Japanese telepathy: i shin den shin

Jun 29, 2019

Japanese telepathy:

i shin den shin

Coming from Zen Buddhism, this is a state where two parties need not language spoken or written to communicate between their heart for mutually unspoken understanding.

i shin den shin is still a fundamentally unknown concept to the occidental mind; however, it is an ingrained Japanese cultural phenomena unparalleled anywhere, and has been woven into the fabric of the Japanese DNA over the millennia, there is no doubt.

Originally, this four-character compound “i shin den shin” was meant to convey from the Zen Buddhist master to the disciple’s mind, the essence of Buddhist law not expressed in words or letters.

“I will convey to your heart with all my heart”

two hearts

Another way you could describe “i shin den shin” is:

Understanding the unspoken social conventions of Japanese society and adhere to them.

Indeed, perhaps the Japanese themselves do not really even know it is there; but it is there, nonetheless.

Again this mysterious phenomenon is not really something the majority of the occidentals can begin to fathom.

One must live here and understand how to read the air “kuki wo yomu”, which is an actual Japanese expression.

Sometimes those less aware of the feelings of other are often describe someone who “can not read the air”, or KY.

For a deeper insight into the roots of “i shin den shin” check out the incredible Zen Buddhist monk Thích Nhất Hạnh here.