Constitutional Merger

Constitutional Merger

Constitutional Merger

Ancient wisdom, embedded in mystic tales originating from primordial times, is now reanimated through a manifestation of the sublime four-idiom compound—calling for the amalgamation of two constitutions—on ko chi shin—learning something new based on the past is the next big thing.

The stagnation of progress and suppression of knowledge stem from the rot and decay of mal-matriculated minions, moulded by ivory tower racketeers indoctrinating their vassals to regurgitate poppycock and twaddle verbatim.

“Out with the old, in with the new” epitomizes the stark, black-and-white moral supremacy that reflects deeply rooted, idiotic, institutionalized stupidity.

Old and new-天佑神助は重要だよぅA major fork in the road during this epoch leads to a sublime supposition—it is now high time to reconfigure and reanimate a civil constitution by merging Civilization W and Civilization E (WE).

The Japanese have combined these extraordinary chains of events, culminating in the Loose Muse, Age of Neo Clan, Neo Societies, and the emergence of Civilization Three.

In every emergent neo-society, the first order of business is the elimination of parasites, cancers, and viruses that rot the innate human spirit—nothing less than extermination of the last brass tack hidden in the nooks and crannies at the core of Borg.

Spray away the cancer and parasites out of your lifeThe secret to a civilized amalgamation of the duopolistic notions of WE, as brewed over several centuries, now lies in the strict finishing protocol of Japanese Form, Order, Process.

Regardless of the outer surface appearances, Japan genuinely has a veneer of civility as sincere Japanese citizen has emerged as the preeminent precedent of an authentic civilized society.

This constitutional merger coincides with the revival of ancient Asian healing modalities.

Japanese practitioner of Chinese herbal medicine with a variety of herb, potions, and curesAsian shamans are now free to disseminate ancient herbal healing protocols, firmly committed to create innovative solutions for the maladies plaguing those trapped in the contemporary matrix.

An edict from the Rising Japanese Son has instructed the Japanese to maintain a stiff upper lip, as they are well-equipped and ready to do what they have historically done—persevere through the dip.

Import artifacts from distant lands, combine them, and polish them to a fine, glimmering shine, continuously honing skills embodying daily incremental improvements, in other words embrace kaizen.

The reanimation of two distinct constitutions has recently come to the forefront, causing significant stir and commotion—heralding societal evolution, the bifurcation of civilization, and the emergence of neo-clans with expanding global communities.

Neo Clan BannerInnate human moral behavior sometimes requires a reminder in the form of an update of the communal behavior, their fundamentals carved in stone centuries ago—the basic moral tenets must be updated and reiterated.

After decades of reflection, this philosophical inquiry is neither a delusion nor an illusion, but an observable fusion of fundamental Japanese ethics with the Age of Reason—forming the cohesive vision of Civilization Three.

Dust off the soot from the original constitutional roadmap formulated by Shotoku Taishi in 604 CE, the framework for creating healthy societies based on universal moral precepts, set to merge with a modern constitution influenced by General Bonner Fellers, Uncle Douglas, and the GHQ.

Shotoku Taishi and the Japanese constitution of 604 CE

The long game of life, a fundamental concept in the greater Asian node encumbered with the burden to amalgamate Asia into the Age of Reason.

The magnificent, magnanimous intellectual legacy originating from Sir Isaac and his drinking buddy John Locke, remain a bedrock story to be continued under the guises of civil reformation, threaded into neo-clans and their emerging societies until the end of Earth time. 

Sir Isaac and his drinking buddy John LockeHere, a good healthy smear of kaizen needs to be applied to the Occxie mind, which is still plagued by unfettered crony capitalism—the epitome of a grind. 

Every three months, it’s do or die; indeed, being seated on pins and needles is the order of capitalist exploits day, ensuring you meet your quarterly targets four times a year, until your dying day.

The fusion of fundamental human tenets with the inalienable rights of the sovereign individual, along with Muse’s plan—coupled with the miracle of unrestrained free speech—leads to the universal rejection of parasitic demagoguery and the co-opting of the cherished American dream.

