_°)*

Muse with childrenRejecting a stern stare or wise admonishment from celestial grandparents for sleazy behavior and breach of etiquette signifies the end of your game—the rest of eternity is to be spent in a self-imposed purgatory, having abandoned your civil obligation to the constituency of Civilization Three.

The power to deify our own neo-clan deity is a reflection of the magnanimous magnificence of Lawrence Joseph Filiatrault’s radiant legacy.

Lawrence Joseph Filiatrault - June 15, 1935 ~ April 5, 2022 - Land Of The Rising SonHe, along with Maggie May, created an exemplary example of societal guidelines to emulate around the journey following the sun.

Our beloved tutelar deity setting the precedent—his 86 years around the Sun sets the primary example of how to live in legitimate authenticity.

The significance of his mortal journey determined the eminence of the celestial ascent—one foot in this mortal plane—the other reaching into infinity—he was then somewhat surprised when he realized he had become our neo-clan’s beloved tutelar deity.

Lawrence Joseph Filiatrault the tutelar deity of Kizuna Jinjaー絆神社の氏神フィリアトロー・ローレンス

The salient question to ask while embracing the day is about the pending eulogy, the qualities of the newly minted deity on full display—what will the mourners say—edify our tutelar deity to laud his philosophy of the life that he embodied along his merry way.

The divine story embedded inside Japanese mythology allows for a whimsical whisper of smoke and mirrors, inside the vast expanse of the multiverse, in fact, the reality of the tutelar deity is now considered as the beginning of infinity.

万物無限All gods reside as an embodiment of the Japanese notion of ban butsu—life in all things—to the Japanese, life is an infinite synergistic game of simulation systems.

Realistically, god and the presence of the divine tutelar deities are not some outlandish conjured up fantasy—feel the spirit of this distinctive type of energy permeating the Land of the Gods—the Japanese have created their own mythology an ephemeral constructed reality for the creation of important tutelar deities. 

One foot in Earth, the other inside the Sun, Amaterasu welcoming the newly minted tutelar deity, an infinitely kind hearted citizen, reflected in the enshrinement of human kindness into the Shrine of Kizuna「絆神社」signifying the initiation of the age of neo-clans, the constitution of Form Order Process—the foundation of Civilization Three.

Neo Clan Banner

Onozuto Protocol

Onozuto Protocol

Onozuto Protocol

Wait by the river long enough, and the bodies of your enemies will float by.

Exhibiting patience by playing the long game, represents the difference between mental dystopia or the serenity of a sublime mind—onozuto protocol is clarity over time.

It is never too late to incorporate the encouragement of a 4-character compound, fueling the raging reactor in the core of the belly, vibrant life no matter at what age or stage—elderly statesman of the neo-clan nation—tai ki ban sei—great talent matures late *\(^o^)/*

Great talent matures late

It matters not how slow one goes; the purpose of the long game is civilized serenity along with copious amounts of jocular hilarity, for it is in this iteration of this animated quest that the meaning of life only ends when giving up.

Flush away the putrid rage of yesterday’s torturing of the subconscious and obscuring pathways—yet this is the only way to initiate the journey into ΩNE—the flow of the way.

Flush the baggage away

Plant a tree, though its shade you will never see—space and time are the game—onozuto protocol clearly states: as you sow, so shall you reap.

This golden nugget of wisdom can also be found, embedded in another profound 4-character Japanese compoundin ga ō hō—what goes around comes around.Nuggets of Wisdom

Like any rock-solid relationship that stands the test of time, the key to the kingdom and happiness is growing throughout the nooks and crannies in the infinite space of the sublime—clarity over time.

Onozuto protocol is also inextricably linked to the fundamental, innate humanistic principle of unconditional love.

The fickle nature of the fragile human ego is well-documented; two hearts beating as one—isshin dō tai—romantic notions, infatuation, and puppy love inevitably devolving into stagnation and ennui.

Husky love

So the story goes again and again: initiation of a new search for the “right one” or “special friend”—guaranteed miseryunlike unconditional love, which has no expiration date when following the sun.

Indeed, fly in ointment and chip on shoulder are the very obstacles sent to challenge one to overcome random travesties that manifest as despair when ignoring the han men kyō shi spirits.

Remember who you aspired to be, starting from around the age of three—no longer a brand-spanking-new baby, but a vital member of the emergent neo-society.

Crawl, rise up, stand tall, and imbue the day with the vibration of your personal information, embedded as the personification of a molecular biological iteration inside onozuto protocol DNA.

Evolution of man 津田梅老

The intensity of desire is ascertained by the amount of fire Muse has stoked to keep you warm throughout the brutality of reality’s storms during random attacks from rabid Black Swans and their mischievous cygnets.

