The Power Of Curiosity

Jul 27, 2019

The Power Of Curiosity

I read an interesting quote in my Japanese study application by Einstein in the “Wise Saying” section.

He said, “I don’t have any particular talents, but have an extraordinarily curious mind.

Now I would never put myself in the same category as Albert Einstein; however, I feel a deep affinity for this statement.

I’ve never really looked upon myself as anything other than just an ordinary citizen of Mother Earth. However, the same as dear Albert, I have an extraordinarily curious mind.

So, let’s start with some things I was never curious about whatsoever:

Boring school subjects.
Droning teachers disseminating pointless information for rote memorization.
Redneck school yard bullies (also know as hosers).

What was far more enlightening and something worthier of my curiosity were classical music concerts my mother took me to when I was a child. Instilling me with a deep love for music all my life.

I also found the encyclopedia Britannica to be of particular interest, I loved to read about different countries, and see them on a map, and read about these fascinating and far away places.

I appreciated having these excellent books in my house Thanks Mom and Dad!

Moreover, I’ve always held a deep respect and love for Japan from early childhood, as my best friend was a third-generation Japanese boy. We were best buddies until they moved away. And, I’ll always remember the wonderful ski trips I had with this wonderful family; me, and five Japanese in a Datsun 510.

Thank you so much to the Ogino family for taking me skiing.

My father also sold Datsun in the early 70s. He had the opportunity to visit Japan as a guest of Datsun (now Nissan). Boy did he ever come back grinning from ear to ear. This was in 1970 and Japanese was still relatively closed to foreigner. Knowing the hospitality of the Japanese company as I do, I am certain my father had the experience of his life the first time he was here in Japan. He came to Japan again and again, and was always so impressed by the kindness and and good will toward him from the Japanese.

Imagine my father driving up from Vancouver to my home town in central British Columbia in a Datsun 240Z.

Now, if you’re not curious about a Datsun 240Z when you’re 8 years old, perhaps you would never be curious about anything at all.

He brought home chop sticks and chopsticks rests as a souvenir from Japan, and taught us how to use them properly. He said that one of the general managers from Datsun taught him the proper way to use chopsticks. Thanks for the chopstick lesson Dad.

I have to chuckle when Japanese people compliment me on my impeccable chopstick technique. I return their compliment and let them know just how impressed I am with their fork, knife, and spoon technique as well. Always good for a laugh; try it next time.

Having this formative background made me all the more curious about Japan, and when I was 23 years old, jumped at the chance to come to the Land Of The Rising Son and experience this incredible country firsthand for all of my adult life.

I guess if I would have never been curious, I wouldn’t have bothered to come to Japan, and live this unique life, as a stranger living amongst the Japanese.

I remain very curious about many things even to this day, and as I walks through life in the Land Of The Rising Son, I’m going to continue to sate my insatiable curiosity, again and again.

You might want to ask yourself; what am I curious about today?