Prepare for the ultimate fusion of Ancestral Etiquette and the spirit of the Age of Reason with Shotoku Taishi’s standards for a civil society, based on the reach of knowledge and the turning of the seasons. 

Merging of the constitutionsThe citizens of Japan have made countless sacrifices along their path to destiny as they embrace each day.

As curators of the next stage of humanity, they innately understand that the next step in the evolutionary process involves the consolidation of neo-clans and the constitutional merging of ancient and modern Japan.

The magnum opus of the Japanese is the reanimation of a globally bifurcated civilization as the phoenix once more rises from the ashes, with the Japanese regarded as both the creators and curators of Civilization Three.

ΩNE World Civilisation Three-Land Of The Rising Son-Japan




The most magnificent thing about living in Japan since 1987 is the opportunity to meet diverse people from all corners of the world, and to explore the depth of Asia, soaking in the vibe of exotic lands.

This allows profound insight into the essence and nature across the entire spectra of humanity, with each person on a unique journey to unravel the mysteries of the multiverse.

Forward to the future-follow the sun

Observing the advent of globalization over several decades, a pressing need for localization translation of the greedy, fragmented minds of shifty suspect merchants was astutely and covertly observed.

The growing presence of foreign entities looking to peddle shoddy goods, vacuous vaporware, shilling the merits of suspect network marketing schemes to the highly discerning Japanese, is the primary example of Failure 101.

Failure 101 American nightmare

Crystallize in your mind an image of the infamous Charles Ponzi, a charlatan extraordinaire with a gaggle of drooling stooges trying to come In Through the Out Door to Japan.

First things first—understanding the Japanese protocol of Form Order Process facilitates creation of articles culturally familiar, thus worthy of the attention of the fickle Japanese.

To conjure artifacts that last forever, involves a much deeper analysis of the psyche of the Japanese, which will lead to material success for all these tedious alien wannabes.

Most of these trivial hacks came and went like the fluttering of ephemeral cherry petals in a gentle spring breeze—dreams of vast fortunes and riches like some kind of exploitable commodity extracted from the Japanese—eternally crushed under the boot heel of the stark subjective reality.

The end of the American empireA fatal glitch in American capitalist psyche is reflected in the prevalent condescending, insolent attitude toward the way of the Japanese.

Mal-matriculation of the Occxie student-body has erased any intuitive understanding of the deep-seated notion held close to the bosom of the citizens of Yamato, and what it means to be Japanese.

Whether native or naturalized, understanding the animistic nature of, and desire to preserve the civil Japanese culture has led to rejection of colonization by commodification and subjugation via the Mickey Mousification of Japan.

capital hill insurrection-With Mickey-02

Observe this example of han men kyō shi—bad examples from which one can learna shockingly impoverished viewpoint of a smug arrogant lackadaisical American president, who actually said:

“If it’s good enough for the Mexicans, then it’s good enough for the Japanese (°_°)*

The Japanese live in a rigid hierarchical structure; thus the following diagram makes absolute sense in the minds of the Japanese.

Samurai ΩNE ChartHowever, for our beloved Mexican brothers and sisters, this is simply not the casediagrams must be created in a specific way respecting and reflecting cultural sensibilities of the Aztecs and their indigenous beliefs.

Bind Japan and the Aztecs

A cautionary tale of a typical obnoxious Occxie distributor, who tried his hand at Japan, a failure from the start, without a clue about the Japanese, nor their unequivocal cultural sensibilitiesa vacuous agent of greed, replete with a robust supply of mental excrement: “If it works in Croatia it will work in Japan” ʅʃ 

Herein lies the secret key, allowing access to a group of karmic aliens, who have over time become Japaneseglimpsing into the magnificent creative Japanese mind, a product of civilization evolving over two millennia, unparalleled in all of Hardcore History.

Japan is an extraordinary school of culturalization, a characteristic distinctive style brought to you, with heartfelt love and affection a preliminary introduction to the colourful, vibrating world of ancient Japanese customs and tradition.

