Eye For An Eye

Aug 6, 2022Blog, Civilization

The Japanese government carried out a capital punishment event recently.

Interestingly enough, over 80% of Japanese citizens support capital punishment.

One queried two men in their late 20s, curious as to the Japanese youth view on capital punishment.

The first one said he was against capital punishment.

No bleeding heart here however, as he said:

“I would like the perpetrator suffering mental anguish as punishment for their crimes against the society until the end of their natural life.”

The second young man sided with the majority saying:

“Capital punishment must be carried out to atone for crimes against the social conventions of Japan.”

Hangman's Noose - Land Of The Rising Son
Unlike the United States—the only other G7 country still executing citizen—Japanese death row inmates never know the date of execution.

This particular execution was carried out to atone for a heinous crime which took place on June 8, 2008.

The executed death row inmate rammed a rented vehicle into a crowded pedestrian area of Akihabara—also know as Electric Town—killing three via vehicular homicide.

The perpetrator then raged into a stabbing frenzy leaving four more victims dead, and inflicting harm on several other innocent victims.

Stabbing Rampage in Akihabara Japan 2008

Execution orders come from the very top.

In order for executions to take place in Japan, the Justice MinisterYoshihisa Furukawa in this particular instance—must stamp the execution order with the official seal of the Justice Ministry.

Yoshihisa Furukawa Japanese Justice Minister 2022 - Land Of The Rising Son 法務省 - Land Of The Rising SonNow one can understand the power contained within the Almighty Chop, as once the order is stamped with the official government seal, the execution is carried out within five days.

印鑑 - Land Of The Rising Son

Here the ancient Way of Japan comes into full view—the fact remains—the day of reckoning is only revealed the morning of the execution.

There is no hoopla or fanfare.

There is no one last meal.

There is only a Buddhist priest, the prison guards, and the last walk to the gallows of Japan to be hung by the neck until dead.

Gallows of Sugamon Prison – Land Of The Rising Son

This is in sharp contrast to the United States, as the affairs of capital punishment are the responsibility of each state.

Indeed, depending on the state where the capital crime occurs, there are a variety of execution methods terminating the life of the damned.

This American style lethal justice is carried out using a variety of methods depending on the state:

Lethal injection
Electric chair
Firing squad
Gas chamber

Old Sparky Electric Chair - Land Of The Rising Son

Just to be clear, Japan and the U$A keep company with the likes of Saudi Arabia, China, and Iran when it comes to capital punishment (see full list).

Saudi female activist faces death penalty - Land Of The Rising Son

In a practical observation of executions in Japan, all executions taking place since arriving in 1987 can be considered justified according to the conventions of Japanese society, and the punishment fitting the nature of the crime.

One of the most shocking events experienced in the early days of Japan was between August 1988 and June 1989.

This is where a male perpetrator murdered four young girls in Tokyo and Saitama Prefecture.

The girls from 4 to 7-years-old when murdered in his car before dismembering and molesting their corpses.

He also engaged in cannibalism, preserved body parts as trophies, and taunted the families of his victims.

Sentenced to death in 1997, he was executed in 2008.

Deranged mentally ill people are not exclusive to Japan.

Nancy 'n Joe Yes or No - Land Of The Rising Son

These vile filthy animals lurk in the darkest corners of the demented and lunatic mind—wreaking havoc upon One wherever slithering instances of slime may be designed to go.

In the country of one’s own passport, there was a local serial killer in a reign of terror from 1980 to 1981.

The final count of innocent victims was eleven children.

The perpetrator of these heinous crimes was sentenced to life in prison in January 1982—dying in prison on October 2, 2011—almost 30 full years after these crimes against humanity.

Whether justice was served appropriately for the beloved left behind, is a matter of personal conviction.

Make no mistake about this:

Perpetrators of heinous acts breaching the ancient social conventions of Japan will have to reconcile at the Japanese Ministry of Justice Hangman Department.

The ancient system of Japan has evolved over millennia—founded upon Form Order and Process—including capital punishment protocol, and will continue to enforce the core tenets of the Japanese for the foreseeable future.

Eye-for-an-eye-anger - Land Of The Rising Son