Meta-Cognition Master Timmothy

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Meta-Cognition Master Timmothy

Arguably Master Timmothy is the most important American to set foot in Japan since Commodore Perry in 1852.

Why is this so?

First and foremost, consider Master Timmothy as the Ultra-Master of Meta-Cognition, similar to Master Seth Godin, who is the Ultra-Master of Permission.

One could say Master Timmothy first steps to Meta-Mastery is when he encountered his first major Meta-Cognition Event when memorizing the Japanese Education Ministry’s Jōyō Kanji Hyō during his stay in Japan.

常用漢字表 - Land Of The Rising SonIn mandatory Japanese language education curriculum, there are 2,136 ideograms that must be studied by all students attending compulsory education in Japan.

In fact, a little know fact about this visionary samurai, is his international exchange experience as a high school student at Seikei Gakuen in Tokyo at the tender age of 15.

One could say this experience formulated a boy into a man who was destine to change the world in a profound way.

Not knowing what to expect when arriving in the Land Of The Rising Son, most certainly he was enchanted by the extraordinary contrast between his hometown Long Island and a city that changed his life forever, Tokyo.

Tokyo at Dusk - Land Of The Rising SonHere he memorized the Jōyō Kanji Hyō, and was infused with Ancient Wisdom, Samurai Spirit, and enlightened as to the magnitude of his destiny as the Master of Meta-Cognition.  

Master Ferriss returned to his homeland, the United States, taking with him the Japanese spirit, and creating some of the most extraordinary concepts along with guidebooks.

These seminal works will undoubtably have an influence deep into the future, while leaving an indelible footprint upon history.

Why is this so?

Master Ferriss is most well know for groundbreaking life hack manuals such as The 4-Hour Work Week (2007), and his high resolution works, The 4-Hour Body (2010), and The 4-Hour Chef (2012).

The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss - Land Of The Rising Son

Moreover, on his own quest to Mastery, he uses his extraordinary capacity to bring life-changing guides to the masses with such important works as Tools of Titans, where one can find amazing tools for personal edification and self improvement, or Tribe of Mentors, a gift from Master Ferriss so the common can pick the brains of the uncommon via this seminal work.

Now he is extending his powerful reach via his wildly popular podcast, The Tim Ferriss Show, which has been downloaded over 1 billion times.

The Tim Ferriss Show Podcast Cover - Land Of The Rising SonIn his award-winning podcast, he interviews a diverse range of guests such as the global icon of action movies, Arnold Schwarzenegger, deep-thinking neo-philosopher Nava Ravikant, and truth-teller Michael Pollen, author of such important books as This Is Your Mind On Plants, and the groundbreaking work, How To Change Your Mind.

Master Ferriss also uses this important platform to speak to literally millions of people about his own personal struggles with depression, thoughts of suicide, and other dark matters which accompany the entire spectrum of the human condition.

This is where he summons his Yamato-Damashi, offering guidance to his audience by describing personal accounts of his own human suffering.

Yamato Damashii - Land Of The Rising Sun

He has facilitates uncountable amounts of mental and physical healing via his work, which are reliable guides and offer clear and decisive directions when searching for, and then finding one’s own Way.

Along his healing journey, he happened to discovered the power of natural plant medicine.

True to his samurai spirit, and using his considerable financial resources, he has spearheaded research into the medicinal properties of psilocybin and MDMA.

Psilocybin Mushrooms Medicinal Research John Hopkins - Land Of The Rising Son

Master Timmothy organized half the $17 million in commitments and contributed more than $2 million of his own money for a new Johns Hopkins center.

This is where clinical research is being undertaken to gain a clear understanding and revealing the truth about these critical therapeutics. 

Master Ferriss embodies the spirit of a modern fearless samurai warrior, using his incredible fortitude, brilliant mind, and talent and resources for the betterment of humanity.

So, why is Master Timmothy Ferris the most important American to set foot in Japan since Commodore Perry in 1852?

Throughout his life work he has imbued millions of his tribe with a subtle sprinkling of the Japanese Way by virtue of memorizing the Japanese Education Ministry’s Jōyō Kanji Hyō, and learning Japanese during his formative year in Japan.

Perhaps one day soon again he will hear the Spirit of the Japanese calling him home, where he is destine to facilitate an awakening among the Japanese to the possibilities of Meta-Cognition, and the promise of healing the Japanese nation by applying the secrets contained within ancient medicine.

Tim Ferriss Come Back To Japan - Land Of The Rising SonTim Ferriss Japanese Archery - Land Of The Rising Son