Start From The Beginning Again

May 11, 2019

Start From The Beginning Again

It took around 15 years to complete these three books, and at the beginning it was start and stop—does this sound all too familiar? 

Upon completion of these highly challenging books, it seemed there should be some kind of cause for celebration—there was, momentarily.

Then, it came, in a cold and stark realization, the deeper language journey had only just begun.

difference-between-fate-and-destiny - Land Of The Rising Son

A life long practice to be sure, and that is the simple allure of challenging yourself each and every day.

A daily practice certainly make way for new and deeper insight to come and make life meaningful—navigating this turbulent world as the sovereign individual faces down the demons and dragons that confront each of us as we forge the way.

Be who you want to be right now commit to yourself each morning every day.

Clarity Over Time - cybersensei - Land Of The Rising Son