Snow Monkeys Of Hell’s Valley

Jan 15, 2020

Snow Monkeys Of Hell’s Valley

An incredible natural phenomena is happening in the Land Of The Rising Son as we traveled to one of the largest prefectures and Japan, Nagano.

By the way, Nagano is mostly know for hosting the 1998 Winter Olympics.

We made our way over the mountain trail to see the wild snow monkeys (wild Japanese macaques) bathing in the hot springs, and we were truly intrigued along with many other visitors at this incredible spot.

As we were observing these incredibly resilient animals, I couldn’t help but wonder, if it is actually us which are the ones in the zoo.

Official Snow Monkey Home Page

If you ever get a chance, please go to visit the Wild Snow Monkeys of Hell’s Valley.

Snow Monkeys Grooming In The Hot Spring

PS: This particular prefecture is also where I have my very first taste of horse meat, both raw (soy sauce and garlic), and cooked on a hibachi decades ago now. Excellent, it was.