Be Another Day

Dec 30, 2023Blog, Culture

Ohayogozaimasu—welcome to a new beginning once again.

At this point inside life’s daily stew—it is entirely up to you—pep-up, step-up to be another day.

Indeed, resetting the frequency is a daily requirement after awaking—love the dawn, it is the way.

Turn mundane morning routines from a humdrum procedure into a meditative ritual to throughly turbo charges your being into electricity into the flow of the fray.

Start with a simple, yet profound resolution—embrace the day.

Every morning, a brand new page, a story to tell, describing the reoccurring profile inside new chapters written in honour of another incredible trip into the sun—embrace the way. 


Small incremental steps leads to compounding progress—leave rumination of what may be in front and the past now far behind—let it go I say!

Life soon becomes a very personalised intimate journey, living in a truly unique process—choose to shake the surrounding molecules in your own remarkable way.

Let the morning ritual flow, see the shift in the sublime mind—dreams now starting to glow—this is the infinite gateway—the train leaves the station each morning of every day.

Living with intentional presence unleashes the power of customised rituals like a guide, an unseen muscle, strengthening progressively, a Universal Truth, in fact this is the only way.

Reframe your brain Scott AdamsEach sunup there lies the new beginning, with the choice to be architects of our destiny, rather than spectators tossed about like a battered ship adrift in our beloved Milky Way. 

Remember, from the moment of awakening, all are creators—every thought, every action, every intention consists of ΩNE’s existence—sculpting life, shaped by intentionality of personal agency and the noble notion—embrace the day.

Living in the present means truly seeing the sunrise, not just as a precursor to the day’s tasks, but as an event in itself, magnificent and worthy of attention—invoking gratitude changes the circumstance—a magical filter ya’ll could truthfully say.

A firm believer in serendipitous happenstance, ΩNE happened to stumble upon a unique book, and just like that, this new companion called out my name.

A charming name to say the least, how could interest not have been piqued to explore the 366 day of Japanese Colors.

The Japanese beauty of colors guides the reader through the four seasons exploring the charm of traditional Japanese colors over the course of a year with a weekly focus on seven different themes—facilitating a spirited morning ritual exploring the nooks and crannies of Japanese color aesthetics—embrace the day.

Not only a fascinating vivid visual experience, the opportunity to explore the origins and stories surrounding these magnificent Japanese colors also promotes language acquisition as these stories contain difficult passages and obscure kanji with a new color and fresh story—this is the essence of embracing the day.

12月30日ー丹色 ページ付きFascinatingly enough, there are colors that were once exclusive to the imperial family, and the tales of the evolution of these colors and the quirky stories behind them leads to a colorful outlook each new day.

Along with the fantastic photographs of Japan’s seasonal landscapes, this outstanding book enrich one’s life with the knowledge of these traditional colors. 

The Japanese like to dig deep, they really engage and there is a fun section at the bottom of each page called mame chishiki—deep knowledge.

Japanese Children with idea bulbReliably, the Japanese have a practical approach to life, and for each these fascinating colors, the  366 day of Japanese Colors provides the CMYK, RGB and HEX values, along with examples of color combinations, which are very practical when observing our colorful Japan surrounding those fortunate to be living here in the Land Of The Rising Son. 

This wonderful book is a magnificent guide to understanding and appreciating the traditional colors that have been a part of Japanese life and culture for centuries and to weave this elegance and the Wabi-Sabi of life into each Day of the Way.

A mystical Japanese woman in a serene meadow, bowing gracefully to the sun. She is dressed in an elegant, traditional outfit that adds to her mystical