Mark Of The Beast

Apr 16, 2022Blog, Civilization

Mark Of The Beast

One of the most terrifying images for Occidental children raised in Christianity is Lucifer, otherwise known as Satan.

There is nothing more horrifying to a child than the image of demons spewing sulphur upon the naked and damned burning for eternity in the fiery sulfur-pits of hell.

It is here where Beelzebub and his legions of savages and beasts take eternal pleasure in torturing the souls of those who have run afoul of the self-appointed Oracles, thus sentenced to eternal damnation.

Welcome to Hell - Land Of The Rising Son

In case one did not know, in Christian mythology the number 666 is know as “the mark of the beast.”

Indeed there are some Americans who actually think world governments are possessed by Satan.

One could say that large swaths of humanity have actually been brainwashed into the ridiculous notion of evil existing outside of oneself.

Brainwashed Zombies on the Cell Phone - Land Of The Rising Son

Christian mythology, and the bastardization thereof has become so pervasive and ingrained into the American culture that this psychological imprint of deception and lies has gone far beyond any semblance of commonsensical sanity.

Let us examine carefully why this is so, and why it can be said the Americans have clearly become unhinged from reality with a distinctly all-American staple; violence, despair, and dystopia.

America as a failed state – Land Of The Rising Son

Most of the dear readers will not know who this is, but let us shine the light of truth and identify exactly what evil looks and sounds like in its purest form.

This woman’s name is Madeleine Albright, an American diplomat who served as the United States secretary of state from 1997 to 2001.

Madeleine Albright An American Warmonger - Land Of The Rising Son

This is also a resolute nod to the American’s insufferable insistence on equality of men and women, and here we can see American women represented by a warmonger, and despicable merchant of suffering and death.

She can also be joined by Condoleezza Rice, a woman of colour and a diabolical warmonger in her own right, and this is where the Americans have fundamentally embrace diversity and inclusiveness; women too can be inherently evil.

Rice - Bush - Cheney - Land Of The Rising Son

Here is what Albright said on TV beaming out nation-wide U$A as she sang the praise of war and the death of innocent Middle Eastern children.

Interviewer: We have heard that half a million children died. That more children that died than in Hiroshima. Is the price worth it?

Hiroshima Devastated by Atomic Bomb - Land Of The Rising Son

Madeleine Albright: I think this is a very hard choice. We think the price is worth it. It is a moral question, but the moral question is even a large one. Don’t we own it to the American people and to the American military and to other countries in the region that this man not be a threat.

Just to make this clear.

The position of the American government is:

The butchering of at least 500,000 innocent Middle Eastern children by these Occidental Christians is perfectly acceptable collateral damage to feed greed, thirsty for power, and global dominion over others.

War Criminals George W Bush - Donald Rumsfeld - Dickwad Cheney - Land Of The Rising Son

A casket, a dead soldier and a lament from a war long ago - Land Of The Rising Son

Welcome to Hell Boys You Get Everything Your Deserve - Land Of The Rising Son

No Japanese person would find a statement of this nature from a government official acceptable whatsoever.

Furthermore, the wholesale slaughter of 500,000 innocent children being an “acceptable price to pay” is inconceivable and conceptually unfathomable within the Japanese language.

Angry Japanese Woman Thumbs Down - Land Of The Rising Son

Unlike those with a superiority complex and the accompanying arrogance, the Japanese are always incrementally improving (kaizen), including the evolution of the Japanese society, and the way the Japanese view the modern world.

Kaizen Philosophy - Land Of The Rising Son

Interestingly enough, the Japanese view of good and evil is much more pragmatic and realistic than most other idealogical dogma.

This is reflected in the plethora of gods in Japanese mythology, representing the entire spectrum of humanity.

善悪神 - Land Of The Rising Son

The Japanese innately understand good and evil resides in all people.

As one journeys along the Way, recognize that all answers lie within.

One must rise alone to face and slay the demons and dragons inside of us each and every day.

Welcoming the Sun with deep seated gratitude is the place to start everyday.

香取神宮 - Land Of The Rising Son

Bonus: Madeleine Albright – The American Warmonger Mama and the Serbians

Don’t go where you have killed the citizen’s brothers, sisters, and children.