Constitutional Merger

May 18, 2024Blog, Civilization, Culture

Ancient wisdom, embedded in mystic tales originating from primordial times, is now reanimated through a manifestation of the sublime four-idiom compound—calling for the amalgamation of two constitutions—on ko chi shin—learning something new based on the past is the next big thing.

The stagnation of progress and suppression of knowledge stem from the rot and decay of mal-matriculated minions, moulded by ivory tower racketeers indoctrinating their vassals to regurgitate poppycock and twaddle verbatim.

“Out with the old, in with the new” epitomizes the stark, black-and-white moral supremacy that reflects deeply rooted, idiotic, institutionalized stupidity.

Old and new-天佑神助は重要だよぅA major fork in the road during this epoch leads to a sublime supposition—it is now high time to reconfigure and reanimate a civil constitution by merging Civilization W and Civilization E (WE).

The Japanese have combined these extraordinary chains of events, culminating in the Loose Muse, Age of Neo Clan, Neo Societies, and the emergence of Civilization Three.

In every emergent neo-society, the first order of business is the elimination of parasites, cancers, and viruses that rot the innate human spirit—nothing less than extermination of the last brass tack hidden in the nooks and crannies at the core of Borg.

Spray away the cancer and parasites out of your lifeThe secret to a civilized amalgamation of the duopolistic notions of WE, as brewed over several centuries, now lies in the strict finishing protocol of Japanese Form, Order, Process.

Regardless of the outer surface appearances, Japan genuinely has a veneer of civility as sincere Japanese citizen has emerged as the preeminent precedent of an authentic civilized society.

This constitutional merger coincides with the revival of ancient Asian healing modalities.

Japanese practitioner of Chinese herbal medicine with a variety of herb, potions, and curesAsian shamans are now free to disseminate ancient herbal healing protocols, firmly committed to create innovative solutions for the maladies plaguing those trapped in the contemporary matrix.

An edict from the Rising Japanese Son has instructed the Japanese to maintain a stiff upper lip, as they are well-equipped and ready to do what they have historically done—persevere through the dip.

Import artifacts from distant lands, combine them, and polish them to a fine, glimmering shine, continuously honing skills embodying daily incremental improvements, in other words embrace kaizen.

The reanimation of two distinct constitutions has recently come to the forefront, causing significant stir and commotion—heralding societal evolution, the bifurcation of civilization, and the emergence of neo-clans with expanding global communities.

Neo Clan BannerInnate human moral behavior sometimes requires a reminder in the form of an update of the communal behavior, their fundamentals carved in stone centuries ago—the basic moral tenets must be updated and reiterated.

After decades of reflection, this philosophical inquiry is neither a delusion nor an illusion, but an observable fusion of fundamental Japanese ethics with the Age of Reason—forming the cohesive vision of Civilization Three.

Dust off the soot from the original constitutional roadmap formulated by Shotoku Taishi in 604 CE, the framework for creating healthy societies based on universal moral precepts, set to merge with a modern constitution influenced by General Bonner Fellers, Uncle Douglas, and the GHQ.

Shotoku Taishi and the Japanese constitution of 604 CE

The long game of life, a fundamental concept in the greater Asian node encumbered with the burden to amalgamate Asia into the Age of Reason.

The magnificent, magnanimous intellectual legacy originating from Sir Isaac and his drinking buddy John Locke, remain a bedrock story to be continued under the guises of civil reformation, threaded into neo-clans and their emerging societies until the end of Earth time. 

Sir Isaac and his drinking buddy John LockeHere, a good healthy smear of kaizen needs to be applied to the Occxie mind, which is still plagued by unfettered crony capitalism—the epitome of a grind. 

Every three months, it’s do or die; indeed, being seated on pins and needles is the order of capitalist exploits day, ensuring you meet your quarterly targets four times a year, until your dying day.

The fusion of fundamental human tenets with the inalienable rights of the sovereign individual, along with Muse’s plan—coupled with the miracle of unrestrained free speech—leads to the universal rejection of parasitic demagoguery and the co-opting of the cherished American dream.

Prepare for the ultimate fusion of Ancestral Etiquette and the spirit of the Age of Reason with Shotoku Taishi’s standards for a civil society, based on the reach of knowledge and the turning of the seasons. 

Merging of the constitutionsThe citizens of Japan have made countless sacrifices along their path to destiny as they embrace each day.

As curators of the next stage of humanity, they innately understand that the next step in the evolutionary process involves the consolidation of neo-clans and the constitutional merging of ancient and modern Japan.

The magnum opus of the Japanese is the reanimation of a globally bifurcated civilization as the phoenix once more rises from the ashes, with the Japanese regarded as both the creators and curators of Civilization Three.

ΩNE World Civilisation Three-Land Of The Rising Son-Japan