Kata – Way Forward – Part 6

Jan 20, 2021Blog, Culture, Shinto

Kata – Way Forward – Part 6

What does the future hold for Japan?

Seeing the Japanese as katified throughout the evolution of this ancient civilization, one would have to say there are some bright spots, not only for the future of Japan, but for the shared future of an advancing civilization based upon ancient moral codes.

These codes bind members of a society through accountability, a shared purpose, and a common vision, along with obligations to one another based upon the desire for a peaceful, harmonious, and healthy society.

Japanese Cultural Code Words

Even though the Japanese are looked upon as insular people, one could honestly say, based upon over 3 decades of living in the countryside of Japan, the Japanese are understanding and accepting people. 

kimono clad girl covering mouth while laughing-01

It is the mask which one must wear here which perhaps leaves those in the outside world with no exposure to the Japanese in any meaningful way as them being somewhat “mysterious”.

Indeed, the Japanese will take what has been brought, and make it better, much much better, as this is the Way of the Japanese.

So why are the Japanese able to take such good ideas and process them into something anew along with the special Japanese touch?

This is because the Japanese are still, and will always be, instilled with order, process, and form, throughout one’s life as a matter of being Japanese.

Indeed, the true wonders of our advanced civilizations has been a collaborative effort, and all must continue to strive toward to deeper understanding of others, and a deeper understanding of one’s own-self, as all reach in unity to create a harmonious future, for children, grandchildren, and those who are to come after this chapter is long dead and gone.

Here, one submits.

Known by many different names since the dawn of civilization, Amaterasu Oomikami is the Japanese Sun Goddess.

Amterasu Oomikami-01

Let us all be thankful for our shared Mother Earth’s Star illuminating our common existence each day, and beaming life to all of our shared earth.

While one gives thanks every day to the Sun for her life giving rays of warmth and hope, let us also give thanks to one’s Ancestors for the hardship and perseverance they endured as they walked a treacherous journey bringing us to this extraordinary point in civilization.

We are all citizens under the Sun, and products of our Ancestors. Now is the time to look toward the future and create a new paradigm in unity for the sake of our shared earth and the future of life on our planet.

Mother Earth

Thank you so very much for stopping by the Land Of The Rising Son. If one finds this blog interesting and informative, please share it with your friends and anyone who may be interested in Japan, and as one does so, our beloved sun Goddess Amaterasu Oomikami Sama, will continue to shine her brilliant rays of life on you, as she does on everyone of our shared earth.

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