Be Better

Be Better

Be Better

Incremental improvements, the long game of innovation using remarkably useful tools for discovery of the inner-worlds embracing the fundamental principles of kaizen.

Kaizen is the ancient Japanese principle of incremental improvement as alluded to in the handy daily natto protocol—be just a little bit better each and every day—this is the pathway for there is no other way.

The magic of truth whipped up into the frothy daily natto protocol is—simplicity.

natto with sticky chopsticksIntentionally seek something personal and unique, deepening perception a mere 30 minutes out of the 24-hour-fray—emerging visions can never again be waylaid.

 Caveat emptor is stamped in massive bold ink letters just to be Kagami Crystal clear.

Once starting, there is no stop—no exit from the infinity train—if you stop, it is never a flop, but you must start from the beginning again—shortcuts do not exist in the Material Sludge manifestation game.

Infinity TrainJust recently, it has now come to be, a feature that is not a bug—digitized denizens attention span,—reduced to that of a gnat—creating lots of twats—decayed brains the size of a shriveled pea, brought to you by the creators of manifested destiny.

The keys to the inner sovereign nation of untold troves of wisdom also comes with one phacken hell of a ride—mastering just one little juicy secret, lays a rock-solid foundation for those who embrace the day.Boy and girl embracing the dayThis universal truth elixir is the ancient wisdom super booster of incremental improvement which is deeply embedded as a morning routine—this is the power of on ko chi shinlet the games begin anew each day.

The notion of generation transcendence is revealed in the material manifestation of ancient tradition—fifty-three generations and counting—Form Order Process—ancient Japanese protocol embedded deep within.

Welcome to an ancient world, where the Koshu Nishiyama Hot Spring reigns supreme—this ancient hot spring hotel has been operated by the same family for over 1,300 years—the essence of an ancient world—let it soak in as your head spins, your life having turned into a sublime whirlwind.

Koshu Nishiyama Hot SpringBe better is initiated at dawn every day—deep gratitude to our tutelar deity as he and Muse guide the neo-clan way.

Come rain or shine, sleet or snow, the daily natto must be imbibed every today—show up, or be a chump, or even worse yet—M5 will chide you to the core—a withering glance as he brusquely asks—so what exactly did you do today?

Being better is self-actualization, unconditional love lights the way, maturation in this exalted notion facilitates the pathway to become exceptional somehow—when the student is ready, the sensei appears Master Derek guides the way.Self acutalization with Master DerekThe Laws of Human Nature are described in this seminal lifestyle guide—details of the peculiarities of the human condition—the reason to be a little bit better each day.

Navigating Material Sludge becomes transparent—wipe away rose tinted myopic tears, as you lend Master Robert both ears—the profound depth of mastery personified in this formidable sensei—the harbinger of the future today.

Robert Greene holding his book THE LAWS OF HUMAN NATURE

Inside pristine puddles of mental clarity comes the deepest of understanding—life is not a charity—accept personal responsibility for the emerging vision of neo-clan, thriving societies, creating the future for all descendants as initial stewards of Civilization Three.