Swift Water Polishes Rough Stone

May 25, 2019

Swift Water Polishes Rough Stone

Adversity, failure, fear, stress, and uncertainty keeps us from changing life’s direction to a more fulfilling and meaningful direction.

I know for me this is always a constant challenge.

In the times I am lacking confidence, afraid, and even disoriented, it is imperative to always keep in mind that these adversity and failure are only things that will strengthen you, make you better, and move you toward your desired life.

Or, they will defeat you and your destiny, and offer you a life of unfulfilled dreams and continuing discontent, and even in many cases, malice toward others for your own failings.

Even in the more mundane aspect of ordinary life, such as bickering with the spouse about trivial matters, to more serious matters such as a business collapsing or going through a divorce after 23 years of marriage, this uncomfortable friction not only have an important place for your own personal growth, but are absolutely necessary for a life of forward motion, and a sense of fulfillment and destiny.

As we go through life, and if we embrace adversity and failures which are inevitable, we can come out the other side more powerful as an individual, and a strengthened spouse, parent, business partner and friend.

Always keep the following in mind: Swift Water Polishes The Rough Stone