Japanese Radio Calisthenics

Aug 24, 2019

Japanese Radio Calisthenics Every Day

My wife (also known as The Big Girl), and I normally started our day with the Japanese radio calisthenics program: Known in Japanese as rajio taisō.

The rajio taisō was introduced to Japan in 1928 as a commemoration of the coronation of Emperor Hirohito, now posthumously know as Showa.

The rajio taisō is used at schools as a warm up for physical education classes, during sports day activities, and by many companies, as a way of building morale and a sense of group unity, as well as to raise energy levels and encourage good health and longevity.

The first time I witnessed this was at a major chemical factory, with all of the workers outside exercising in unison.

How strange is this, I thought to myself!

After memorizing rajio taisō dai ichi, I found doing this as a daily routine has really made me much more supple in many ways, including mentally.

The rajio taisō we use every day includes rajio taisō dai ichi, then a great neck stretch in the middle (The Big Girl and I face each other and hold hands which makes it a good bonding session as well), and finally rajio taisō dai ni, to cap the session off, coming in at manageable 7 minutes and 46 seconds.

If you really apply yourself, this is truly an awesome stretch, try it.

Japanese women have the longest life expectancy in the world at 86.8 years, and then the smoking and drinking (salary) men coming in at a respectable 6th place at 80.5 years of age.

I can’t help but to think the wonderful traditional Japanese diet of seafood, vegetables, and rice has something to do with this.

I also understand doing rajio taisō daily leads to the long, happy, and healthy life.

Here is the radio exercise we use (Best Radio Tasiso Here).

I suggest one works this into ones schedule every day.

As one does so, one can also be thankful to one’s own-self for caring about oneself and one’s loved ones, as one and one’s loved ones do the Japanese Radio calisthenics each and every day for health and longevity.