Reason For Being

Jun 27, 2020

Ikigai is the Japanese concept meaning—a reason for being.

Ikigai refers to having a direction or purpose in life, making life worthwhile, and to take spontaneous and willing actions giving satisfaction, and a sense of meaning to life.

Ikigai consists of  iki (to live [生き]) and gai (reason[甲斐]).

This elegant concept is deeply rooted in the Japanese Waydescribed in a blog post entitled: Finding One’s Way.

Ikigai can be describe as having a sense of purpose in life, as well as being motivated.

Internalizing the concept of ikigai leads to happiness and well-being, and ikigai entails the important intent and actions of devoting oneself to pursuits one enjoys, and is associated with feelings of accomplishment and fulfilment.

Indeed, understanding ikigai will lead to ΩNE’s own fulfilment, as all search for, and discover the meaning to one’s own life.

For certain, you can serve yourself by understanding and internalizing this significant Japanese concept.

Have you found you ikigai?

If not quite yet, keep looking, as it is sure to be there.