Natto: Soul Food Of Japan

Apr 18, 2020

Natto: Soul Food Of Japan

Stinky, Slimy, Savoury, Succulent and So On…

One get a mixed reaction from many of the Japanese, and uniform abhorrence of this miracle food from foreigners.

A quick side note: Among the Japanese, Japan is refereed to as East Japan and West Japan (thus JR East and JR West). Which at first may seem confusing as when you look at a map of Japan, one would think North and South.

No dear reader, the are the Japanese at it again, thinking about things their own way.

But I digress.

Generally speaking our Japanese brothers and sisters from West Japan, also dislike natto, not quite as much as, but almost as much, as our foreign counterparts.

Some of the things that might come to mind when you first try this miracle food is wow, this smells like soiled baby diapers, or, oh my gosh, the texture in my mouth is just like sucking on a garden slug, it’s so very slimy.

But do not despair dear reader, as once you get past those two significant barriers, you will find a mouth full of joy, unlike any other.

Who would’ve ever thought the lowly soybean would turn out to be an important, and very healthy staple of the Japanese diet?

Natto is commonly eaten as a breakfast foods, and consists of fermented soy beans.

The soy beans are mixed with the bacterium Bacillus subtilis, as known as nattō-kin in Japanese.

If you’ve never heard of this miracle food yet, you have been missing out on something quite important!

The significant health benefit of natto can not be understated.

In particular, the overall health of ones all-important gut bacteria, which benefits greatly from the almighty nattō-kin.

Here are some secrets to whipping up a slimy delectable delight for morning dinning pleasure and ones health and longevity.

Always, start by adding a small amount of vinegar, make sure you use high quality apple cider vinegar!

This allows the natto to become very foamy before adding any of the next following ingredients as you see fit.

Other ingredients:
Hemp Hearts
Fresh Garlic
Fresh Ginger
Egg Yolk

I like to layer the natto onto rice and take a piece of nori, dip it in soy sauce, and make a small elegant piece of sushi. Delicious!

There you have it.

One has now started an incredible natto journey, and, as one continues the never ending quest for mental, physical, and spiritual health and longevity, one has now found an important ally with natto.

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