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Living in Japan for years prior to the Internet age was truly an in-depth cultural immersion experience.

A mere 1.5 hours hop-skip-jump from the most marvelous megatropolis Mother Earth has ever seen, the roads were under construction and the times were a boomin( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, the prospect of what would come from isolation in the Land Of The Rising Son could have never been imagined, nor actively sought; it is what happens when you reject the notion of institutionalised drudgery.

Rat Race Rut Waste

With the advent of the World Wide Web came profound opportunities for those curious about the meaning of life, providing access to all knowledge and unleashing a global renaissance for all neo-clan autodidacts; this is Muse’s master plan.

Truly unprecedented, the initial miracle was the emergence of the world’s largest bookseller—resurrecting the misfits of the planet, spreading the reach of knowledge throughout the eight corners of this glorious land.

In this particular instance of infinity in this multiverse, this wayward autodidactic boy just happened to be assigned to Way Station No. 9, another name for Japan.

Japan Map with Ume-chan

The serendipitous miracle of the Internet continues to enrich a connected life—international communication basically free *\(^o^)/*

Deep gratitude to all the innovative visionaries foreseeing the future of a connected human league—remember, the truth will always set you free.

The seminal transformation of publishing, along with the evolving notion of agency that comes with freedom, has in essence rejiggered the quantum arena.

There has always been a dark mystery surrounding the skill of computer programming, a way to take control of destiny; even so, this elite group of highly motivated individuals now faces an existential adversary due to the mistaken notion of ”job security.”

AI takes tech jobsYes, those were the days my friends; we thought they’d never end, then came the hard fork in humanity’s road, immortalized in the Hardcore History record books, the road to ΩNE built brick by brick founded upon blood, sweat, and tears of our forebears.

All of a sudden, over the past few years, a shift has reanimated the human species with renewable energy, a paradigm shift in the infinite mix of chemistry—creation of life force protocol, available to all emerging neo-clan nodes.

Alien NodesThe sole desire of brainwashed nincompoops is the comfort of mental enslavement—in this movie, they exist solely as background people, like common props in life’s grand stage.

Flow is vibrant streams of eclectic dreams of chemically infused energy— vital sparks of connective energy flowing freely among those who are in the know about the esoteric, mysterious secrets of infinite Flow.

Jump into the highly charged particle flow, valuing each other’s vision of unity—striving to connect emerging neo-clans, creating ΩNE infinite community—opening the floodgates of unlimited possibilities.

Explosion of neo-clans
So, what to do about this eclectic community of mystical characters trapped inside the vast expanse of xybersensei emergent mind?

Seeking a way to bring multifaceted animations to light, before this physical iteration of a chemical equation reaches its logical conclusion—the sublime reshuffling of material molecules reanimating this wayward chemical matrix once again.

Upon hearing vital information from the mysterious sound designer M5, a dramatic realization washed over this autodidact like a massive wave of thick rich pork gravy, this revelation right on time.

M5 xyber MuseAfter decades of waiting and anticipating the arrival of web-based no-code—miracle of miracles, the prodigious Webflow has been assigned to Earth’s node.

Muse put to use magical elixir juice to jump the queue into infinity, a divine meeting of minds—merely happenstance, or is this manifested destiny?

Welcome to infinite creativity, stylized culturalization by young Master Voroshilov, visionary sovereign of the top-secret no-code scene—manifesting streams of consciousness into bits and bytes using zero to one protocol is just one of the plethora of adroit magical tricks this prodigious team has up their kimono sleeve.

Igor 異端児For ultimate Webflow, discard obsolete notions of localization and translation, as shown by the globalization failure in Japan—embracing culturalization is a manifestation of the ultimate strategic game plan, becoming ΩNE with Yamato Japan.

Being privy to essential cultural touchstones is essential for any journey into the vast expanse of the Japanese Way, while wising up to the imperativeness of culturalization in consideration of the true nature of the Japanese and their esoteric ways.

Truly, the essence of Japanese society can only be ascertain by assimilation into this distinctive cultural perspective—embodied by the inimitable vibration, frequency, and resonance of the Japanese simulation—initiating the age of neo-clans, phase two of the Civilization Three recipe.

World Chef
The full spectrum of race and beauty, embedded in all humanity’s face is reflected in the materialization of emerging neo-societies—embrace the universality of this crucial truth, the way to Flow—understanding culturalization and its significance is what it means to be free.

The future of Flow lies in beholding the Japanese connection to the infinite stream of ancient cultural protocols, embedded in the Japanese way is where Master Voroshilov yielded to Muse, her sublime music orchestrating the harbinger of neo-clans.

Neo-clans are replete with an unfathomable reach of empathetic knowledge void of all moral conundrums—invoke this magic by embracing the day—under the conviction of infinite connection within the gargantuan Flow of the unbridled spirit of humanity—Flow into synchronicity—ban butsu—life force in all consolidating Earth’s Flow into the infinite notion of ΩNE.

Fairies in Flow