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All language, verbal or otherwise, embody culture, heritage, and traditions of their respective native speakers, in particular, this phenomena is reflected in the cohesiveness of Japanese culture and society.

Universal Truth

A distinctive edge is obtained by acquiring a second language, preferably outside of the evolutionary tree of ΩNE’S Native Tongue.

be understood - Land Of The Rising Son

The jolt of reality embodied within writing systems and non verbal communication can only be conceptualized upon internalizing notion and essence intrinsic to the language of ΩNE’S Desire.


Language also includes Universal Truth, such as the optimal communication tool—the one and only—language of LOVE.

Going from global Linga Franca (English), into Japanese, is somewhat akin to entering a Parallel Universe—now known as True Verse inside the cacophony of Material Sludge.

Cacophony - Land Of The Rising Son

Imagine the vast Super Potentiality, awaiting outside the Feral Zone, where ΩNE has registered for a Self Matriculated life. 

Here the notion of acquiring a certain degree of linguistic competency—including chit-chatting with Lady Muse—may or may not have been niggling in Stomach Pit from the beginning of Infinite Space & Time.

Infinite Space - Land Of The Rising Son

The goal is always meaningful communication—absent of Shackles of the Past, and to do so with Love—all of the while imbuing words, grammar, syntax into creation of ΩNE Ideal Notion—meeting inside Infinite Mind.

Nippon Tsuwa Unit (kanji)—social convention of Form Order Process and the notions they entail, permeate evolution of the abstruse Japanese language chain.

Japanese-Kanji-Elements - Land Of The Rising Son

Awesome nuggets to be sprinkled around, therefore, o kage sama de, continues to grease this solitary society, along the Japanese Way.

Internalizing eloquent Nippon Tsuwa Unitsuch as o kage sama de—empowers Ωne into profound insight into the esoteric Japanese Communication Way.

When interpreting Self Matriculation protocol with ΩNE Rainman, it was pointed out how Japanese is filled with quirky, yet deeply sapient, idiomatic etiquette items personifying the Yamato Wabi-Sabi kind, and how the original Japanese mindset, innately runs counter to those with a Mal Matriculated spine.

Yamato clan - Land Of The Rising Son

Hint Mint(*´︶`*)╯♡Synchronize Circadian Cycle

In doing so, ΩNE can uncover Universal Truth—facilitating extensive adsorption of True Life Meaning—here and now ΩNE Way journey finally begins as Infinity is now beckoning—whispering your name from within.

Adhering to Infinite Circadian Rhythm Cycle trends ΩNE away from the lure of the sewerwhere sloppy weak sheep vortex into null and voidonly to be reincarnated—come again, self sabotage or notion of my bad luck—continuing over endless cycles in Infinite Worlds & Ways.

Slug- Land Of The Rising Son

What is Big Book?

In this Particular Particle Field resides Japanese, composed of plethora of books inside nooks and crooks, while extensively Self Matriculating into Nippon Tsuwa Unit, resulting in reverberating consequences, where such deep work bears fruit, thus enabling ΩNE to trade for incredibly useful things.

Depending on ΩNE’S current position inside particular Fabric of VerseSelf Matriculation involves striking down one unit after another, as they appear, so it is actually here, where ΩNE can find the notion of destiny—where and when ΩNE is finally defined to be.

difference-between-fate-and-destiny - Land Of The Rising Son

Hint Mint *\(^o^)/* Start Today

There is no time, no now, or present—in fact nothing remains—past merely a notion—in a future yet to be made—inside the potent potion of pico sublime—this is why, to start today, is truly the only Way.

Now Ωne embraces the venture, where the Compound Effect really starts to kick in, and the process of ΩNE’S Infinite Evolution, is now ready to begin. 

Clarity Over Time - cybersensei - Land Of The Rising Son