Unfinished Masterpiece

Jul 9, 2022Art, Blog, Culture

Unfinished Masterpiece

One would best be served to look upon life as art.

Mona Lisa - Land Of The Rising Son

Art traditionally defined:

1 the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination

2 a skill at doing a specified thing, typically acquired through practice

Here is where one can put away any preconceived notions concerning the arts.

Life can be considered art as per definition 2, and beyond.

The goal of life is to die while creating a one-off extraordinary masterpiece, know as life…

Remember, artist don’t retire—they die or fade away.

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn - Land Of The Rising Son

Actually, Reiwa 4 (2022) happens to contain significant milestones—such as the passing of a generation—serendipitously reflected in the divine cycle of life as the newest member of our clan entered the atmosphere and joining the party on May 1, 2022.

Ogen Watanabe - Land Of The Rising Son

According to the indoctrinated standpoint of the Industrial Education Complex protocol, one would achieved all there ever is in life as specified by the unelected-overlords of this particular universe.

This means being sent off into retirement—a death sentence for those whose whole identity belongs to others, whether religious, corporate, or otherwise.

Indeed, there is now the foul stench of despair in the air, accompanied by hopelessness, which is the direct result of the disconnection from the true nature of oneself and the lurking purpose of destiny in the context on Oneness.

Ying-Yang-Oneness - Land Of The Rising Son

Recognizing that the art residing inside one’s subconscious-self has been obscured and weakened by the preconceived notions of life imprinted by others.

The reality of one own unique story and journey upon this mortal coil could be consider a piece of art hanging in a far away gallery for the satisfaction and pleasure of the Gods and Goddesses of Oneness.

The final results of one’s masterpiece can only truly be known after the full journey under the sun ends, and the exit into Oneness has transpired.

Most definitely, the quality of art left behind by each individual must be worthy of mention.

Sadly, most lives are lived in quiet desperation working and living someone else’s vision and desire, and the art within abandoned to die.

Rat Race - Land Of The Rising Son

Indeed, such selfless personal art can be considered gifts to honour ancestors while leaving signposts for those who come after.

The importance of one’s individual art created into this world cannot be understated as this beauty is all the more necessary in these turbulent times and are a beacon of light countering the bitter ugliness permeating our world.

Therefore, as of this turning point in life, one has felt the calling of a particular piece of art, which has now been recognized.

Like so many things in life—timing is everything.

There is no time like the present, and regardless of the lack of any particular skills to create one’s own masterpiece, consistent daily practice of any new skill is the path the enlightenment and creation of the Way Of One’s Art.

Clarity Over Time - cybersensei - Land Of The Rising Son