Less Hope More Vision

Less Hope More Vision

Less Hope More Vision

Hope springs eternal, or so it has been said—the burning question is: by who, and why was this less than hopeful notion put into motion once upon a time?

Hope sounds good in theory.

Then again, hope springing eternally could be looked upon as the proverbial pig in lipstick—dressed up as a comforting idiom, at one time serving practical purpose, now represents heavy chains that bind the mind to a hopelessly obsolete theory.

Dead TheoryOriginally this old platitude embodies confidence of expectations, reasonable or not, to come to full fruition—alas, hope alone absent of elbow grease and vision will manifest not—for hope is usually another’s personal universe—those having a clear vision however you do not—you have hope and that is what a vision is not.

Regrettably those relying on the notion of hope for some meaningful motion in life is merely wishing upon a star to sprinkle into the hopeful notion of some elusive magic potion.Magic-PotionHere the hopeful continue to hope against all hope, hoping for to fruit abstract notions such as happiness, longevity, prosperity—this is where the hope protocol allows plenty of leeway for uncertainty, depression, repression, and despair—feeding a plethora of unpleasant outcomes leading to misery. 

Really, what could be more hopeless than waiting for spurious scribes’ edicts to come to fruition—waiting for an eternity, but even all the more so, embodied in humanoid flesh on this mortal earth’s journey—waiting and hoping desperately—for something out of control—this is a date with an unfaithful fair-weather friend—now understanding the meaning of hopelessness for all of eternity and indefinitely on standby until the bitter end. 


Universal Truth ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The notion of a pipe dream has been mixed up with hope.

Hope is an immature notion consisting of inching closer toward a constructed outcome created by another—understanding this brings ΩNE closer to the crux of this critical discussion—inspirational transition into maturation of your sentient beinghopepipe-dreampersonal universe vision.

Visionary childrenThe Muse now loose pointing out the truth of reality and you have already seen this inside organic lucid dreams.

In contrast to the Occxie notion of hope, the Japanese default is that of worry, and by extension a feeling of hopelessness and helplessness.

This is the common default of the Japanese as they continue to refer to their beloved nation, Yamato Japan as wazuwai no kuni—country of disasters—historically this is the truth of this archipelago’s geographical nature.

Surreal map of Japan high tech red rising sun background

The importance of visualising the future cannot be understated.

Observe the proletariat class having lost sight of any personal vision, and this can be tracked back to the lengthy period of industrial indoctrination handing out degrees of hope beyond hope throughout impressionable youngsters important formative years.

Hint Mint *(^o^)/* Visionary Starter Pack 

To spark up the personal universal vision, the is no better place to start than stepping out onto the thousand mile journey, beginning with the very first step.

Your own colouring book starts with the first stepLive in this world the way it has been constructed, all the while visualising the world ΩNE desires to create, thus live in—leaving an extraordinary different world—the Great Clans of Japan in the infinite continuum of manifesting an original noble vision—a very personal edict as described in the ephemeral dreams brought to you by your intimate sublime Ms. Muse.

Personal Universe

Personal Universe

Personal Universe

Nothing manifests into Material Sludge absent of any internal-vision, unless ascribed to mysteries of the universe, the supernatural, and/or, the ways of beloved Mother Nurture and her sister Ms. Muse.

meynier-clio-stella-minerva-the-muses-paintingRegularly scheduled programming courteous of the industrial mind-control complex, does not include skillsets or any notion of visualization to manifest something into this material world—assembling atoms and molecules creations visceral and real.

A cautionary tale: Personal Universe protocol is a double edged sword.

double edge sword - Land Of The Rising SonOnce upon a time, there was a savage drooling caveman from Occxie-land, known only as Dreggory Glutton—who once recounted from his filthy fetid lips—“I have read enough books”—the epitome of abject stupidity—this detestable lapdog of wickedness also happened to make the Personal Universe discovery.

Detection of the Personal Universe by such malfeasant minions of evil, also allows access to this powerful phenomena to use for nefarious purposes, unseemly ends and ill gotten gains.Dreggory GluttonRealizing the existence of the Personal Universe is of paramount importance, and the critical first step to ignite Personal Agency.

Mastering the Personal Universe leads to a self-determined objective accompanying the notion of destiny—manifesting the Personal Universe is not rocket science—simply stated—it is the conviction to be and let be.