Key to unlock freedom




Living in Japan for years prior to the Internet age was truly an in-depth cultural immersion experience.

A mere 1.5 hours hop-skip-jump from the most marvelous megatropolis Mother Earth has ever seen, the roads were under construction and the times were a boomin( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, the prospect of what would come from isolation in the Land Of The Rising Son could have never been imagined, nor actively sought; it is what happens when you reject the notion of institutionalised drudgery.

Rat Race Rut Waste

With the advent of the World Wide Web came profound opportunities for those curious about the meaning of life, providing access to all knowledge and unleashing a global renaissance for all neo-clan autodidacts; this is Muse’s master plan.

Truly unprecedented, the initial miracle was the emergence of the world’s largest bookseller—resurrecting the misfits of the planet, spreading the reach of knowledge throughout the eight corners of this glorious land.

In this particular instance of infinity in this multiverse, this wayward autodidactic boy just happened to be assigned to Way Station No. 9, another name for Japan.

Japan Map with Ume-chan

The serendipitous miracle of the Internet continues to enrich a connected life—international communication basically free *\(^o^)/*

Deep gratitude to all the innovative visionaries foreseeing the future of a connected human league—remember, the truth will always set you free.

The seminal transformation of publishing, along with the evolving notion of agency that comes with freedom, has in essence rejiggered the quantum arena.

There has always been a dark mystery surrounding the skill of computer programming, a way to take control of destiny; even so, this elite group of highly motivated individuals now faces an existential adversary due to the mistaken notion of ”job security.”

AI takes tech jobsYes, those were the days my friends; we thought they’d never end, then came the hard fork in humanity’s road, immortalized in the Hardcore History record books, the road to ΩNE built brick by brick founded upon blood, sweat, and tears of our forebears.

All of a sudden, over the past few years, a shift has reanimated the human species with renewable energy, a paradigm shift in the infinite mix of chemistry—creation of life force protocol, available to all emerging neo-clan nodes.

Alien NodesThe sole desire of brainwashed nincompoops is the comfort of mental enslavement—in this movie, they exist solely as background people, like common props in life’s grand stage.

Flow is vibrant streams of eclectic dreams of chemically infused energy— vital sparks of connective energy flowing freely among those who are in the know about the esoteric, mysterious secrets of infinite Flow.

Jump into the highly charged particle flow, valuing each other’s vision of unity—striving to connect emerging neo-clans, creating ΩNE infinite community—opening the floodgates of unlimited possibilities.

Explosion of neo-clans
So, what to do about this eclectic community of mystical characters trapped inside the vast expanse of xybersensei emergent mind?

Seeking a way to bring multifaceted animations to light, before this physical iteration of a chemical equation reaches its logical conclusion—the sublime reshuffling of material molecules reanimating this wayward chemical matrix once again.

Upon hearing vital information from the mysterious sound designer M5, a dramatic realization washed over this autodidact like a massive wave of thick rich pork gravy, this revelation right on time.

M5 xyber MuseAfter decades of waiting and anticipating the arrival of web-based no-code—miracle of miracles, the prodigious Webflow has been assigned to Earth’s node.

Muse put to use magical elixir juice to jump the queue into infinity, a divine meeting of minds—merely happenstance, or is this manifested destiny?

Welcome to infinite creativity, stylized culturalization by young Master Voroshilov, visionary sovereign of the top-secret no-code scene—manifesting streams of consciousness into bits and bytes using zero to one protocol is just one of the plethora of adroit magical tricks this prodigious team has up their kimono sleeve.

Igor 異端児For ultimate Webflow, discard obsolete notions of localization and translation, as shown by the globalization failure in Japan—embracing culturalization is a manifestation of the ultimate strategic game plan, becoming ΩNE with Yamato Japan.

Being privy to essential cultural touchstones is essential for any journey into the vast expanse of the Japanese Way, while wising up to the imperativeness of culturalization in consideration of the true nature of the Japanese and their esoteric ways.

