Sir, You Have No Hair

Jun 8, 2019

Sir, You Have No Hair

Continuing my theme of no hair on this week’s blog post. The funniest thing happen to me just the other day, and I couldn’t be more tickled.

Celebrating my son’s 26th birthday, and the arrival of his friend from the UK to Japan, went to our favorite Yakiniku place (yakiniku is “fried meat). This is one of those unique places that has a very family atmosphere run by a couple. This particular couple never smiles and seems like they’re crabby, but, I don’ actually think they are crabby, just stoicism and resignation to their lot of running this most delicious yakiniku shop.

On my way to the restroom, I saw a lovely family of 4 children and a dad vigorously frying meat on their open grill in the middle of the table. The mothers were sitting at a different table, I am sure happy to take a break and let dad take care of the kids while they eat their yakiniku in peace.

I said to the children of course in Japanese, “isn’t it great that you’re with your dad having family time together?”

At first the children are little shocked that such fluent Japanese was coming out of the white man’s mouth. Then, a little girl who must’ve been all of six years old chimed in “sir you don’t have any hair”. I can’t help but laugh at this true statement from a six-year-old making a regular observation.

“You are absolutely right”, I replied reply to her instantly, “but even though I don’t have any hair, I’m still handsome right?”.

She agreed, and this delightful interaction was finished.

I’m sure this family has some interesting things to talk about on their way home from the Yakiniku place.

I have to admit, it was very refresh, to have this girl telling me frankly and without reservation “sir, you don’t have any hair”.