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Alice Mabel Bacon—entry into Earth’s atmosphere—February 26, 1858—American East-Coastian daughter of a Victoria era college professor—Alice Bacon was called to Material Sludge duty during Meiji Restoration.

At the end of Sakoku 1.0Bakufu Matsu period—Japanese civilization was encouraged to initiate industrialization—the dominant spawn egged on from the Age of Reason—from where the irreproachable Alice Mabel Bacon came.

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Ms. Bacon is truly a remarkable figure in the spectrum of Enlightened Education—reflecting her altruistic pedagogical notion—enlightened Emerita Professor, in alliance with Tsuda Umeko having created a powerhouse civilized union.

Two foundational women responsible for wedding the Age of Reason to the sacred  Japanese Way—two pure hearts beating as the ΩNE catalyst—stoking evolution of human edification—embodying the notion of kaizen—incrementally enhancing life in all—ban butsu.

If ever in doubt where to start a story, or anything for that matter, start from the Beginning Again.

In 1872 Mori Arinori, an influential figure on the Iwakura Mission, selected Alice‘s family as one of the earliest examples of an overseas homestay.

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In this particular instance, a twelve-year-old Japanese student of the Meiji Restoration, (Yamakawa Sutematsu) was united with her puritanical sisterly brethren, Alice Mabel Bacon representative of the burgeoning North American Union.

Keep in mind, this was the Genesis of Civilization 3.0—when the Meiji government sent five girls for an overseas excursion + edification as part of the Legendary Iwakura Mission.

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ΩNE can only surmise as to the wonders these girls felt for each other—marvelling at their distinctively bifurcated cultures—revealed via the love of edification and learning—illuminated over the fleeting notion of a single decade—in essence merely an ephemeral rhyme.

Undoubtedly, this exclusive insider knowledge into the mind of a Japanese Meiji era teenager prepared Alice Bacon for the coming superlative experiences—forging Alice Bacon’s legacy as the Occxie counterpart to Tsuda Umeko—visionaries of Feminine Erudition—revealed through pathways inside the spectrum of the exalted and sublime.

In 1888, Bacon Sensei manifested Grace in the form of an invitation to Japan, originating from her homestay bosom-buddy, Princess Oyama Sutematsu, with a CC to her Spirit-Sister Tsuda Umeko, and when ask to come, Alice stated unequivocally “Yes, I can.”

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Her initial excursion was as a language instructor at Gakushuin Women’s School, where for the first time she saw with her own two eyes—in what has been described by another Meiji luminary by the name of Patrick Hearn: Fairyland.

Did Bacon Sensei have one iota of an inkling, she and her spiritual sister Aunty Umeko would resolve into ΩNE unified prodigious Women Educator shining beams of light into the darkness of ignorance and mental poverty—extension of knowledge—edification into ban butsu—with humility, dignity, and boundless civilized reach.

Unequivocally, her inaugural experience of Japan was a profoundly formative ΩNE—observing the idiosyncratic nature of Japanese society—the manifestation of most curiously profound communal notions—in actuality, standard protocol of the Japanese.

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What did Japanese society look like in the year of Meiji 21—through the baby-blue eyes of this Occxie Puritanical Girl—the anointed ΩNE.

The Way of the Japanese seemed quite shocking at first, for dear Alice Bacon was raised as a nondenominational puritanical Christian.

For certain there were times when Alice undoubtably felt a little bewildered on the initial trip—for this exquisite fairyland is certainly reminiscent of a novel by Lewis Carrol—whose main character, as a matter of fact, and just like beloved Alice Bacon, also had a marvellous trip inside a metaphysical surreal wonderland.

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Truth be known—through understanding the consequence of Alice Bacon’s lifework—ΩNE has come to appreciate her having successfully transcended the withering notion of monotheism.

Through the serendipity of having been spiritually enriched much more deeply she thought possible, if not for her visceral  experiences in this series of islands that is called Japan.

The fundamental innate notion of the Japanese embodies Infinite Truth—the notion of ban butsu—life in all.

The Japanese archipelago is favored with a plethora of hot springs due to the volatile volcanic nature of her geography.

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Since the beginning of time, communal bathing is standard operating procedure inside the community of Japan.

Imagine the East Coastian American girl, stripped of her wear naked and vulnerable—her spirit and soul laid bare, in the women’s bath—where she was to share Japanese style cleanliness, with her Japanese compatriots in the mysterious hinyari chilly night air.

Perhaps this is where the feminine Alice discovered and embraced her authentic corporeal tendency, while soaking up the uncanny Japanese notion—the genuine Meaning of Love.

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Several years later, in April 1900, Bacon Sensei was invited back to Japan to help establish the Joshi Eigaku Juku, the forerunner of Tsuda University, then, finally returning to her ancestral home of Connecticut in the spring of 1902exiting Earth’s atmosphereMay 1, 1918.

Bacon Sensei’s divine mission-accomplished was the successful merging of her puritanical soul and the spirit of Aunty Umeko fruiting into modern Japanthe creator of Civilization Three.

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