Truly, the essence of Japanese society can only be ascertain by assimilation into this distinctive cultural perspective—embodied by the inimitable vibration, frequency, and resonance of the Japanese simulation—initiating the age of neo-clans, phase two of the Civilization Three recipe.

World Chef
The full spectrum of race and beauty, embedded in all humanity’s face is reflected in the materialization of emerging neo-societies—embrace the universality of this crucial truth, the way to Flow—understanding culturalization and its significance is what it means to be free.

The future of Flow lies in beholding the Japanese connection to the infinite stream of ancient cultural protocols, embedded in the Japanese way is where Master Voroshilov yielded to Muse, her sublime music orchestrating the harbinger of neo-clans.

Neo-clans are replete with an unfathomable reach of empathetic knowledge void of all moral conundrums—invoke this magic by embracing the day—under the conviction of infinite connection within the gargantuan Flow of the unbridled spirit of humanity—Flow into synchronicity—ban butsu—life force in all consolidating Earth’s Flow into the infinite notion of ΩNE.

Fairies in Flow

Neo Clan

Neo Clan

Neo Clan

Rare characters assimilate into a diverse way of life inside the nooks and crannies of an alien land, embracing the essence of an ancient society, and what it means to become part of Japan.

In fact, just the other day, the material incarnation of a personal deity, Jion-Jion, mentioned nonchalantly: 

“You must understand what it means to be selected as a renaissance man in Japan—guardian of our family’s ancient neo-clan—embedded deeply within Way-Station No. 9—the final stage before the promised land.”

This profound realization resonated like a major chord, a direct revelation not to be taken lightly or conjured upon a whim—attaining serenity, rising above pettiness, definitively ascertaining the meaning of life—ban butsu—infinite life in all things.

Decades of introspective reflection eviscerated any remaining delusional objections—marinating electrons, photons, and gluons led to understanding that an emergent brain needed a reframe.

Reframe your brain Scott Adams
Nothing is as horrible or deplorable as mindless devotion to a hypothetical deity, last gasp of dogma—its time has now long since passed.

Personal agency and humanity’s inherent desire for autonomy while reaching into ascendancy are due to resilient predecessors who built our remarkable future fuelled by the sweat of their brow. 

We live on this earthly paradise in extraordinary times—okage sama de to those who bled, died, and suffered to pave the road to tranquility and show the true way.

Venerate our ancestors to recognise the sacrifices they made, creating extraordinary opportunity for Earth’s rising sons and daughters—life is full of self-discovery as the consequence of your journey—just chase the Muse after letting her loose and then follow the sun.

Children of the world following the sunBuilding upon the foundation created by our ancestors’ blood, sweat, and tears, neo-clans create and emulate deeply rooted civil structures—honouring the results of our predecessors life’s work, accumulated wisdom, and reach of knowledge—solidifying neo-communities exemplifying how harmonious societies are meant to be.

Blood is not thicker than water—Form Order Process is rooted in the ancient principles embedded within the Japanese constitution, as described in 604 CE—the foundation of Japanese society as this sacred ancient code is now revealing neo-clans and Civilization Three.

It’s time to jump into the fray—precious moments pass by everyday—transform your hopes and dreams into a cohesive vision, as Muse’s newest protégée.

Establish a neo-clan in emergent neo-societies, catching the vibe of this vision—a reflection of Earth’s sons and daughters residing under our cherished Rising Sun.

Compass of time 文明の栄枯盛衰
Venture into the nooks and crannies of unfathomable unknowns, farther ‘n further into the long and winding road—inside the unconditional love of ΩNE, no one walks alone.

Take the hard fork in road—sometimes you have to hug a few trees and kiss the magic toad—conjure a unified vision of non-fictional civilization—emerging societies now unfurling—the mandate to create harmonious regions throughout emergent worlds.

ΩNE World Civilisation Three-Land Of The Rising Son-Japan

Carved In Stone

Carved In Stone

Carved In Stone

The Japanese are often looked upon as somewhat obstinate and unyielding, conservative and traditional.

