Is My Wife a (Good) Witch?

Nov 4, 2020Blog, Inspiration

Is My Wife a (Good) Witch?

There is a very specific reason why one thinks perhaps she has some kind of special powers, as she continues to conjure up things from other worlds, and manifest them here into this material world.

The first inkling one had that she was a (good) witch, is when she conjured up our beautiful black cat by doing the following:

In the summer of 2014, she drew the two drafts of our new black cat.



She then created a large outdoor painting to include the black cat, and in this painting it also indicate the new cat was; “Welcome”


Lo and behold, in November of that very year, my friend James was suddenly followed by an abandoned black kitten in serious distress.

I think somehow this starving, scared, and cold black kitty could sense James had a kind heart.

Proving his instincts to be true, and perhaps being drawn closer and closer to us under the (good) witch’s spell, James took him into his home.

After cleaning him up and taking a trip to the vet for a check up, James then posted a video on social media looking for a new home for this extraordinarily beautiful cat (James already had 4 cats).

Of course, the honorourable wife immediately contacted James, and off we went to see the black kitty cat; it was love at first purr for both of us.

We were able to adopt this most beautiful and wonderful cat, and he was named “Pancakes”.


Now, I am no expert on witchcraft, but perhaps you are not allowed to keep both the spirit infused painting and the actual conjured subject of the (good) witch’s desire.

This is where it gets a bit weird.

After we scrapped the old wooden deck in the winter of 2015, the picture of the black cat was also taken down.

Of course one wanted to preserve this extraordinary piece of art somewhere as a memory of how Pancakes made his way to his new home.

However, while we were burning the remains of the decayed wooden deck, the White Witch of the Land Of The Rising Son…. I mean honourable wife, suddenly threw this wonderful piece of art in to the pit incinerating the picture into a pile of ash.


All the more so wonderful, life got significantly better in so many ways after Pancakes joined our family.

Indeed, the magic continues to come day after day.

Thank you so very much White Witch of the Land Of The Rising Son for conjuring up Pancakes.

Deep gratitude also goes to Pancakes as well, for choosing us to live as a family, while protecting us every day, and taking sadness away.

Pancakes The Bulter - Land Of The Rising Son