Colourful Coloring Book

Apr 29, 2023Blog, Inspiration

How to Wrap ΩNE’s Mind around somethinganything that matters.

puzzles inside the mind - Land Of The Rising SonHow ‘bout something as innocuous as a Colouring Bookbecoming powerful substrate as the oh-so-useful—Value Filter.

Astutely internalizing Universal Truth, then application of the knowledge thereof, creates significant quantifiable impact on all outcome, throughout ΩNE’s entire remaining material life.

Welcome to ΩNE’s unique journey into Way of Infinity & Beyond, now departing from Way-Station No. 9, precisely the right place, in an appropriate Pico Point of rhyme.Molecular example - Land Of The Rising SonWhat does colouring inside the lines l©©K-like?

Coloring books given to Little People by Big People, hitherto have someone else’s construction-paper world already filled in and then thoroughly glossed over.

Take a look inside the nooks of the crannies within all constructed reality, serving as a lavish glimpse into True Nature of Maniacal Mind.

True Nature of Maniacal Mind

FreeDumb & Demagoguery

What is the meaning of Mal Matriculation?
Big People program (indoctrination) Little People—analogous to gods and slaves.

Who are the gods and who are the slaves - Land Of The Rising Son

Numbers to marinate, manipulate, and masticate, essence squeezed like filthy-fleas grinding the lens of a cookie-cutter view, now referred to as Vision Skew.

No such thing as freewill, or an autonomous you—for you and yours are residing inside the notion of a Chemical Meat Farm—card carrying chattel with invoices attached to you.

This is what is known as—Mold Instance.

Mold Instance are indoctrination points emerging like parasitical leeches propagating exceedingly bad explanations, in which there can never be resolution into celestial Universal Truth.

反面教師実例代表 - Land Of The Rising Son

FreeDumb & Demagoguery crayons are all white.

Primary example of FreeDumb & Demagoguery entails manipulating Little People by attaching lenses which create an illusion of being in possession of a unique array of colors—under the pretence of self-directed autonomous motion.

Indoctrination involves Mal Matriculation {↑see↑above↑} into systematic programming of Nationals into coloring inside coloring books not of ΩNE’s own inalienable life-force or sovereign volition.

JFK Quote - Land Of The Rising Son

Check for lurking Mal Matriculation perpetrated upon the very personal notion of sovereignty inside ΩNE’s Unfulfilled Purpose.

There, plain as day, residing somehow, somewhere, deep inside of Stomach Pit—blaring loud and clear, as the cacophony of pandemonium grinds away ΩNE’s essence, just like a rat spinning around on someone else’s Sludge TreadMill.

Congratulations, the feral comfort zone now long gone, with the first true glimpse, of the inner workings, of what is inside an internalized Infinity Field.

Inside the empty Stomach Pit, ΩNE carefully reviews crayons to ascertain—all white or not—as well as being crystal clear—ΩNE is colouring the book of YOUR life, the Universally True YOU.

When colouring outside lines, the colour is always black.

Choice is absent under the weight of extremely bad explanations, vapid and void under most conditions, all structures deconstructed leaving naked the Mal Matriculated fiat paper system.

U$A dollar decline in purchasing power - Land Of The Rising Son (1)Fundamentally, parasitical behaviour and activity of Occxie Protocol 1/0 is firmly rooted in unwavering postulation of Desert-3-Dogma, revealing itself as the Primary Anti Matriculation Condition.

Dogmatic Adherence to notions embodying the essence of extraordinary bad explanations, inevitably trigger events arousing the Goddess Karma, and the redress she will always bring.

Goddess Karma - Land Of The Rising Son

All entertaining similar notions must continue to live for, struggle in, and edify Each Other while ya’ll Create-AugmentedShared-Civilization(*´`*)╯♡

Those looking away, especially though in-the-know, are culpable—as is the morally bankrupt Fence Tribe.

Warning electric fence - Land Of The Rising Son

BREAKING NEWS—the notion of being safe in space by sitting on fence is clearly an instance of Mal Matriculation.

To suffer in perpetuity inside the excruciating duress of sub-conscious experience of Reflection in Mirror protocol—ΩNE’s entire material lifetime—never to be ignored—until enlightenment(**) 

Universal Truth

Reincarnation is fact*\(^o^)/*

figure-emergeing form the Infinity Field - Land Of The Rising Son

When DNA reconstitutes into chemical events for encasement in meat, ΩNE can always view this event as a singular Instance of Reincarnation.

In Cosmic Cycle, those culpable for Mal Matriculation are assuredly sent for redress upon completion of their meat cycle (physical death)—usually between 75 and 90 earth years.

Here is where all perpetrators of Bad Explanations are reconstituted into lower life forms to try again, for as we can plainly see, the grade on the Occxie experiment over the last several decades, clearly gets the Mark of the Beast—and the following grade, to clarify—Mal Matriculation fails.

fail1-finals - Land Of The Rising Son

What about the Japanese? 

The Japanese Embraced Defeat because Japan embodies the notion of a highly advanced civilization and culture.

In Infinite Sacred Wisdom, the Japanese have successfully superimposed the original Japanese constitution written in 604 C.E, onto any applicable parts that were imposed upon the long-suffering Japanese by Victors.

victor poster - Land Of The Rising Son

The most significant event to have occurred inside this particular iteration of Hardcore History, was the emancipation of the Japanese into the Universal Truthful motion of FreeDumb & Demagoguery Freedom and Democracy (ノ ̄д ̄)

The outstanding achievements of the Japanese is the successful fusion of East onto West—with Japan now representing Earth—Third and final Pillar of Human Planetary Civilization.

Embracing defeat - Land Of The Rising Son

The wish is to entreat, all chemical bags of meat, into Infinity World of volition—a quirky Colouring Book, concealed within the nooks and crannies of YOUR extraordinary mind.

It is here and there, where ΩNE can start the incredible journey into creating, thus transcendence, all imagined worlds of ΩNE’s extraordinary conjuring kind.

366日 日本の美しい色両方 - Colour One'S Own World - Land Of The Rising Son

366日 日本の美しい色 - Land Of The Rising Son