Bet On Yourself

Mar 25, 2023Blog, Inspiration

What could be considered the most critical decision of significant untold consequence throughout life?

Choice of partner.

Consider this elegant four-ideogram-compound.

isshin dōtai

一心同体 - Land Of The Rising Son

The Path to terrestrial paradise lies in the divine protocol of two hearts beating as one.

After Benzaiten anoints picture perfect partners—unconditionally loving innate nature of human condition—flaws and glory embraced—passionate lovers—loyal-best friends—multiverse travelers—see what’s around the bend.


お食い初め - Land Of The Rising Son

This completes the most curious life event of autonomous monkeys roaming planet earth.

Here, two hearts beating as one is where the magic-like, synergetic dynamic energy knows, to lead Each Other into meaning of Flow.

Another significantly curious items found lying about was the notion of personal growth, and the promise it holds for those wishing to grow and know—each minute of every hour—within pico-second-filled Ways.

改善自己 - Land Of The Rising Son

Around this particular bend, was a harsh gift bequeathed to one’s future-self.

A most important, yet simple book—initiating fate of this wandering Son under the Sun—invoking courage—to take paths—into the multiverse, and the Notion Of Motion, and what infinity entails.

Infinity Symbol - Land Of The Rising Son

It was here, the notion of a sentient being, to be encouraged by a stranger, Dr. Robert Anthony, who graciously facilitated seeing predetermined self-destiny, meaningfulness, and being.

The edict clear:

Bet On Yourself

Betting On Yourself - Land Of The Rising Son

So Me Did

All is well in the multiverse - Land Of The Rising Son

The notion of a bet often holds negative connotations.

There are those who continue to allow the dreaded needle on a worn-out record—to skip over and over—same exhausted song—extinction-level event in sight—as the captured and beholden “Bet The Farm”—the same old song—on and on—on and on—and on and on and on.

Do not bet the farm - Land Of The RIsing Son

Crucially believing in oneself is the Way to make the wisest wager in this complex erratic game—known now as—Material Sludge.

Judicious and strategic protocol, embodies notion—the House cannot “win”—nor can it even recognize those existing in the nooks and crannies within—blind to see Notion of Motion and Flow revealed therein.

Honeycomb - Land Of The Rising Son

What is this Notion of Motion of what you speak, and were you able to hear about it, because you are innately Meek?

This is what is known as “The Beginning of Infinity.”

Isaac-Asimov - Land Of The Rising Son

Over decades of searching and roaming an orb, the meaning of life has herein been revealed.

It resides inside pre-programmed questions one was often queried to reveal.

At one instant these questions seemed valid, if not somewhat surreal, for those innocently posing these curious questions had unconsciously discounted, the veracity of One Quantum Field.

Quantum-Algorithm - Land Of The Rising Son

When asked about origins of one’s own Material Life, previous answer would have been parroting programable age-old adages, of who and what one is supposed to be.

The answer to this line of questioning can now only be:

One is an emergent, quasi-autonomous flow of chemical information, dressed up in several kilograms of pink tender meat, on an infinite journey to meet The Others inside a multiverse, with those who also happen to be encased in mortal material meat.

Chemical me - Land Of The Rising Son

Truly, there were whimsical notions about One Quantum Field, but never in unfathomable dreams were secrets of infinity and universe, so readily and serenely revealed—manifesting autonomy in advanced monkeys—the kin to our clan—The Big Girl, Rainman, and, a bag of extraordinarily fine chemicals, shaped to look just like me.

Clarity Over Time - cybersensei - Land Of The Rising Son