Heal By Healing 

Apr 15, 2023Blog, Civilization

JapanCivilization 3.0, eminent culture and society, representing pinnacle of modern civilization, while invoking ancient spirit of Yamato—displaying gumption, unwavering constitution, and innate notion to embrace The Grind.

Ancestor veneration evolved—blending timeless Buddhist Universal Truth along the Way—The Japanese weave the Notion of Kaizen into the fabric of society, Form, Order, Process, as intrinsic matter—Three Structural Pillars—foundation of Japanese System—reflecting isolated civilization evolving over millennia—broadcasting Weigh Station No. 9’s frequency vibration to metamorphosing worlds of  the clan-kin kind.

metamorphosis - Land Of The Risng Son

The path to Infinite Harmony are tenets to guide One’s own life journey enshrined into the original Japanese constitution—echoed from Multiverse to Japanese secular existence by Wise Sage, Shotoku Taishi (Prince Umayado/Prince Kamitsumiya) in 604 CE.

JAPAN 5000 YEN 1957 SHOTOKU-TAISHI RARE - Land Of The Rising Son

Fusing Western black & white plurality, with Eastern Confucianism, has not been easy on the island nation of Japan, nor its long-suffering citizens.

After 250 years of virtual isolation, the Japanese were forced to internalize the true nature of Occxie-mind-set, the ultimate culture shock to a people isolated for centuries.

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Remember, Japanese society delineates via flexible adaptability, while preserving Her ancient culture and heritage, however, evolution of Japan, does not include the notion of a mental health care system.

In Asian societies, the mental wellbeing of One’s clan members, particularly in domain of mental stability, is never responsibility of State.

Mental health issues in Japan are regarded as strictly private family affairs—just ask Hideaki Kumazawa.

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Embracing the notion of Learn by Doing, is to personify the spirit of wonderment, awe, and amazement, indicative of an innocent, curious mind, to aspired to every day.

子供卒業式 - Land Of The Rising Son

Learn by Teaching

Unless speaking Japanese at an advanced level, and experiencing Japanese society in Japan, One can never truly realize the spirit lurking inside nooks and crannies of the indigenous Yamato spiritual mind.

Take compulsory Ministry of Education kokugo Communication Units as primary example.

Two-thousand—one-hundred—thirty-six (2,136) ideograms + two (2) syllabaries consisting of lots and lots of other symbols—both syllabaries are referred to as “fifty sounds.”

常用漢字表 - Land Of The Rising Son

Often things take a long time to Learn by Doing—don’t forget—seeming how One is doing things anyway—do all things well.

Heal by Healing

A plethora of interesting challenges await those who metaphorically, or otherwise reside in the Land Of The Rising Son—past, present, and future.

It is here in the Land of Onna Bugeisha, where material existence has been surmised, to be a remarkable paradise, somewhere, somewhen, inside some specific Infinity Field, commonly referred to, as Japan.

Onna_bugeisha_Ishi-jo_wife_of_Oboshi_Yoshio - Land Of The Rising Son

Next stage is pushing through suffering and pain—arriving in an instance, a new arena, same game—battle hardened and scarred, not yet quite dead—today is another ponderous day, to follow the Sun on your Way.

For some, however, the extraordinary gift of life, facilitating material participation inside this incredible game of life, now known as “Material Sludge“—for all modern materials on offer could not mend the broken heart, nor replace the love of that one and only girl.

I don't love you I like you a lot - Land Of The Rising Son

Decades ago, as the recipient of a “Dear John” letter, any last modicum of Warmth of Humanity, crushed out into carnal finality, embedded in a sad and distressing final note, a most unfortunate self-determined destiny.

The next step of this pathetic soul was to end his own life, with as little fanfare as possible—in what could only be surmised as—Notion of Abject Despair.

Pain-Despair-Sadness - Land Of The Rising Son

He made the fateful decision to bleed himself out.

So, with the nick of the blade, the deal was made, by this desponded soul, he forfeited his life, while flushing his broken heart, Ancestors, and future visions away.

This particular irrevocable act can be regarded as the most visceral example of han men kyo shi.

Tombstone of broken dreams - Land Of The Rising Son

Universal Truth

Ivory Tower—a stupefying, desolate experience—vested interests stoking and provoking—quacks, charlatans, and frauds—self-anointed monkeys be matriculated—mandating what Others can and cannot have or do—yet are vacuous of any coherence, or semblance of clue as what to do.


Matriculated Monkey, like some kind of Pharma Junkie, peddle third-hand mis-information, disseminating Truth Distortion at the bidding of Vested Overlords, exerting control over Filters Skew, controlling your mirror, what you see, and very Essence of One-Who-Are.

Truth Juice and Essential Essence in Material Sludge, can only be discovered outside the illusion of corrupt decaying Occxie Systems.

How to hear the singing voice of Muse, and meet with Other bags of chemicals encased in meat?

Go play outside—beginning One’s journey and remarkable climb, as One listens to the stillness of a bamboo forest, the supple breath of the voices whispering into Infinite Ears—it is then and there—in rare, yet common air—where, at last, One can truly tune up, in, and out.

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