Fleeting Moments

May 18, 2019

Fleeting Moments

Looking back, one can see how time used to go so slowly. 

All remember sitting in a dreadful and boring class not listening to the teacher drone on and on and on about subjects that are not interesting at all (algebra). 

As the years went by, can the realization that perception of time is subjective. 

Father Time - Land Of The Rising Son

Many years ago now, waiting for the day, to take my first flight to Japan, waiting and waiting for the departure day.

This is an example of time moving very slowly.

Inevitably the departure day arrived over 3 decades ago now. 

Waiting for the day my first child was to be born.

Waiting and waiting for that day, and then that day came went, and now this boy has become an outstanding man. 

Spectacular Japanese Samurai Armor - Land Of The Rising Son

Always grateful for life today, and the opportunity to living in Japan.

Certainly death is something not given much thought.

Nevertheless, while not thinking about that day, it will come for certain, and it will be your turn to die, and your life will have past before you, in a blink of your eye.

Circular Rainbow Sun Halo - Land Of The Rising Son

If you have been waiting to do something in your own life, do so. We must live our life each day with intent and purpose; therefore, I urge your to wait no longer, because one day, for certain, it will be your turn to die. 

PS: I started this podcast and blog at age 55.

PPS: They have a wonderful 4 character compound about this in Japanese; tai ki ban sei: Great Talent Matures Late

Time Passing Quickly By - Land Of The Rising Son