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The most magnificent thing about living in Japan since 1987 is the opportunity to meet diverse people from all corners of the world, and to explore the depth of Asia, soaking in the vibe of exotic lands.

This allows profound insight into the essence and nature across the entire spectra of humanity, with each person on a unique journey to unravel the mysteries of the multiverse.

Forward to the future-follow the sun

Observing the advent of globalization over several decades, a pressing need for localization translation of the greedy, fragmented minds of shifty suspect merchants was astutely and covertly observed.

The growing presence of foreign entities looking to peddle shoddy goods, vacuous vaporware, shilling the merits of suspect network marketing schemes to the highly discerning Japanese, is the primary example of Failure 101.

Failure 101 American nightmare

Crystallize in your mind an image of the infamous Charles Ponzi, a charlatan extraordinaire with a gaggle of drooling stooges trying to come In Through the Out Door to Japan.

First things first—understanding the Japanese protocol of Form Order Process facilitates creation of articles culturally familiar, thus worthy of the attention of the fickle Japanese.

To conjure artifacts that last forever, involves a much deeper analysis of the psyche of the Japanese, which will lead to material success for all these tedious alien wannabes.

Most of these trivial hacks came and went like the fluttering of ephemeral cherry petals in a gentle spring breeze—dreams of vast fortunes and riches like some kind of exploitable commodity extracted from the Japanese—eternally crushed under the boot heel of the stark subjective reality.

The end of the American empireA fatal glitch in American capitalist psyche is reflected in the prevalent condescending, insolent attitude toward the way of the Japanese.

Mal-matriculation of the Occxie student-body has erased any intuitive understanding of the deep-seated notion held close to the bosom of the citizens of Yamato, and what it means to be Japanese.

Whether native or naturalized, understanding the animistic nature of, and desire to preserve the civil Japanese culture has led to rejection of colonization by commodification and subjugation via the Mickey Mousification of Japan.

capital hill insurrection-With Mickey-02

Observe this example of han men kyō shi—bad examples from which one can learna shockingly impoverished viewpoint of a smug arrogant lackadaisical American president, who actually said:

“If it’s good enough for the Mexicans, then it’s good enough for the Japanese (°_°)*

The Japanese live in a rigid hierarchical structure; thus the following diagram makes absolute sense in the minds of the Japanese.

Samurai ΩNE ChartHowever, for our beloved Mexican brothers and sisters, this is simply not the casediagrams must be created in a specific way respecting and reflecting cultural sensibilities of the Aztecs and their indigenous beliefs.

Bind Japan and the Aztecs

A cautionary tale of a typical obnoxious Occxie distributor, who tried his hand at Japan, a failure from the start, without a clue about the Japanese, nor their unequivocal cultural sensibilitiesa vacuous agent of greed, replete with a robust supply of mental excrement: “If it works in Croatia it will work in Japan” ʅʃ 

Herein lies the secret key, allowing access to a group of karmic aliens, who have over time become Japaneseglimpsing into the magnificent creative Japanese mind, a product of civilization evolving over two millennia, unparalleled in all of Hardcore History.

Japan is an extraordinary school of culturalization, a characteristic distinctive style brought to you, with heartfelt love and affection a preliminary introduction to the colourful, vibrating world of ancient Japanese customs and tradition.

Key to unlock freedom