There is only the infinite you (ego) in tandem with Muse (ancestors)will you be sharing the elixir of youththe subjective truth of space and time reframedshaking the molecules to blow the mindclarity over time.


Civil Bifurcation

Civil Bifurcation

Civil Bifurcation

Combinations of Japanese ideograms bring to life significant Japanese adages, quirky phrases pointing out existential and introspective themes, commonsensical delicacies creating an exemplary civil society.

The Japanese have embedded the dignified notion of learning from the past, making strong things that last, and embracing the wabi-sabi protocol embedded within on ko chi shin.


A rocket ship piloted by Muse leaves every morning of each day, on ko chi shin manifests the way, our ancestors laid the foundation for neo-clans to create the future of Civilization Three.

Without the serendipity of being assigned to the incredibly difficult position as an Incidental Occxie sent as Muse’s envoy to planet Japan, connecting the dots inside the nooks and crannies of the ancient protocol of the Japanese mind, allowing sagacious understanding of the pivotal role as a renaissance man in Japan.

Renaissance man in Japan with muse

The Japanese remain in the optimal position to reiterate the imperativeness of cordiality in the civil discourse of the emergent neo-society, regardless of disagreements among the members of these tightly knit communities.

There is always a solution when traveling in the same direction, as described in the official constitution documentation underpinning the society of the Japanese, and the naturally resultant fruiting communities.

The Japanese have been reimagining their society for more than two millennia, and the cultural refinement in the perseverance playing the long game has designated the Japanese as the creator and curator of Civilization Three.

Japanese cultural refinement

The main feature of the emergent neo-societies is the elimination of the dreaded dodgy dogmatic programming, “do as I say, not as I do” dead as the doornail used to hammer the final stake into the coffin of authoritarian tyrannical rule.

The bifurcation of civilization leaves the Japanese in proprietorship of this elixir’s template on how to behave in a civil society, as created by the societal conventions of the Japanese.

Japanese civil society all it can beIndeed, the Japanese citizenry was violently bifurcated by the fire-breathing dragons unleashed in WWII, violent imperial extremists subjugating and wasting the lives of the suffering Japanese citizens in a harrowing instance of Hardcore History.

Resilient to the core, the Japanese constitution is embedded in the DNA so very deep, as we now greet the consolidation of Shotoku Taishi’s indigenous Japanese constitution with the Age of Reason, civil bifurcation, the age of the neo-clans, the foundational vital organ of Civilization Three.

The evolution of human consciousness has progressed over millennia, the outcome of the rat race between the tortoise and hare yet to be determined, only Muse knows what the future holds, clarity over time.

Tortoise, Hare, Muse

Hoodwinked into participating in the constructed reality to which everyone pays lip service (matrix), decades were spent developing someone else’s dreams, the ephemeral nature of a fleeting human existence, exchanged for nickels and dimes for false promises of star-spangled dreams.

A quick titch of resolve is all that is involved to create a niche for your very own neo-clan.

Reanimation of the infinite vibration, celebrating mutually beneficial relations and the responsibility to reprogram broken simulations, authenticity is the new paradigm of the emergent constructed reality, the essence of Civilization Three.

Grand Scheme

Grand Scheme

Grand Scheme

The thing about something of such paramount importance and magnitude as absolutely nothing at all can be observed in the incessant implementation of harebrained cockamamie schemes—a feature, not a bug, hard-coded into the DNA of programmable, malleable human beings—this is the Grand Scheme of Things.

Due to an anomaly in the matrix, a phantasmagorical glitch failed to encode a certain clique of eclectic, eccentric freaks emerging into esoteric niches of neo-clans wrapped in a groovy vibe where Mavericks and misfits thrive to the march of a different drummer, rocking out to anthems of bygone days.

Neo SocietyA formative instance inside the folly of youth, demands the lyrics of the world’s greatest rock drummer replay like the ultimate 1981 rock record, the rush of adrenaline fueled the indoctrination into the notion of freewill, has never been better said:

You can choose a ready guide
In some celestial voice
If you choose not to decide
You still have made a choice 

You can choose from phantom fears
And kindness that can kill
I will choose a path that’s clear
I will choose free will 

The metamorphosis of a magnanimous narratives has seen the most virtuous notion of civil flourishing signified by the flow into ΩNE—reflecting an emergent unified human condition—a kitschy slogan promising emancipation from life’s station via freedom and democracy.

Flow Into ΩNEFurther scrutiny by electron microscopy into the pathology of freedom and democracy, indicates the latest version of the American dream has been demoted to the shed of shame, like the dreaded window tribe, there is no one else to blame, the rebrand—freedumb and demagoguery.

