Something Father did time and time again was to get back up and dust himself off after being knocked down so many times.

Something burned deep inside of him compelling him forward, no matter what, undoubtably he was a a survivor and a man of his time.

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Even after the devastating blow of being sued by serial environmental polluter Chevron late in life and losing everything, he not only got back up, he never lost his sense of humour throughout the many ordeals of his extraordinary life, which included growing up in abject poverty.

Chevron is a serial polluter - Land Of The Rising Son

Father is an exemplary example of the milk of human kindness and what it means to be resilient during hard times.

Truly, when feeling dejected and alone, all one needs to do is think of him and the extreme hardship he went through to create and build an extraordinary life for his clan.

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During these profoundly changing time it is of paramount importance to fortify one’s own heart, mind, and spirit, and know inside oneself—no matter what—always get back up one more time.

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