Daily Natto

Jan 13, 2024Blog, Inspiration

A common question crops up, often midway through the journey inside this Material Sludge—Is this all there is, and, what exactly is daily natto?

Somewhat of a confusing time—wandering in the arid desert of ennui—life flashing by one pico-second at a time—thirsty to fulfil niggling desires—that are so very real.

During periods of mental stagnation, fatigue amplifying infinite needs—the insensate churning—what was—what is—what may be—is all blind minds can see.

past present futureThis constructed reality, or tatemae in Japanese, keep the spirit in myopic servitude, accompanied by a stark and dark depreciation in the general attitude, degrading emergent humanity.

How long before shaking off this ennui, skipping away to live in a serene paradise like Maggie May’s Magical Garden—it’s where you want to be.

Freedom to mature & grow with an enlightened glow—shuck off these Shackles of the Past and its pain—to become whole with ΩNE once again.

Japan and the Shackles of the Past - Land Of The Rising Son

Looking through the Japanese lens of tatemae & honne allow ΩNE to see the emergent human condition from two distinct points of view—this simple realization is the start of self re-actualisation for inside this notion lies a sublime set of essential keys.

As you wander and ponder, what lies inside to spark a drive to fill the throbbing emptiness making ΩNE whole—the early bird with a daily song with a brand new melody to sing along, daily natto cleansing the mind every day.

In case still unaware, natto is Japanese soul food, with its sensational taste, positive influence upon gut microflora, and a healthy dose of vitamin K—also serving as a metaphor to pick yourself up off the floor, setting the tone for more significant days.

natto with sticky chopsticksThe sublime notion inside this magic potion lies in repeating intriguing things—an early morning rehearsal, food for thought, and clear direction for the subconscious to guide the way.

From the beginning, the dogmatic Industrial Education Complex indoctrinated this wayward autodidact—“someone like you could not possibly read the complex language such as Japanese.”

A conscious shift in energy aspiring with the desire to break free from the shackles of ennui—the gauntlet thrown down, the challenge profound, by hook or crook, it is imperative for this Incidental Occxie to read Japanese.

Incidental Occxie - Land Ωf The Rising SΩN - cybersenseiThe exquisite nature of the Japanese reading system is sprinkled with ancient Communication Units known as kanji—spurring the urge to climb Mt. Fuji and dive deep into the nooks and crannies of Japanese culture and society embedded within their mythology—ideograms rooted in ancient meaning opens the way to an enlighten spectrum with unseen frequencies to perceive, to feel, and then to see.

fuji and books to increase awarenessThe daily natto, a morning routine with something new, or a periodic review of intriguing concepts extinguishing lingering ennui—look upon the daily dose of natto at dawn making ΩNE whole—be all there is to be.

Inevitably the daily natto protocol creates intriguing pathways weaving an internal destiny—leading to an acute perception of the mysteries within the nooks and crannies of Japanese culture and society.

Follow the sunCreate customized daily natto to realize and internalize the ancient protocol of tatemae & honne, perception of the truth of the underlying reality, discerning the difference of constructed mythology. 

Personal Agency starts by exploring hidden frequencies surrounding Mother Earth.

Debug dogmatic programming of hypothetical beliefs—the notion of life in all things, therefore infinite possibilities—the secret lies in a daily dose of natto—the almighty soul food of the Japanese—follow the consecrated path to fulfil your unique personal destiny.

natto coming out of textbook