The fickle nature of human beings ensures the perpetual motion of the pendulum will always swing toward the desire for autonomy as sovereign emancipated citizens; this can never change.

This notion is so magnanimously ingrained into the spirit of human DNA, the eternal urge to purge emergent neo-worlds of megalomaniacs will never go away. 

Merge the DNA

The Grand Scheme of things has now been revealed as a data-driven simulation—the notion of freewill thoroughly debunked as merely an ephemeral dream of infinite flow of unconditional love streaming into ΩNE.

Commit to daily natto and embrace the day.

Nattgo with rice the soul food of JapanThis enables less hope, more vision to stream your way—Muse coaxing you, liberation from mental drudgery in exchange for emotional clarity.

Let her loose—choose to thrive—the plan is enlightened personal discovery—all you have to do—is ask your Muse—the most important question:

In which key shall we sing?

M5 xyber MuseLife then turns into a calm meadow of serenity much more easily, as when listening to the inner voice, there remains no choice, but to accept it is out of your control—relax, let go—it is high time now to be bold, go with flow—it is in the grand scheme of things, and has been seen and foretold.

Merging of the constitutions

Constitutional Merger

Constitutional Merger

Constitutional Merger

Ancient wisdom, embedded in mystic tales originating from primordial times, is now reanimated through a manifestation of the sublime four-idiom compound—calling for the amalgamation of two constitutions—on ko chi shin—learning something new based on the past is the next big thing.

The stagnation of progress and suppression of knowledge stem from the rot and decay of mal-matriculated minions, moulded by ivory tower racketeers indoctrinating their vassals to regurgitate poppycock and twaddle verbatim.

“Out with the old, in with the new” epitomizes the stark, black-and-white moral supremacy that reflects deeply rooted, idiotic, institutionalized stupidity.

Old and new-天佑神助は重要だよぅA major fork in the road during this epoch leads to a sublime supposition—it is now high time to reconfigure and reanimate a civil constitution by merging Civilization W and Civilization E (WE).

The Japanese have combined these extraordinary chains of events, culminating in the Loose Muse, Age of Neo Clan, Neo Societies, and the emergence of Civilization Three.

In every emergent neo-society, the first order of business is the elimination of parasites, cancers, and viruses that rot the innate human spirit—nothing less than extermination of the last brass tack hidden in the nooks and crannies at the core of Borg.

Spray away the cancer and parasites out of your lifeThe secret to a civilized amalgamation of the duopolistic notions of WE, as brewed over several centuries, now lies in the strict finishing protocol of Japanese Form, Order, Process.

Regardless of the outer surface appearances, Japan genuinely has a veneer of civility as sincere Japanese citizen has emerged as the preeminent precedent of an authentic civilized society.

This constitutional merger coincides with the revival of ancient Asian healing modalities.

Japanese practitioner of Chinese herbal medicine with a variety of herb, potions, and curesAsian shamans are now free to disseminate ancient herbal healing protocols, firmly committed to create innovative solutions for the maladies plaguing those trapped in the contemporary matrix.

An edict from the Rising Japanese Son has instructed the Japanese to maintain a stiff upper lip, as they are well-equipped and ready to do what they have historically done—persevere through the dip.

Import artifacts from distant lands, combine them, and polish them to a fine, glimmering shine, continuously honing skills embodying daily incremental improvements, in other words embrace kaizen.

The reanimation of two distinct constitutions has recently come to the forefront, causing significant stir and commotion—heralding societal evolution, the bifurcation of civilization, and the emergence of neo-clans with expanding global communities.

Neo Clan BannerInnate human moral behavior sometimes requires a reminder in the form of an update of the communal behavior, their fundamentals carved in stone centuries ago—the basic moral tenets must be updated and reiterated.

After decades of reflection, this philosophical inquiry is neither a delusion nor an illusion, but an observable fusion of fundamental Japanese ethics with the Age of Reason—forming the cohesive vision of Civilization Three.

Dust off the soot from the original constitutional roadmap formulated by Shotoku Taishi in 604 CE, the framework for creating healthy societies based on universal moral precepts, set to merge with a modern constitution influenced by General Bonner Fellers, Uncle Douglas, and the GHQ.

Shotoku Taishi and the Japanese constitution of 604 CE

The long game of life, a fundamental concept in the greater Asian node encumbered with the burden to amalgamate Asia into the Age of Reason.

The magnificent, magnanimous intellectual legacy originating from Sir Isaac and his drinking buddy John Locke, remain a bedrock story to be continued under the guises of civil reformation, threaded into neo-clans and their emerging societies until the end of Earth time. 