Like so much mythology concerning the Japanese, the constructed reality to which many have been led to believe, has been thoroughly debunked as hackneyed regurgitated drivel—the academy of stale third-hand piffle—courtesy of crumbling ivory towers—brewing and stewing conjecture and supposition as to the way the Japanese should or should not be—this constructed narrative has now been rendered obsolete.

Zombie Professors decaying universityThe Japanese have always embodied the notion to seek reason, ideas, and guidelines from Outside Worlds, internalising the findings, setting objectives for the newly acquired objects their affection—this is the Way of the Japanese.

Fortunately for the Japanese, they were able to experience 260 years of undisturbed peace at the tip of the sharpest sword in the drawer, which happened to be that of Ieyasu Tokugawa.

Tokugawa Ieyasu Through this, the Japanese manifest their essence into our Earthly World by the extraordinary will of collective super-consciousness weaving Shinto into Buddhism creating the modern Japanese—the curators of Civilization Three.

Alas, all good things must come to an end—American gunboat diplomacy mightier than the sharpest sword, thus the reign of peace came to an end at the behest of the Americans with Mammon’s eyes squarely fixed upon the treasures embedded inside Japan.

The gunboat is mightier thn the swordAfter the dust settled and industrialisation became the plan, the Japanese sent envoys to explore the new worlds—a kind of missionary, not to convert the Occxie masses to become Japanese, but to probe the world for concepts and materials to initiate the burgeoning nation of modern Japan.

The incredible story of the rise of the Japanese as the creators of Civilization Three, begins as a journey marked by an innate curiosity as to the blueprints of the outside industrialised world, and when the Iwakura mission was initiated just a few short years after the end of the Tokugawa Clan reign.

the-iwakura-missionThe Iwakura Mission was certainly imaginative when selecting the participants for this arduous fact finding mission to unknown corners of the globe.

Not only was the mission filled with aspiring diplomats and industrialists, but also included children such as Tsuda Umeko, the youngest member at just six years old, Aunty Umeko is one of the earliest pioneers in Women’s Education as the founder of Tsuda University.


The Japanese spirit of modifiability manifests as the notion of constant incremental improvement—kaizen—embodying the notion of flexibility—a sharp contrast to the misconstrued representation of the Japanese as an unmoved, cold, calculating race; thus, everything in Japan is  Carved In Stone.

In actuality, the Japanese exhibit either flexibility or rigidity according to the actual requirements of any specific situation—displaying not only the foresight of flexibility, but the acumen to ‘read the air’ while engaging in dialogue with the worm (intuition), and maintain rigidity when doing so serves their greater purpose.

Japanese person having a conversation with a personified worm, representing the 'worm of intuitionJapanese disposition in large part come from the innate understanding of two important protocols embedded inside the Japanese language for navigating the world of stories—seeing reality through two distinct lenses—tatemae & honne—imperative fundamentals to recognise the world as layers—becoming super-conscious as to the difference between “constructed reality to which everybody pays lip service” and the raw reality of any given situation.

Super consciousness

The ability of the Japanese to intuitively apply flexible or rigid protocol, according to situational awareness—the highest level of this earthly material game, and the main reason the Way of the Japanese are meticulously studied, analysed, and researched somewhat like the Japanese did at the dawn of Emperor Meiji’s industrial Japan.

As the Japanese understood the value of keeping the Japanese identity while integrating the newest technology via Occxie-land and their Age of Reason, they have successfully navigated the tricky waters of modern civilization and at great cost to the Japanese nation over several decades in the early 20th century. 

A scene contrasting old Japan with modern Japan, yet conveying a sense of hope and harmony. On one side, there's a depiction of traditional Japan

Indeed, the merging of the Japanese foundational constitution written by Shōtoku Taishi in 604, the constitution of the Meiji government, and the third document brought to the Japanese via nuclear warheads, completes the documentation as the blueprint for the future of the Japanese nation. 