A distinct advantage in the world of programmed proletariat—a reflection of the SNS generation, have a look and see—there are more opportunities of a lifetime—precisely like the ice-cream truck that comes around every week.
Ice cream truck

The innate DNA trait of the Personal Universe lies at the core of your inner-being—this is where you will find the illumination of Ms. Muse, who from the Beginning of Infinity has been chiding, guiding, urging you to live in the essence of ΩNE’s core being—there is where a level playing field embraces all—the true meaning of being free.

The door to this Infinity Field is hermetically sealed, the way in is through your frontal-lobe door—having now been identified as the unique idiosyncratic port of entry—never from those originating externally.

With crystal clear clarity, ΩNE must acknowledge the darkness residing innately inside thee—without realization of this universal reality, lessons thought to have been taught will reflect feckless foggy faded dreams.

feckless foggy faded dreamsDuring indoctrination at the Occxie Industrial Education Complex, one of the most wonderful gift of sentience was the unfettered ability to tune out noise and engage with splendid lucid dreams.

Some would say dreamers lack focus or attention, some even go so far as to say—this Extraordinary Class of visionaries are merely suffering from ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).

ADD is a disease of modernity

Nothing could be further from absolute truth—now lying before thee, endless are the possibilities when exploring your Personal Universe—it is here where you come to see the Origins of Infinity, leading to the discovery of life’s meaning.

It is in the minds eye—where ΩNE will find—your very own personal Ms. Muse—whispering notions of what is possible out there—singing through the thick wax of the hairy aural cavity of your ears—fill your chalice with sweet nectar of infinite life, the time is now for Personal Agency.

freedom at last

Mr. Mike

Mr. Mike

Mr. Mike

The stage in life, it comes a time, to say sayonara to Old Friends—for we all must die—some sooner, some later—the sublime cycle of life the great equaliser—for inevitably, all journeys come to an end.

Universal ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Truth

The end is always a beginning without an end.

This classic friend is as old as Earthly memories go—Mr. Mike was the elder brother of my very first friend, thus he was also considered to be a friend.

Memories can still clearly recall riding in their Datsun 510—three Japanese kids in the back—this Incidental Occxie riding shotgun—that’s a fact.

Datsun 510Mr. Mike’s skiing skills were on par with the family—he with his sister—I with his brother—Eugene and Naomi on a intimate ski date without kids, and this is probably why they brought me.

One day a tired ski boot gave out—Mr. Mike kindly enough called it a day—he lent me his boots as he didn’t mind relaxing to spent the rest of the day in the original Silver Star chalet.

ski-resort_silver-star-mountain-resortMr. Mike was special as he was referred to as mentally retarded—the vocabulary used way back then.

Not really an issue as far as the eyes can see, he was simply a little slower on the uptake, and he lived life as a valuable citizen in our vibrant, inclusive, rural community. 

The wonder of being raised in such a diverse locality all members were included regardless of capacity, point of origin, or any class in our thriving Classless Society.

Mr. Mike was included as a valuable member of our small rural community and he was loved and respected for his diligence at Askew’s Supermarket where he was employed until his date with destiny. 

Alexander StThe story of Mr. Mike inspires and shines as an example of how true communities are meant to be—treating their own with respect and human dignity—thankful to have grown up in this exemplary community.

Mr. Mike’s chemical matrix expired the other day—now emancipated from this Material Sludge forever and ever—again he is on his way.

It’s now time for Mr. Mike to make his way back to Japan—his ancestral homeland—returning to his roots as an honoured ancestor of our thriving clan.

Welcome home Mr. Mike we are united once again, and it is here in the Land Of The Rising Son where we honour and cherish our noble Old Friend.


Michael Kevin Ogino
July 19, 1961 ~ September 1, 2023
昭和36719 令和591


香取神宮 - Land Of The Rising Son




No one wakes up one morning and suddenly decides to go Maverick (°_°)*

The majority of humanoids have been programmed to reject the innate notion of becoming ΩNE—stupefied and dupefied, teeter-tottering along their precarious way—exposed as trite commonplace primates—material aplenty yet spirit empty—soulless and void, can this be more clear, the grinding of gears, is really all there is left to say.

Full cast of the MuppetsOver decades of being created and animated inside the Land Of The Rising Son, the full spectrum of gaijin has been encountered from all points under the Sun.

Generally speaking, these mundane proletariat are somewhat akin to spam—randomly having dropped into the inbox, by virtue of living in Japan.

Three Samurai Captains Of Japan - Land Of The Rising SonSearching the ether on a knowledge quest, seeking a specific expert of kind—when then and there—Maverick appeared—serendipitously—in the nick of time.