Sir Isaac and his drinking buddy John LockeHere, a good healthy smear of kaizen needs to be applied to the Occxie mind, which is still plagued by unfettered crony capitalism—the epitome of a grind. 

Every three months, it’s do or die; indeed, being seated on pins and needles is the order of capitalist exploits day, ensuring you meet your quarterly targets four times a year, until your dying day.

The fusion of fundamental human tenets with the inalienable rights of the sovereign individual, along with Muse’s plan—coupled with the miracle of unrestrained free speech—leads to the universal rejection of parasitic demagoguery and the co-opting of the cherished American dream.

Prepare for the ultimate fusion of Ancestral Etiquette and the spirit of the Age of Reason with Shotoku Taishi’s standards for a civil society, based on the reach of knowledge and the turning of the seasons. 

Merging of the constitutionsThe citizens of Japan have made countless sacrifices along their path to destiny as they embrace each day.

As curators of the next stage of humanity, they innately understand that the next step in the evolutionary process involves the consolidation of neo-clans and the constitutional merging of ancient and modern Japan.

The magnum opus of the Japanese is the reanimation of a globally bifurcated civilization as the phoenix once more rises from the ashes, with the Japanese regarded as both the creators and curators of Civilization Three.

ΩNE World Civilisation Three-Land Of The Rising Son-Japan




The most magnificent thing about living in Japan since 1987 is the opportunity to meet diverse people from all corners of the world, and to explore the depth of Asia, soaking in the vibe of exotic lands.

This allows profound insight into the essence and nature across the entire spectra of humanity, with each person on a unique journey to unravel the mysteries of the multiverse.

Forward to the future-follow the sun

Observing the advent of globalization over several decades, a pressing need for localization translation of the greedy, fragmented minds of shifty suspect merchants was astutely and covertly observed.

The growing presence of foreign entities looking to peddle shoddy goods, vacuous vaporware, shilling the merits of suspect network marketing schemes to the highly discerning Japanese, is the primary example of Failure 101.

Failure 101 American nightmare

Crystallize in your mind an image of the infamous Charles Ponzi, a charlatan extraordinaire with a gaggle of drooling stooges trying to come In Through the Out Door to Japan.

First things first—understanding the Japanese protocol of Form Order Process facilitates creation of articles culturally familiar, thus worthy of the attention of the fickle Japanese.

To conjure artifacts that last forever, involves a much deeper analysis of the psyche of the Japanese, which will lead to material success for all these tedious alien wannabes.

Most of these trivial hacks came and went like the fluttering of ephemeral cherry petals in a gentle spring breeze—dreams of vast fortunes and riches like some kind of exploitable commodity extracted from the Japanese—eternally crushed under the boot heel of the stark subjective reality.

The end of the American empireA fatal glitch in American capitalist psyche is reflected in the prevalent condescending, insolent attitude toward the way of the Japanese.

Mal-matriculation of the Occxie student-body has erased any intuitive understanding of the deep-seated notion held close to the bosom of the citizens of Yamato, and what it means to be Japanese.

Whether native or naturalized, understanding the animistic nature of, and desire to preserve the civil Japanese culture has led to rejection of colonization by commodification and subjugation via the Mickey Mousification of Japan.

capital hill insurrection-With Mickey-02

Observe this example of han men kyō shi—bad examples from which one can learna shockingly impoverished viewpoint of a smug arrogant lackadaisical American president, who actually said:

“If it’s good enough for the Mexicans, then it’s good enough for the Japanese (°_°)*

The Japanese live in a rigid hierarchical structure; thus the following diagram makes absolute sense in the minds of the Japanese.

Samurai ΩNE ChartHowever, for our beloved Mexican brothers and sisters, this is simply not the casediagrams must be created in a specific way respecting and reflecting cultural sensibilities of the Aztecs and their indigenous beliefs.

Bind Japan and the Aztecs

A cautionary tale of a typical obnoxious Occxie distributor, who tried his hand at Japan, a failure from the start, without a clue about the Japanese, nor their unequivocal cultural sensibilitiesa vacuous agent of greed, replete with a robust supply of mental excrement: “If it works in Croatia it will work in Japan” ʅʃ 

Herein lies the secret key, allowing access to a group of karmic aliens, who have over time become Japaneseglimpsing into the magnificent creative Japanese mind, a product of civilization evolving over two millennia, unparalleled in all of Hardcore History.

Japan is an extraordinary school of culturalization, a characteristic distinctive style brought to you, with heartfelt love and affection a preliminary introduction to the colourful, vibrating world of ancient Japanese customs and tradition.

Key to unlock freedom