Really Scary Ghosts

Nov 30, 2019

Really Scary Ghosts

One attended a high school cultural festival and was highly intrigued by the haunted house assembled by the one of the grade 12 classes.

Now the difference between the Western ghosts and goblins and the spirits of the dead Japanese is profound.

This difference was made clear, oh so very clear after entering the haunted house, and at first there was a dead fisherman.

Drowning while angling in the stormy seas of Japan, this unfortunate fisherman was bubbling and gurgling, all the while complaining about the poor fishing.

Okay, so not really all that scary per se, but a fairly realistic example of a distressed ghost, and a harbinger of things to come, in this incredible haunted house.

Speaking of a distressed ghost, and what prompted this post, is the dead young mother holding her blood dead baby imploring me to “Please hold my baby.”

Maybe it was the realistic bloody white maternity smock, or the thought of this incredible unfortunate and distraught mother who died during child birth, along with the her baby, that left me deeply shocked and impressed.

This was the year my then, 8 year-old daughter went to Canada, and it happened to be around Halloween.

Myself already having returned to the Land Of The Rising Son, I left my daughter in the care of my warm and fuzzy Canadian earth mother.

I though it would be fun for one’s mother and daughter to replicate the dead mother and the dead baby for a meaningful Halloween costume.

Needless to say, this excellent suggestion was vetoed by Grandmother as she said “We don’t want to freak out the neighbourhoods”.

A drag to say the least, as who wouldn’t want such a thoughtful costume to really get into the spirit of Halloween and go trick or treating.

Imagine dear reader, opening your door on Halloween night to the sight of a 8-year old in a bloody smock with a dead baby imploring you to:

“please hold my baby”