Shoten: Laugh Point

Feb 22, 2020

Shoten: Laugh Point

There is a very interesting and long running TV program that has been running since May 15, 1966, called laugh point (shoten).

Old Shoten Picture 笑点

In fact, the show has been going so long that I am on my 3rd host since coming to Japan. They don’t quit the job, they quit when they die. Now if that isn’t dedication to ones craft then nothing is.

My wife and I always, have this time together to have a good laugh to end up of the week every Sunday evening at 17:30.

This show is very amusing, but difficult to understand as they often use old Japanese. Sharp wit, a tart tongue, and insulting other members is all part of the fun and entertainment. Great for those studying Japanese and at level where they can dig into some finer nuances of the Japanese language. Try it you might get hooked.

The MC offers up scenarios and the 6 rakugo story tellers, all dressed in different colour kimono come up with jokes, puns, and insults to tickle the funny bone of the Japanese. There are lots of running gags and they like to pick on the zabuton (cushion) boy.

Okay, so what is the cushion boy? If the story teller makes a particular funny joke, the MC direct the zabuton (cushion) boy to bring a cushion to add to their pile. On the other hand, if the jokes is a groaner, then the MC will order one of the zabuton away. The first rakugo story teller to accumulate 10 zabuton is the winner but no one ever makes it to 10, thus a long, very long running TV series.

I am so glad have a great sense of humour having it rubbed off onto me from my very funny, if not somewhat prickly grandad, and finding no matter what, one has to have several laughs every day as essential food for your heart and soul, and that is my laugh point today,