Taste Of Meiji

Jul 16, 2022Blog, Culture, Food

Taste of Meiji

The most exquisite sushi ever encoutered up-to-date was at a 5th generation sushi shop, established Meiji 4 (1871).

Daitokuya is a historic sushi shopis in the pristine Boso peninsula in one’s home prefecture of Sunny Chiba, which also happens to be full of magical mysteries throughout this extraordinary prefecture.Chiba Prefecture Michi No Eki Map - Land Of The Rising SonInterestingly enough, the son of the current sushi master, Kurihara-Taisho is now training in Ginza when once finished (apprenticeship may last 10 or 15 years), he will become the 6th generation to run his family shop, persevering these one and only immaculate flavours of a bygone era.

大徳家寿司-Land Of The Rising Son

In Japan, can one see the preservation of a family history embodied in their shop and the generation of these sushi artisans creating the same flavours of sushi handed down from generation to generation.

Imagine anywhere else in the world where one can go to an establishment and experience flavours created from the sea and the surrounding family farms starting from150 years ago.

大徳家暖簾-Land Of The Rising SonOne of the deep charms of Japan is, regardless of the modernization having taken place from the Meiji Restoration, there are still shops in the nooks and crannies in the Land Of The Rising Son preserving the way of Old Japan.
大徳家の明治時代の看板-Land Of The Rising Son大徳家のお店の暖簾-Land Of The Rising Son大徳家-千葉県房総市千倉-Land Of The Rising Son

Even as this is so, true to the nature of the Japanese, the essence of Meiji has been duly captured at Daitokuya.

Here, Kurihara-Taisho now invokes the spirit of kaizen—building upon previous generations—honouring his ancestors deliciously tweaking historic dishes—maintaining the divine heritage of this extraordinary art.

大徳家寿司屋-なめろう-Land Of The Rising Son

Speaking of extraordinarily old establishments, take the Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan in Yamagata Prefecture—the oldest hotel ever—run by the same family for 52 generations.

Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan in Yamagata Prefecture - Land Of The Rising Son

Where else can one find a business established in 705 CE still running today, while holding the Guinness Book of World Record for the oldest hotel?

Time marches on and stops for no one, and it is fascinating to watch Japanese food culture circling the globe over the last 30 plus years—in the form of sashimi and sushi.大徳家寿司屋-なめろう-Land Of The Rising SonSeeing these morsels of the Gods become loved by those around the world who understand the flavour and texture of raw fish warms one heart greatly.
大徳家寿司屋- 色々 - Land Of The Rising SonIndeed, if a true connoisseur of the delights of the sea, one would make their way to this extraordinary shop and taste the flavours of Meiji-era sushi, if at all possible.
For the truth will remain—one can never sample delicacies such as these anywhere else in the world—but for at this one shop—in the pristine picturesque town of Chikura in Sunny Chiba Japan.

大徳家訪問01 - Land Of The Rising Son 大徳家訪問02 - Land Of The Rising Son 大徳家訪問03 - Land Of The Rising Son 大徳家訪問04 - Land Of The Rising Son 大徳家訪問05 - Land Of The Rising Son大徳家大将-Land Of The Rising Son