Civilization Three

Mar 26, 2022Blog, Culture

The chasm between “East” and “West” has never been as volatile since the enslavement of the Chinese nation with a massive opioid addiction pandemic early in the 20th century.

Western civilization evolved from the Greeks and Romans, and when considering Eastern civilization, China comes to mind as the representative of the East, as this is the birth place of Confucius.

Ma Yuan Confucius Interpretation - Land Of The Rising Son

Keep in mind, the moral tenets of the Asia nations are based first and foremost upon Ancestor Worship, infused with the peaceful teachings of the Buddha, and communal specific rituals passed down from generation to generation.

Let us now refresh our memories as to why this historical inflection point has now set up a showdown between these two civilizations.

There were two armed conflicts in China in the mid-19th century between the forces of Western countries and the Qing dynasty (644 to 1911-12).

These two wars are referred to as the “Opium Wars.”

The first Opium War was fought between China and Britain (1839–42).

La_bataille_de_Palikiao - Land Of The Rising Son

The second Opium War, also known as the Arrow War, was the Anglo-French War in China fought by Brits and French against the Chinese (1856–60).

These conflicts marked the start of the era of unequal treaties with the Chinese.

However, this malice and disgraceful behaviour toward Asians was not something unfamiliar to the Occxie overlords, and this sneaky technique is still used in many forms even until this very day.

On a colonial note, this is where the Brits came into possession of Hong Kong via the Treaty of Nanjing.

The Treaty of Nanjing - Imperialism In China - Land Of The Rising Son

The onslaught of these rabid and greedy merchants of death via their vile ploy to enslave Eastern Civilization using massive opioid drug addition, resulted in the Chinese continuing to resist this repugnant Occxie protocol, leading to the second Opium War.

These destructive Opium Wars arose from China’s attempts to suppress the opium trade, which was destroying the Ancient Eastern civilization.

Primarily it was the British traders that had been illegally exporting opium mainly from India to China since the 18th century, and that trade dramatically increased starting around 1820.

Moreover, the resulting widespread opioid addiction caused the severe decay of the social, moral, and economic fabric of Chinese society, which must be noted clearly, is founded upon the key humanistic principle of filial piety and ancestor worship.

Asian Values- Filial Piety - Land Of The Rising Son

Indeed, filial piety is the core tenet binding all Asian societies and their communities, and the fundamental principle of ancestor worship leave both the Japanese and Eastern civilizations on a very different spectrum conceptually than those with the myopic Occxie eyes.

The third pillar of civilization, civility, can be observed as an innate character of the Japanese.

Fundamentally, the ancient Japanese and Asian civilizations will continue to persist as they have for millennia.

Alas, civilizations built upon the false doctrine that separates the family, community, and humans from each other and their humanity, are destine to crumble under the weight of their dogma and fallacy.

Here, any rabid tribe now unhinged from reality will be forced to peer into the sacred mirror of one’s own soul, and face the emotions and the hunger pangs of life’s decisions.

However, one should not despair, for hope springs eternal.

Anyone can look to the third pillar of civilization, which is civility, an innate characteristic of the Japanese.

和室でのお辞儀の種類 齊木由香-和美人へのみち - Land Of The Rising Son

Indeed, the Japanese civilization has evolved its civility on these isolated Pacific islands for over 2 millennium.

One another colonial note, the Japanese barely dodged a fatal cultural bullet after wisely rejecting the Jesuit dogma out of Rome.

The Japanese then built their unique civilization over the next 200 years, free from Western influence.

Then, true to their innate Occxie nature, the Americans showed up at Japan’s door, and do what they do best, point a gun and demand “trade.”

History shows starting with the Meiji Restoration, the Japanese successfully integrated alien concepts, and forge them into something anew, and often, superior.

Japanese Imperial Family Meiji 1880

So it is with the advancement of the Japanese civilization today.

Vastly older than others, and more deeply cultured with timeless wisdom, there is also a capacity to be humble by the Shackles of the Past.

Lest we all need to be reminded, Japan is the only nation in history, thus so far, to have ever experienced the devastation of a nuclear holocaust first hand, twice.

Nuclear Holocaust Japan 1945 - Land Of The Rising Son

Here again, humanity stands at the brink of nuclear annihilation.

If once again the nation of Japan should suffer the fiery breath of nuclear weapons, it will not only be the end of Civilization T, but elimination of all human civilizations, once and for all.

In order to understand the pillar in which the Japanese civilization rests upon soundly, one must carefully examine the Japanese constitution written by Prince Shotoku in the 7th century.

JAPAN 5000 YEN P93a 1957 SHOTOKU-TAISHI RARE - Land Of The Rising Son

The concept of dōtoku 道徳 is the universal guiding principles and the spirit of dōtoku 道徳 is enshrined in Prince Shotoku Taishi’s constitution.

dōtoku 道徳 is the general rule for all people to judge themselves as to what is right and wrong, and to act appropriately and properly within one’s own place in society.

Unlike law, dōtoku 道徳 is not externally enforceable, but works as an internal principle for each individual to guide one along the Way.

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