Fellow Traveler

Jan 6, 2024Blog, Inspiration

Life is a journey—until the mortal end—dissemination of the worn-out molecules—in other words physical death—a new beginning starting from the earthly end.

One of the most profound joys of life is to run across a Fellow Traveler—making life meaningful and complex—perplexing and sublime—considered this to be truly divine.

A once random strangers, becoming a consequential addition to a personal journey, transcending the label ‘friend’ becoming one with each other as clanship, blood is not thicker than water—the proof is in the pudding of this Universal Truth.

Northworst Airlines Old FriendsUniversal \(^o^)/* Truth 

Form Order Process underpins the foundation of Japan—expressed as an innate reflex of reciprocity—deeply ingrained in the Japanese psyche—o tagai sama.

The concept of tagai is of paramount importance in Japanese culture, prevalent throughout the societal structure of the Japanese—the way in which social-intercourse is carried out, mannerisms reflected as a distinct configuration of the Form, Order, Process protocol—a way that is unique unto the Japanese.互 - Land Of The Rising SonThe following instance of o tagai sama could be considered circumstantial serendipitous happenstance, but perhaps that’s a misnomer, as the Japanese protocol of tagai has now allowed unseen worlds to be gradually revealed—osmosis of the Japanese cultural slowly and gently unpeeled.

Waiting for a night flight to Taipei, Northwest Airline was experiencing a long delay, a two hour wait at the boarding gate, with two more sitting idly on the plane—it was then and there this now defunct airline received its new official name—Northworst.

Northworst going nowhere every dayWhat may have been a long cumbersome wait, was in fact the beginning of a life-long clanship, as a mysterious gentleman who was also waiting in this similar predicament, started up the conversation, now having lasted over 30 years, still bantering on until this glorious day.

When starting to talk to each other—strangers waiting for the same late plane—an instance of rare air is where the stranger becomes a long lost friend, a long overdue catch up in the cards once again.

It turned out he was in the same circumstance—what to do with this full free day in Taipei?—tour this magnificent Taiwanese city, so as to continue the deep conversations started in what even now seems just like yesterday.

A world traveler it was slowly revealed—a plethora of stories up Jion-jion’s mystical sleeve—enchanting tales of a sacred spellbinding, surreal kind.

These exceptional tales were so very magical and the conversation sublime, it was decided to meet somewhere every year continuation of our deep thoughts, encompassing Buddhism, the meaning of life, along with the significance of being a human-being.

Flying over the boarder of Myanmar, heading into Rangoon, Jion-jion suddenly became silent, like he was being consumed.

What was happening inside his inner world, this incidental Master Zen Buddhist sees reality through the lenses of the surreal—as this is the way he commands it to be. 

Jion-jion meditatingThe power of Jion-jion lies in emptiness, thus awareness of the infinite nature of all spectrums embedded within the deepest frequencies of consciousness—a testament to his enriched sentienceholding the secret keys, having unlocked doors in the land of the living, opening channels to the land of the dead.

One foot in the land of the living one foot in the land of the dead

On a night before Jion-jion’s departure to his desert home far away, the spirit of my freshly deceased Sri Lankan Buddhist mate, came to say goodbye to his Incidental Occxie friend, as he was continuing along his patha new beginning at the end of his earthly days.

However, much to this spirit’s surprise, he saw the energy field radiating from Jion-jion’s eyes, where he was gently, yet quickly guided by this Incidental Deity, to move to Buddha to take his rightful place and go to where he should be.

The infinite frequency of Jion-jionJion-jion has again returned to Japan, bringing his wisdom and sublime presence, enhancing the energy flow in the Land of the Gods as Japan is known—his sun shining over humanity—is why he is assuredly, a sublime and miraculous earthly Deity.

Jion-jion with xybersensei