The Compound Effect

Jul 13, 2019

The Compound Effect

Darren Hardy wrote an important book called the Compound Effect.

I think we all have a natural instinct as to what the compound effect is, but don’t realize the importance of this concept.

So what exactly is the “compound effect”?

The Compound Effect is about the impact of everyday decisions on your life and the personal growth that comes with doing something every day, and compounding that effect.

Really, it’s kind of like going to the gym isn’t it?

Going is not really all that much fun, or for some people is fun.

For me however, not so much: it’s like a chore that needs to be done to live a healthy second half of my life.

So, I go to the gym now.

Furthermore, my wife threatened to take away my gym membership if I didn’t go at least twice a week.

So, I go to the gym now, at least twice a week.

Looking back, if I would’ve read this influential book years ago, my Japanese language ability would be different today.

But you know what they say, “every thousand mile journey starts with the first step” I am glad to have decide to read the Compound Effect 7 years ago, and took the information to heart and more importantly acted on it.

I study reading and writing Japanese every day, even if only for 15 minutes, this really has a positive effect on my Japanese language skills, and I find myself at much different and interesting level than even two months ago.

So the question for us all is; what are we compounding in our own lives?

Have a look and see what you are compounding every day, and indeed what you are not compounding every day.

And then the final question is; To compound (good habits) or not to compound (bad habits)?

PS: Be aware, beware, and never ever forget; negative habits compound in all probability much, much faster than good ones!