Ichigo Ichie ~ Once In A Life Time

Oct 19, 2019

Ichigo Ichie ~ Once In A Life Time

The beauty of the Japanese language never fails to take the breath away.

Ichigo Ichie: just only one chance in a life-time;

An interpretation of this exquisite four-character compound is:

One meeting, one opportunity―this concept from the Way of Tea regards every encounter as a unique opportunity of a lifetime, or in general, of treasuring each passing moment in order to live meaningfully.

One treats each moment as a unique event in ones own space and time.

Each meeting is unique and each moment special, and becomes a part of who we are.

Every day is full of Ichigo Ichie events; for example, while walking in solitude and see a heron taking flight from the rice paddies.

When one recognizes the beauty of this once-in-a-lifetime event, then one will have started to understand the true and deeper meaning of Ichigo Ichie.

Indeed, you and I dear reader, are now having an Ichigo Ichie event as you read this.

One wrote this post for the purpose of having a once in a life time unique encounter with you the dear reader and this will only last one fleeting moment, the time that it takes for you to read this post.

Wake each day and live with the intent of Ichigo Ichie, and you will find yourself closer to understanding the Japanese mind and the Japanese way.