Whose Movie

Sep 23, 2023Blog, Inspiration

Look upon life as a movie, recognizing the importance of breathing in the full spectrum of an idiosyncratic motion-picture presentation.

Consider this a perfect working title—What The Phack I Done With My Life—a friendly reminder to those who have come to the cheerless realization—life is a movie whetherå you like it or not—ΩNE must observe the world as an unambiguous reflection, mirroring the choices accumulated throughout your material life.

Realizing the plot of the movie, and your role in the film would be the first step to understanding the meaning of life, and for those who dare to care, become the star, producer, and director of a very intimate and stylized Truman Show.

truman show movie poster

Upon entry into earth’s atmosphere, a phenomena known as the pecking order protocol initiates ingrained human genetics—roles as younger and older siblings, or that of an only child assigned.

During the initial stage of cultural indoctrination, the maiden role is usually as a support player, there is the omnipresent mammalian instinct is to be a follower, and not of that of a benevolent leader.

Unfortunately, the initial role assigned by happenstance is never questioned, thus unequivocally accepted—becoming the de facto self-imposed Lot In Life.

Hard Work and the lot in life

Here it is imperative to understand and internalize the misnomer of the age old adage—blood is thicker than water—it is not.

The actual meaning of Clan is that of a syndicated polyphonic partnership pointing in the same direction—these harmonics are the unequivocal hallmark of those who have taking the initiative, trust Form Order Process, and follow the Way of the Sun.

Truly, the option to upgrade ΩNE’s own role in the show has only become available to the populace in recent decades, thanks to the incredible advancement based upon the Age of Reason—what’s not to love about this?


Excuses are equivalent to having consciously embraced ignorance, or admit to inertia and mental sloth—ultimately the final nail in the coffin for all seeking a very personal biography, written in the style of Infinity.

Along with drawing your last breath in the final act comes a stark realization—your life a faded reflection, a faceless extra, and a very useful idiot in someone else’s low budget forgettable B-movie.

Aspiring to star in a massive blockbuster big-budget movie is never necessary—all memorable cinema has consequential supporting players—a powerful cast can only enhance the standing of each actor and amplify the calibre of each player.

The cast supports the production and each is equally as important

The spectrum of possibilities allows a massive amount of creative leeway, arousing your personal account, a most intimate script, starring in your own film, the rights and ownership belonging exclusively to you.

Here in Japan, the movie protocol is already woven into the societal threads of obligation and mutual dependency evolving into Civilization 3.0—the movie in which all Japanese and Others who happen to live here appear.

Fundamentally, Japanese reality is built upon the notion of everyone playing their assigned roles according to strict hierarchical societal protocol.

18th-century mebina, Empress doll

These peculiar protocols call for adroit skill to implement layers upon layers of the uniquely ubiquitous Japanese mask—ΩNE only has to look to the ancient tradition of the Yamato Nation to know from where the Japanese have come.

Judging the Japanese as a mysterious race is a common misrepresentation of their true nature.

In order to fully understand the Way of the Japanese, it is obligatory to read, write, and speak their language at an advanced level, and there is no escape from this austere reality, try it for yourself, if you don’t believe me.

To the uninitiated, the Japanese appear to be trapped into highly specific societal silos, and on the surface this may seem real, but as all things in Japan, things are simply not this way, and over time in a matter of course, will be fully revealed.

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