Welcome Mat

Jun 22, 2024Blog, Education

The proverbial doormat with an encouraging message signals a welcoming environment with the default to goodwill expressed as innate humanity.

Diversity and inclusiveness was stated on the well-worn welcome mat, signaling the neo-clan’s hereditary gregarious magnanimity.

Alas, things are not what they seem when raised somewhat naïve—you are your brother’s keeper—or so we were led to believe—native Occxie indoctrination, now considered as a treatable disease.

Fat American Japanee doctorA noble notion, to say the least, but the world shows glaring holes in the mismatch between ideal and real.

Once upon a time, in a distant land, on a faraway planet called Japan, the glowing tonsured pate of this Incidental Occxie attracted a plethora of biological configurations, seeking their fortune in this ancient land.

The spectrum of humanity arriving as stranger has left distinctive stains on the Welcome Mat of this humble door—WARNING—the Welcome Mat contains punitive fine print buried inside draconian Terms of Service—embedded deep inside the notion of an unconditional Welcome Mat manifesting Grace at the main gate of Kizuna Jinja絆神社

Lawrence Joseph Filiatrault the tutelar deity of Kizuna Jinjaー絆神社の氏神フィリアトロー・ローレンスThis is where the story takes a much more pragmatic turn, pushing a perennial sucker into a cold, harsh, stark, dark, visceral reality of the evolving Welcome Mat, nature of a particular mammalian species, and the updated notion of connection transfusing Muse’s nectar to each other’s neo-anthropology soul.

Whipped up a gourmet evening meal including A-5 wagyu steak, a variety of delicacies prepared with tender loving care.

A warm bed, a traditional Western breakfast, yet an abject twat from Down Under, slandered a dear friend and faithful morning companion; coffee as not only mediocre but subpar.

This marked the end of the unvetted Welcome Mat, and guests who bring rude parasitical friends.Fat AUZs not welcomeThose whose life philosophy lacks gratitude and when necessary, offering up a banal platitude, would have been the correct posture and official procedure.

Unfortunately, this piss-poor attitude seems to be some kind of cultural programming, an unpleasant aspect embedded within the primordial nature of the grand human scheme of things.

Heartfelt, genuine hospitality turned into simmering hostility, as Maggie May pointed out so saliently: house guests are like fish; they start to stink after day three.

After being chided by Muse to become more deeply aware of the nature of humans, to ascertain what people without dreams look like—no original thoughts, no original schemes—all they can do is repeat what is on TV.

Television ZombiesThe Welcome Mat is now a strategic tool, extending a hearty welcome to those who possess vision and emotional fortitude.

Those who choose their own theme, marching to the beat of their own drummer, while keeping in mind—this ephemeral biological manifestation, described by the dystopian visionary Aldous Huxley, is not to blame for anyone’s life in a flamboyant existential flame—you must choose to fly counterintuitively toward the fire in the belly of the proverbial beast—this is the nature of the Material Sludge game *\(^o^)/*

The most extraordinarily magnificent of themes is fathoming a predetermined destiny of a pre-recorded effervescent kaleidoscope of socially constructed mythology.

Umero Framed as the 温厚知新親分肌The tutelary deity spirits embody the essence of neo-clan—the manifestation of strategically placed biological avatars of the phantasmagorical shapeshifter kind—rulers of the ultraviolet spectrum of Yamato Japan.

The neo-clan affiliation protocol has now shifted out of the biological avatars’ control—let Muse flow—her subliminal juice enlightening infinite neural pathways inside the nooks and crannies of trustworthy societies populated by wayward old souls and those who follow the sun.

Japanese civil society all it can beWelcome Mat protocol of the mushrooming neo-community clans in the Age of Shingo神悟is the preliminary stage where you and Muse get your story straight—known as—reconfiguration of fickle ways.

The infinite odyssey in the unseen worlds in the age of Shingo starts with the daily dose of natto routine, signifying commencement of the journey as ΩNE—embodied in the tenets described in the Declaration of Interdependence, the catalyst of a Constitutional Merger—building Civilization Three into ΩNE.

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