Personalized Solar Farm

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Personalized Solar Farm

Often one is still amazed and impressed with the efficiency of many things in Japan.

Putting in a lot of thought about a solar array after the typhoons (now known as Megaphoons), in September of 2019, knocked out a large swath of our prefectures electricity for a full 3 days in this area, and in some other cases for weeks.

Blackout in September 2019

Searching for a solution, the good witch of the house (read about her magic here), came across SymEnergy after an internet search.

Boy did Lady Fortuna ever show up!

Lady Fortuna

The personal solar farm journey started with the first visit to our residence by a very handsome, buff young gentleman.

He gave a concise presentation in layman’s terms about what we could expect if engaging their company.

This impeccable presentation also included a satellite map of the house, with the prospective solar array already mapped onto the roof.

After another couple of visits by the very handsome, buff young gentleman to finalize the contract, it was off to the races.

The installation day arrived and everything was planned to the tee.

It took 5 people a very long day, without any breaks, from morning till far into the night to install the solar system.

It was also very inspiring to see 2 young Vietnamese workers on the crew alongside the 3 Japanese. Seeing these young men working in this good paying job to create a better life for their families back in Vietnam leaves one hopeful.

This discussion is not only about the highly efficient and most excellent service brought by SymEnergy, but the incredible technology, which is now available to the common citizens of Japan.

First of all, electricity prices vary in Japan depending on peak electricity usage.

Also keep in mind, grid electricity cannot be retained, as it flows like the current of a river, so one must scoop up these frisky protons and electrons as they flows their precious life into our incredible modern society.

Japanese Civilization with the kamakura great buddha

The installed solar system works like this:

In the middle of the night, when electricity prices are at the very cheapest, the beloved solar system charges the battery while powering the house using grid electricity.

When the sun comes out in the morning, not only does our shared star shine her life giving rays upon all of us, she also beams…electricity.

This is when the most excellent solar system starts to power the house using one’s personal solar array, all the while selling excess electricity back to the power company when the electricity is at its most expensive.

It is during the expensive peak usage time when the solar array kicks in, and if necessary, calls upon his buddy the battery for support on the gloomier, and more drab days.

cloudy Japanese day

One of the most excellent things about the battery buddy is in times of power outages.

This is where the solar array generates the necessary electricity throughout the day, with the battery buddy lending a hand as necessary.

Solar Farm Battery

What’s not to like about this?

Even more happily, there was a government grant program to install this solar array, and a nice little healthy sum came back from the government.

I would like to sincerely thank the Japanese government for printing loads and loads of fiat currency to support programs like these.

Japanese 5000 yen 2024 Aunty Umeko Tsuda

Interestingly enough, the government often has programs like this to support the citizens of Japan as we continue to advance our civilization.

For example, we got money back from the government when we neutered and spaded our 5 cats, thanks to the government  for that.

But I digress.

Lest we lose our way, one can not ignore nor deny that in order for humanity to continue the advancement of civilization, the means of generating electricity up until this point in time are not going away any time soon.

Indeed, one must always be thankful to live in this age, as all grow in mindfulness of how we must live in harmony with humanity’s very best friend…electricity.

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