Episode 1: Welcome to Japan

Over 30 years ago a young man came from the West as a stranger to the enigmatic nation of Japan. Very quickly I was intrigued by this extraordinary society, the people, and their exceptional way of life.

As we all know, life is full of peaks and valleys, and mine is no exception. I have always, embraced personal development and through these important, life changing, and wisdom inducing exercises, I have come to some profound realization and I would like to share with you, the listener, some of the unusual and meaningful stories gathered up in my more than 3 decades living in Japan.

My desire is for you, the listener, through engaging with the Land Of The Rising Son podcast to gain new insights, self-realization and deeper meaning in your own life.

For some background information about the name of the podcast: Japan has historically been called Land Of The Rising Sun. Using the homonym “son”, I find myself like the sun, in that no matter what, I get up every day. And I don’t just mean getting up, but showing up day after day and facing the challenges of life; Like learning to read Japanese. This is indeed what has given my life meaning.

As we all need a little encouragement going about our daily lives, my hope is this podcast will show you our world from a Japanese point of view, brought to you humbly from the Land Of The Rising Son.