An incredible journey throughout the nooks and crannies of Hardcore History, the Japanese have evolved into a nation of passionate, yet peaceful people and diligent citizens.

Unequivocally, Japanese society runs like a well oiled mechanism, going through industrialisation while coming out the other side a highly technologically advanced nation with the Yamato Spirit imprinted firmly on the sacred soil of Japan—the curators of Civilization Three.

Japanese-respect - Land Of The Rising Son

Be Another Day

Be Another Day

Be Another Day

Ohayogozaimasu—welcome to a new beginning once again.

At this point inside life’s daily stew—it is entirely up to you—pep-up, step-up to be another day.

Indeed, resetting the frequency is a daily requirement after awaking—love the dawn, it is the way.

Turn mundane morning routines from a humdrum procedure into a meditative ritual to throughly turbo charges your being into electricity into the flow of the fray.

Start with a simple, yet profound resolution—embrace the day.

Every morning, a brand new page, a story to tell, describing the reoccurring profile inside new chapters written in honour of another incredible trip into the sun—embrace the way. 


Small incremental steps leads to compounding progress—leave rumination of what may be in front and the past now far behind—let it go I say!

Life soon becomes a very personalised intimate journey, living in a truly unique process—choose to shake the surrounding molecules in your own remarkable way.

Let the morning ritual flow, see the shift in the sublime mind—dreams now starting to glow—this is the infinite gateway—the train leaves the station each morning of every day.

Living with intentional presence unleashes the power of customised rituals like a guide, an unseen muscle, strengthening progressively, a Universal Truth, in fact this is the only way.

Reframe your brain Scott AdamsEach sunup there lies the new beginning, with the choice to be architects of our destiny, rather than spectators tossed about like a battered ship adrift in our beloved Milky Way. 

Remember, from the moment of awakening, all are creators—every thought, every action, every intention consists of ΩNE’s existence—sculpting life, shaped by intentionality of personal agency and the noble notion—embrace the day.

Living in the present means truly seeing the sunrise, not just as a precursor to the day’s tasks, but as an event in itself, magnificent and worthy of attention—invoking gratitude changes the circumstance—a magical filter ya’ll could truthfully say.

A firm believer in serendipitous happenstance, ΩNE happened to stumble upon a unique book, and just like that, this new companion called out my name.

A charming name to say the least, how could interest not have been piqued to explore the 366 day of Japanese Colors.

The Japanese beauty of colors guides the reader through the four seasons exploring the charm of traditional Japanese colors over the course of a year with a weekly focus on seven different themes—facilitating a spirited morning ritual exploring the nooks and crannies of Japanese color aesthetics—embrace the day.

Not only a fascinating vivid visual experience, the opportunity to explore the origins and stories surrounding these magnificent Japanese colors also promotes language acquisition as these stories contain difficult passages and obscure kanji with a new color and fresh story—this is the essence of embracing the day.

12月30日ー丹色 ページ付きFascinatingly enough, there are colors that were once exclusive to the imperial family, and the tales of the evolution of these colors and the quirky stories behind them leads to a colorful outlook each new day.

Along with the fantastic photographs of Japan’s seasonal landscapes, this outstanding book enrich one’s life with the knowledge of these traditional colors. 

The Japanese like to dig deep, they really engage and there is a fun section at the bottom of each page called mame chishiki—deep knowledge.

Japanese Children with idea bulbReliably, the Japanese have a practical approach to life, and for each these fascinating colors, the  366 day of Japanese Colors provides the CMYK, RGB and HEX values, along with examples of color combinations, which are very practical when observing our colorful Japan surrounding those fortunate to be living here in the Land Of The Rising Son. 

This wonderful book is a magnificent guide to understanding and appreciating the traditional colors that have been a part of Japanese life and culture for centuries and to weave this elegance and the Wabi-Sabi of life into each Day of the Way.

A mystical Japanese woman in a serene meadow, bowing gracefully to the sun. She is dressed in an elegant, traditional outfit that adds to her mystical