What a Maverick is—what it is not ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Laid bare to see is a banal representation of a trite commonplace performer, kitschy movies following well-worn, bloodthirsty plots—broadcasting guts and glory—gratuitous violence—desensitisation protocol (this is why there’s lots)—this is definitively what a Maverick is not.

Tommy Cruise as a failed actor top-gun

Once upon a time, an innocent child, his innocence ripped away—somewhere down under in Occxie-land—tragic circumstances the natural consequences of an errant decision tree—a preposterous precarious position for any child of any world to be—never forget—this is an unpardonable capital crimefu gu tai ten no kyū teki—不倶戴天の仇敵

Starting from the depths of this abhorrent abyss, the seeds of Maverick were sown—resilience of this adolescent boy under the stress of duress, understood he must go it alone.

Child going alone with his dog companionWhile his fair-weather friends were raving lunatics at parties, leeching off mommy & daddy’s nickels & dimes, Maverick was working around the clock, the notion of life as sublime—resilience coming out of his ying-yang—as he was also matriculating full time.

Regardless of this cursed start, he is endowed with fortuitous features—not only is he remarkably handsome, gentle and brawny—he is also very phacken smart.

Crazy looking Einstein

The Maverick part really kicked in graduating from Uni one lazy summer day, a faceless corporate recruiter emerging from the notion of commerce, calling on him specifically by name.

What’s not to love about the practical application of laborious attained negotiating skills, along with lots of certificates of gratitude (currency)—two-hundred and fifty thousand for a full season—adjusted for inflation, today, around three-twenty—who is counting anyway—a nickel here and a dime there—really it’s just funny money, now you can see.

Something inside Maverick’s rare air (infinity zone) was triggered by the rat race—this is when, his Muse got loose, his notions becoming sublime—the congenital realization of the meaning of successfulness, and to the Sun becoming aligned.

Rat RaceWhy would anyone abandon such a hard fought battle out of the depth of despair, all the way up to the highest rare air, having achieved life above the Sky-Tree“leave this behind” the loose Muse opined, as she consecrated his embryo at their first but not last heart-to-heart.

The vibration of his Muse stoked his juice, in the blink of an eye, he said goodbye to his life plan—destination, indeed destiny is to be, a Son rising in this land known as Japan.

Surely, life’s lesson are doubly intense grinding it out in Planet Japan—still everyday Mr. Maverick shows up—testament to his fortitude, vision, and commitment to advancement of Clan.
Maverick Family

Whose Movie

Whose Movie

Whose Movie

Look upon life as a movie, recognizing the importance of breathing in the full spectrum of an idiosyncratic motion-picture presentation.

Consider this a perfect working title—What The Phack I Done With My Life—a friendly reminder to those who have come to the cheerless realization—life is a movie whetherå you like it or not—ΩNE must observe the world as an unambiguous reflection, mirroring the choices accumulated throughout your material life.

Realizing the plot of the movie, and your role in the film would be the first step to understanding the meaning of life, and for those who dare to care, become the star, producer, and director of a very intimate and stylized Truman Show.

truman show movie poster

Upon entry into earth’s atmosphere, a phenomena known as the pecking order protocol initiates ingrained human genetics—roles as younger and older siblings, or that of an only child assigned.

During the initial stage of cultural indoctrination, the maiden role is usually as a support player, there is the omnipresent mammalian instinct is to be a follower, and not of that of a benevolent leader.

Unfortunately, the initial role assigned by happenstance is never questioned, thus unequivocally accepted—becoming the de facto self-imposed Lot In Life.

Hard Work and the lot in life

Here it is imperative to understand and internalize the misnomer of the age old adage—blood is thicker than water—it is not.

The actual meaning of Clan is that of a syndicated polyphonic partnership pointing in the same direction—these harmonics are the unequivocal hallmark of those who have taking the initiative, trust Form Order Process, and follow the Way of the Sun.

Truly, the option to upgrade ΩNE’s own role in the show has only become available to the populace in recent decades, thanks to the incredible advancement based upon the Age of Reason—what’s not to love about this?


Excuses are equivalent to having consciously embraced ignorance, or admit to inertia and mental sloth—ultimately the final nail in the coffin for all seeking a very personal biography, written in the style of Infinity.

Along with drawing your last breath in the final act comes a stark realization—your life a faded reflection, a faceless extra, and a very useful idiot in someone else’s low budget forgettable B-movie.

Aspiring to star in a massive blockbuster big-budget movie is never necessary—all memorable cinema has consequential supporting players—a powerful cast can only enhance the standing of each actor and amplify the calibre of each player.

