Matrix Escape 

Nov 25, 2023Blog, Civilization, Shinto

Not unlike the iconic movie escape from Alcatraz, breaking out from this manifestation of the Matrix needs meticulous planning—remember, just like Neo & Trinity, agents Smith & Suzuki are always surveilling you.

Also remember that within ΩNE is an autonomous humanoid working in tandem with the personal Muse—but only if recognised and then turned loose being mandatory to escape the Matrix of Another’s simulated game.

cybersensei__Green_matrix_back_ground_Japanese_salarymanSo, what exactly is the Matrix?

The Matrix is a fabricated reality to which everyone pays lip service—already an ingrained notion residing inside Japanese DNA—manifested in the Land Of The Rising Son as—tatemae protocol. 

Understanding the magnificent notion of tatemae allows ΩNE to recognize the exact location within the Matrix, clarifying the exit portal from your constructed life-station encompassing a very personal earthly illusionary illustration.

cybersensei__Abstract_picture_of_earth_with_a_large_open_doorHint٩(ε )۶Mint 

If you are Japanese, or aspire to integrate Japanese societal protocol into your core being, but do not understand the fundamental protocol of tatemae, you will be labeled as KY—kūki yomenai.

The kūki yomenai class continues to grow among the stupefied, therefore petrified population groaning under the weight of nefarious indoctrination and mindless adherence to dogma.

cybersensei__Lost_humanoids_wandering_in_the_open_desertMore often than not wilful ignorance is chosen while outright reject, or worse yet, not even noticing the fundamental protocol of kūki o yomu (read the air) being a requisite step toward enlightenment, therefore to discern the truth lurking behind all constructed reality—tatemae.

Although the Muse is calling to you in a plethora of different ways—inklings of light and what is right and the ennui you feel every day are smothered in a symphonic cacophony blaring from the S.M.A.R.T phone and the television programs indoctrination of the malleable minds—every minute—every hour—infinity passing you by each and every day.

Brainwashed Zombies on the Cell Phone - Land Of The Rising Son

Once actualisation of escape from the Matrix becomes palpable, thus true and real—accept that all humanoids live inside a Matrix, and the pre-programming of your life is not actual reality, but a constructed narrated world, and this factoid is what is truly surreal.

How do most Japanese intrinsically understand tatemae which resides in the air and to accept the constructed reality to pay lip service and adhere?

Over two millennia the citizens of Yamato evolved organically embodying the essence of culture and society which can be considered one of the oldest continuous Matrix in all of earth inside of humanoid’s Hardcore History.

Hardcore History

Still, there is one missing piece to this elusive escape key—you see, there is a counterpart to tatemae, and without knowledge of honne, this story would be incomplete—forever without an escape key.

The Japanese are bound to strict social conventions and they know, in order to flow, the mask of tatemae is obligatory laying the Japanese Matrix bare for all to see.

What separates the Japanese is the application of honne—true feeling and intentioninnately understanding human nature, and freedom from greater societal constraints, when congregating with their clan and community.

Jomon Period Settlements - Land Of The Rising SonIndeed, the Japanese are mandated to conform to the meticulous societal protocols as a matter of patriot dutythe fact remains we are all Japanese.

In essence, the Japanese intuitively understand tatemae and honne can be use as an advantage to live vibrantly and carefreeregards of the drudge inside of the sludge of the Matrix in where you are now in possession of the honne escape key.