Sobataka Jinja Moustache Festival

Feb 2, 2020

Sobataka Jinja Moustache Festival

Every year near our house there is a very interesting, if not somewhat bizarre festival ,which takes place at a historic shrine, Sobataka Jinja.

This shrine was established in year eighteen of the Jinmu-tennō reign, which began in 660 BCE. Keep in mind Jinmu-tennō is said to be a descendent of not only our cherished Sun Goddess Amaterasu, but of the Storm God Susanoo as well.

Pray to the Shinto Gods

Just to give you some perspective this is 2,532 years ago.

The name of the festival is higenadematsuri (literally stroking the whiskers festival), it takes place on the second Sunday every January.

The festival was established to honour the great Japanese Samurai Minamoto No Yoritomo of the Kamakura Era (1185 – 1333), who happened to wear a moustache

Minamoto No Yoritomo was the founder and the first shōgun of the Kamakura shogunate of Japan. He ruled from 1192 until 1199

Back to the festival.

There are two rival teams, and one of these teams puts on a fake moustache.

They then proceed to have a drinking contest.

Pouring Sake Video Here

They count how many (large) cup of sake the teams consume, and they count the number of sake cups drank by putting long bamboo sticks with pieces of fish on the end into a bamboo vessel.

Some of these guys drink 7 or 8 cups (large) until one side gives up.

These ladies gave me amazake.

In the video below He says, “these guys are now working on cup (large) number 5.

Drinking Contest Video Here

Please come and join us here in the Land Of The Rising Son on the second Sunday of January and you can enjoy this incredible spectacle as one of your many unique experience in Japan.