The cast supports the production and each is equally as important

The spectrum of possibilities allows a massive amount of creative leeway, arousing your personal account, a most intimate script, starring in your own film, the rights and ownership belonging exclusively to you.

Here in Japan, the movie protocol is already woven into the societal threads of obligation and mutual dependency evolving into Civilization 3.0—the movie in which all Japanese and Others who happen to live here appear.

Fundamentally, Japanese reality is built upon the notion of everyone playing their assigned roles according to strict hierarchical societal protocol.

18th-century mebina, Empress doll

These peculiar protocols call for adroit skill to implement layers upon layers of the uniquely ubiquitous Japanese mask—ΩNE only has to look to the ancient tradition of the Yamato Nation to know from where the Japanese have come.

Judging the Japanese as a mysterious race is a common misrepresentation of their true nature.

In order to fully understand the Way of the Japanese, it is obligatory to read, write, and speak their language at an advanced level, and there is no escape from this austere reality, try it for yourself, if you don’t believe me.

To the uninitiated, the Japanese appear to be trapped into highly specific societal silos, and on the surface this may seem real, but as all things in Japan, things are simply not this way, and over time in a matter of course, will be fully revealed.

Clarity Over Time - cybersensei - Land Of The Rising Son


Jack Of All Trade

Jack Of All Trade

Jack Of All Trade

Being called a jack of all trades is somewhat of a backhanded compliment.

The complimentary side—one who can do many different things.

On the dissing side—one who is mediocre in everything—proficient in none.

Is being a jack of all trades an indication of mediocrity with lack of focus?

Not at all(*´`*)

A jack of all trades is one who can do a variety of tasks and duties, none of them at the ‘expert level’ yet amply competent inside a variety of wheelhouses.

Einstein on mediocrity - Land Ωf The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

Jacks have a wide repertoire to lend a helping hand in a vast number of circumstances, and in the inevitable pinch—what’s not to love about that.

As an Incidental Occxie happening into Japan, an incidental language instructor was also created shortly after stepping off the plane into the Land Of The Rising Sun on January 11, 1987.

Remarkably, becoming a master Jack Of All Trade is embedded inside a powerful life philosophy—Start FromThe Beginning Again, or as the Japanese say in one of their plethora of pithy nuggets of wisdom.

Remember enthusiasm - Land Ωf The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

Intrigued as to the genesis of the Land of the Rising Son*\(^o^)/*

The origin story of a wayward boy reveals the most curious innate notion residing deep within—Follow The Sun.

The spirit of inquiry empowers enriched human interaction when teasing out relevant topics, all the while stimulating inquisitiveness while sprinkling life’s mundane daily interactions with jocularity, sincerity and pithy wit.

Being a jack of many trades, while aspiring to master just one has lead to an early morning daily practice exploring the linguistic nooks and crannies of the Japanese language—this is the gist of Follow The Sun.

follow the sun to infinity - Land Ωf The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

Seeing rapid advancing technology with amazing optionality available to all taking the Road Less Travelled—leads to only one conclusion—the time is now—your time has come—seize the moment of the day.

The opportunity for advanced self-directed skill acquisition inevitably leads to new pathways empowering the ability to fill the soul with dignity, purpose, and community—giving and receiving Certificates Gratitude all along the way.

At the dawn of desktop publishing and computer aided graphics, there appeared a most curious piece of software—Photoshop 1.0.

Photoshop 1.0 Classic - Land Ωf The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

What a great way to spend the day creating band posters among may other fun things—predating the Internet, and long before the Flavour of Today—memes.

Do Not Be A Twat - Land Ωf The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

Fast forward 3 decades, this revolution is continuing to rage on with no end—more joy upon discovery these advanced powerful toys—now indicating the way of the future, tugging at this creators heartstrings once again.

For many, the terminology of computer programming and its plethora of technical jargon was the domain of the scientists, nerds, and geeks.

Those days now fade away, A.I. is now taking ahold over the code—for more creative endeavours just moving the mouse writes personal awesome code—freedom of digital expressions now unfolds, facilitating emancipation of tales yet to be told. 

イソップの寓話から温故知新 - Land Ωf The Rising SΩN - cybersensei

Thus it is so, the Webflow is a go, much gratitude to M5 for his valuable insights, and, as always, highly productive suggestions.

This Wonderful World has now transformed human connections enabling global contemporaries to congregate, socialize, and participate, building the ONE infinity community—what’s not to love about this.

As a Jack of All Trade, these new cool tools could not be more fun—the desire to acquire adroit efficiency is an innate trait of those who choose to Follow The Sun.

Clarity Over Time - cybersensei - Land Of The Rising Son