One In One Out

Jun 15, 2024Blog, Civilization

The journey from West to East was mandated by Muse to facilitate the merging of two advanced civilizations, commanded to reanimate both into neo-societies inside the node of Civilization Three.

Survival mode has been described in tales yet untold, destined to include long-winded fables of splendidly conjured up tales, containing magnificent pithy grandeur in everlasting stories embodying the pinnacle of the verbose piffle of an innate gut feel, the real deal.

Play the hand you are givenCreate a constructed reality connecting emergent neo-societies currently populating the aforementioned Civilization Three—integrating the primordial Japanese protocol of ancestor exaltation with the magnificent, magnanimous intellectual legacy of masterminds Sir Isaac and his drinking buddy John Locke.Sir Isaac and his drinking buddy John Locke

Discover the reflection of Buddha fused onto the Way of Gods, setting the scene as paragons of Japanese flexibility—see the portal into ΩNE, leading to the nooks and crannies of Form Order Process, become a bonafide citizen of the neo-Yamato clan—it is in the second nature, the irrevocable instinctive feel to flow naturally.

Looks like the Japanese are on to something ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Depending upon the magnitude of the vibration throughout this oxygenated journey following the sun, there remains a distinct possibility of becoming a deity—don’t ask me ʅʃ it is in the rule book—look it up to decipher the meaning of serenity.

Make your own rule bookThe next critical question popping straight into inquiring flexible minds is: 

What exactly does it take to become the tutelar deity of a neo-clan?

Ascertaining the moral compass to guide the neo-clan is reflected in the foundational principles of the ancient family—what would the matriarch say if she saw you behaving that way (°_°)*

Muse with childrenRejecting a stern stare or wise admonishment from celestial grandparents for sleazy behavior and breach of etiquette signifies the end of your game—the rest of eternity is to be spent in a self-imposed purgatory, having abandoned your civil obligation to the constituency of Civilization Three.

The power to deify our own neo-clan deity is a reflection of the magnanimous magnificence of Lawrence Joseph Filiatrault’s radiant legacy.

Lawrence Joseph Filiatrault - June 15, 1935 ~ April 5, 2022 - Land Of The Rising SonHe, along with Maggie May, created an exemplary example of societal guidelines to emulate around the journey following the sun.

Our beloved tutelar deity setting the precedent—his 86 years around the Sun sets the primary example of how to live in legitimate authenticity.

The significance of his mortal journey determined the eminence of the celestial ascent—one foot in this mortal plane—the other reaching into infinity—he was then somewhat surprised when he realized he had become our neo-clan’s beloved tutelar deity.

Lawrence Joseph Filiatrault the tutelar deity of Kizuna Jinjaー絆神社の氏神フィリアトロー・ローレンス

The salient question to ask while embracing the day is about the pending eulogy, the qualities of the newly minted deity on full display—what will the mourners say—edify our tutelar deity to laud his philosophy of the life that he embodied along his merry way.

The divine story embedded inside Japanese mythology allows for a whimsical whisper of smoke and mirrors, inside the vast expanse of the multiverse, in fact, the reality of the tutelar deity is now considered as the beginning of infinity.

万物無限All gods reside as an embodiment of the Japanese notion of ban butsu—life in all things—to the Japanese, life is an infinite synergistic game of simulation systems.

Realistically, god and the presence of the divine tutelar deities are not some outlandish conjured up fantasy—feel the spirit of this distinctive type of energy permeating the Land of the Gods—the Japanese have created their own mythology an ephemeral constructed reality for the creation of important tutelar deities. 

One foot in Earth, the other inside the Sun, Amaterasu welcoming the newly minted tutelar deity, an infinitely kind hearted citizen, reflected in the enshrinement of human kindness into the Shrine of Kizuna「絆神社」signifying the initiation of the age of neo-clans, the constitution of Form Order Process—the foundation of Civilization Three.

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