Japan Yes, France No?

Mar 17, 2021Blog, Health, News

Japan Yes, France No?

One was shocked and dismayed when a large display of the controversial product RoundUp, made by Monsanto (acquired by Bayer) became available at the local home center.

This problematic herbicide with the active ingredient glyphosate has its fair share of detractors globally, as well as famous lawsuits related to the health risks associated with glyphosate, including cancer.

shocked face

The sheer stupidity of the Japanese bureaucrats and agencies involved in the approval of this product for sale in Japan is breathtaking.

Now why is one calling the Japanese government and bureaucrats stupid?

It’s because they are.


Not having an original thought in their entire life, the only thing these dull and witless robots of the system have been able to do successfully is to memorize the answers to a difficult government employee exam.

Not thinking about the consequence on the health of the Japanese population, including their own families, they rubber stamped the approval of this controversial agricultural herbicide, only then to be sprayed upon the food supply of Japan, without a further thought.

One views these lackeys as not only being stupid, but lazy and incompetent as well.

Now, dear reader one might be asking, why would one say such a thing about the servants of Japan?

The proof is in the pudding!


RoundUp was banned in France in January 2019 following a court ruling judging that the regulator at the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety had not given due weight to safety concerns when they approved the product in March 2017.

Does this not make one wonder what gifts were bestowed by the aggressive American corporation upon the greedy members in charge on the French side to making this extremely appalling decision letting this questionable, yet very profitable chemical onto sacred French soil?

The ban went into effect immediately, and the court’s decision cited research by the French government body, the International Agency for Research on Cancer, which concluded that it is “probably carcinogenic” to humans.

glyphosate ban

Speaking of the cancer risk from glyphosate, there was a landmark judgment against Monsanto and RoundUp in the U$A.

In fact, in 2018, an American citizen, Dewayne Johnson, who has non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma was awarded $78 million after a jury in San Francisco found that Monsanto had failed to adequately warn consumers of cancer risks posed by this herbicide.

Mr. Johnson routinely used two different glyphosate formulations in his work as a groundskeeper, RoundUp and another Monsanto product called Ranger Pro.

Still, Japan has welcomed RoundUp and its active ingredient glyphosate with open arms, as there are now walls of it at the home and garden centers which dot the landscape of Japan.

Walls Of RoundUp

Furthermore, with the changes in the dietary habits of the Japanese to processed food, along with the continuing proliferation of the chemicals permeating every facet of Japanese life, it’s no wonder the Japanese are seeing vast increases in autoimmune disease, dementia, and cancer.

Could it be the chemicals in processed food steals life expectancy from the Japanese, and are the root cause of these unfortunate negative heath consequences cursing the Japanese?

Perhaps we can look across the Pacific ocean and observe the health conditions of our American brothers and sister to forecast the future health trend of the Japanese.

Doesn’t look very promising now does it?

Take a look at the back of the package one is about to purchase and read the ingredients.

What is in your food

That’s right, most of the ingredients of these kinds of product are unrecognizable and should therefore be avoided if at all possible.

Perhaps one will then realize a relationship between chemicals in food, and unpleasant medical conditions.

Here is a true story:

Years ago, one checked mother-in-law’s fridge for any nasties that slipped in unnoticed.

Aghast, one found they were still using……margarine.

Mother-in-law was pre-diabetes at that time, and one immediately requested them to stop eating margarine, which of course is filled with trans fats.

toxic trans fats

As sure as the sun shines off puddles after rain, mother-in-law never got diabetes.

I look at this as proof that dietary changes can leading to more positive health outcome, as well as reversing chronic ailment, which now plague the Japanese by the millions.

Seeing these negative health trends, a few years ago the decision was made to pivot one’s company into an organic fruit, berry, and vegetable powder importer and distributor.

Also, with a strong belief in the health benefits of hemp based foods, eternegy also imports hemp based products to support those desiring to live a healthy, long, and fulfilling life.

Remember, you are what you eat, so eat wisely.

You Are What You Eat - Your Diet Alters How Your Genes Behave

For anyone interested, here’s a list of more countries that have banned or restricted glyphosate as of December of 2020 here.