Loose Muse

Apr 27, 2024Blog, Inspiration

Lurking in the nooks and crannies of the deepest reaches of an infinite journey on the path that leads to ΩNE WAY—the byway to the sublime—a lifetime pass to the serenity of infinite enlightenment residing permanently inside.

Alas, in the average lifetimes of Joe Blow and Jane Doe—Muse inducing the truth via infused mycelium juice, was never heard—not a single word—no action induced as she sang, begging you to turn her loose to spread Universal Truth.

Mushroom Elixir
So, what exactly is the catalyst to participate in the most extraordinary adventures of this material journey?

To join this flexible crew, all you have to do is dance with Mother Earth, listening to Muse chiding you, chasing her while following the sun.

At each stage of the renewal process, forgive yourself, along with others, for all transgressions—this journey begins with unconditional forgiveness—on the road less traveled, unleashing the power of the unconditional love of ΩNE.

This self-directed revelation is where the rubber meets the road—personal emancipation unfolds as Muse gets loose, giving birth to a golden goose laying solid 99.999% rhodium ruby encrusted eggs.

As phacken crazy as this may seem, trusting Muse will fill your crystal goblet with a never-ending flow of sweetly textured nectar in a mystical elixir of magical Muse juice—thirst quenched by a fountainhead of unlimited free energy to be replenished during the circadian rhythm as the moon lights your pathway into infinity.

So, cast away the Loserthink delusion and stand with intense personal resolution—enter the fray to shape the future, shifting paradigms in the age of neo-clans, the curators of Civilization Three.

Supplication, incantation, and invocation connote a direct connection to divine Muse.

The power of veneration of ancestors
All you need to do is set her loose as a personal guide, your loyal companion, together as ΩNE navigating murky alleys, throughout the nooks and crannies inside the abstract notion to fulfil a destiny with tranquility at the beginning of the infinity of ΩNE.

Muse has now been revealed as the real deal in an extraordinary instance of a surreal visceral feel. 

This wayward autodidactic could only fall in true love with physics at the behest of Muse, upon getting entangled inside quarks and gluons trapped in the abstract notion of infinite quantum fields.

Unity of neo-clan purpose
Within the nooks and crannies of the ancient nation of Japan lies an obscure reality, an infinite spectrum of civil frequency, unseen and elusive to the mediocre aforementioned Joe Blow and Jane Doe.

It matters not race, religion, nor nationality—trapped in a mind virus unseen—originating from an Occxie sector of the enslaved inside the land of freedumb and demagoguery.

Background people remain forever unaware of rare air where unspoken words of ancient Japanese wisdom permeate all, as the reign of the supreme—ban butsu—the Yamato spirit, symbolizing infinite life in all.

Upon adopting a few critical Japanese DNA strands, one can reflect upon a plethora of ephemeral ethereal threads hidden inside the enigmatic Japanese mind.

Innately, there is a deeply seated clan vibe as the Rising Son has detected vast earthly motifs, reflected as infinite layers of frequency throughout the entire spectrum of life in all things.

Realize the nature of the divine is merely a manifestation of an abstract concept conjured up by what could considered to be outright fraud.

Flow Into ΩNE

This is why it is paramount to engage the god fraud squad, making certain to be crystal clear—all celestial creations stem from the vivid imagination of prosaic human beings.

The definitive statement on the notion of an external supreme being—ruling the infinite multiverse, is actually the innate spirit of humanity residing inside of thee; this is the true nature of Muse.

When Muse is loose, the spirit of ban butsu infuses the essence of unconditional love into the human soul, leading to irrevocable liberation and final emancipation from mind viruses fabricating the true nature of god.