See All You Can Be

Feb 17, 2024Blog, Inspiration

Seeing is believing—or—believing is seeing ʅ)ʃ

For those of left brain persuasion and of a deeply practical nature, ‘seeing is believing’ is the order of the day.

A most pragmatic notion accompanied by many other fine traits embedded in the left-brained brethren such as: logic, focus, and linear thinking the inborn nature—serving a very practical purpose, which more often than not, is described as realistically—indeed, by birthright all are immersed in earthly Material Sludge wandering timeless days ephemerally.
Wandering in Material SludgeWhy not choose to tune into different frequencies, this path leads to existence inside ΩNE—frolicking inside the deepest frequency the conviction of ‘believing is seeing( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Alas, for those destined to live within the confines of this monotonous mono-plain—the world of the ΩNE super-conscious being is undetectable by the five fragile senses of frail human-beings.

Particularly, the highly erratic macroscopic inspection—only reveals an illusion inside self-delusion, detected and manifested as ‘real’—the pettiness of humanoid’s monotone bandwidth, decrepit and very frail, in circumspect retrospect the ‘seeing is believing’ scenario has been deemed highly suspect—earning a fat F, a genuine hard fail.

This is a failPolishing the sensitivity of errant emerging beings is the first step to detect the immense scale of the frequencies endlessly streaming through the 5.1-Surround Sound System gifting ΩNE life-giving energy infinitely—faith and belief the constituents of this mysterious key—unlock the essence of the meaning—See All You Can Be.

The first deviation from preconditioned norms and innately experiencing different frequencies was to have stumbled upon my first friend—who also happened to be Japanese—forever connecting Amaterasu, the Mother of ΩNE who dwells inside the Chrysanthemum Palace radiating forth from our beloved Sun.

Launching this wandering boy into an exploratory journey—for some mysterious reason she chose her earthly resident of no fixed abode or address entreating him to Follow The Sun—forever intensely exploring the uncanny Nooks and Crannies of emergent Civilization Three—Japan and the meaning of becoming ΩNE.

Ephemeral Dreams InfinityBreaking through to the other side—identify pretences of constructed reality—to face the truth as described to you by your personal Muse for use as an idiosyncratic lifestyle guide.

A gift from the Sun to all humanoids installed with the super-consciousness program flowing into ΩNE—the essence of being alive, a roadmap to thrive on a stardust voyage through this infinite void—a pico-blip inside the abstract supposition of the untraceable concept called Time.

Vanishing candle of infinite yesterdays, now reflected in exhausted eyes—the final earthly tears wiped away and dried—the ending scene drawing to a close as you wish Mother Earth a fond final farewell—the chemical matrix of your earthly makeup dissolving and resolving into ΩNE.
The end of life and the beginning of dreams Dreams Intentionally accessing emergent frequencies represents the ultimate act of Love toward the greater Clan, becoming the change in the frequency’s chemistry as a conduit propagating Universal Love.

To manifest something into reality, you must first believe in the possibilities of creating new paradigms of progress, building upon the resilience enshrined in the Universal Constitution, brought to you by the Japanese, the curators of Civilization Three.

Futuristic Japan

Truthfully, each day is composed of Personal Choices—either way, this might not be the right day to spread your wings and fly away, starting a personal journey into ΩNE on this auspicious day.

Leave the prospect of deathbed regret behind and listen to the voice of your Muse, understanding that what she is asking of you is sublime.

Rise above the mundane with guidance from inside—join this game of mortal human existence with the notion of life in flux, and to embrace change from within.

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