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Nov 12, 2022Blog, Culture

There’s often a debate between pet owners as to whether one is a cat person or a dog person.

CAT-DOG-PERSON - Land Of The Rising Son

Having the privilege of growing up with both cats (feline) and dogs (canine), one can truly say:

Domesticate companion animals are imperative in alleviating the suffering of isolation and loneliness—regardless of the species of animal one choose to keep as a pet.

For certain, the binary misnomer of CAT vs DOG also excludes more esoteric choices of domesticated companions such as guinea pigs, boa constrictors, turtles, and carp—among the vast array animals the humans species keep as pets.

Exotic Pets - Land Of The Rising Son

Surely this tedious binary way of thinking is now well past its expiry date—a relic of the past no doubt.

This archaic binary notion can now be retired along with the narrow-mindedness the ridiculous notion binary thinking encompasses.

In fact, one can actually ascertain the degree of empathy in those who choose to keep companion animals—in particular those who have rescued distressed animals from despair and abandonment.

Pet abandonment - Land Of The Rising Son

The Big Girl loves animals, and shortly after marriage, a most extraordinary family member entered our atmosphere in November of 2014.

Pancakes the Sage - Land Of The Rising Son

An abandoned cat, he found his way to his ancestral home by perseverance and fortitude—along with the desire to live.

Pancakes almost starved to death, but the gentle hand of fate touched his soul and brought him to what could only be considered feline paradise, where he acts as the wise sage of the Clan—in possession of Potion of Emotion, which among many traits, takes One’s sorrow away.

A short year later, Mr, Twinkle was rescued, and became the second son, One could say.

Twinkle Laid Out - Land Of The Rising Son

As the feline clan grew year by year, the individual member settled into their respective places in the hierarchy in the society of cats, in rural Japan.

This is reflected in the fact that this spoilt cat is the biggest baby of them all.

He gets lonely at night and likes to interrupt this monkey’s slumber due to his desire to play throughout the night—he is a nocturnal animal after all.

Mr. Twinkle is a beautiful boy - Land Of The Rising Son

Still a year later, two more beautiful cats came to join our clan—both of them rescued.

Unfortunately, the female of this exquisite pair died of pneumonia a couple of short weeks later.

A tragedy to say the least, but this is where the true nature of life is revealed in a painful way—all living things must die it is merely a matter of time.

Regardless, Cinnamon our third son is healthy and an important part of our Clan’s society.

He brings smiles with his innocence and joy when he demands to sit on one’s knee and get some deep love.

Cinnamon in briefcase - Land Of The Rising Son

Unlike the others, one could say he is ten nen boke, which translates nicely into “a natural airhead.”

Cinnamon Contentment - Land Of The Rising Son

Two years later, The Big Girl came across a pair of sisters in an animal shelter, and it was destiny—Empress Grace and Infinity Hisho Jasmine, joined the Clan in 2017.

Jaja and Grace together - Land Of The Rising Son

The older of the two, Jasmine is as skinny as a rail, unlike her sister, Empress Grace, in which One could say is a little on the plump side.

Jasmine, the Infinity Hisho, takes care of all affairs, and dispenses indispensable wisdom, while steering this bag of chemicals, around the Quantum Field.

Jaja doing it my way - Land Of The Rising Son

A truly awesome aspect about Jasmine is her innate trait of total flexibility where she can turn on a dime when new information crosses her radar.

Jaja - Doing It My Way - Land Of The Rising Son

She is also a history buff and Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History is her absolute favorite.

Jaja and Dan Carlin - Land Of The Rising Son

Indeed, the Infinite Hisho has make a world of difference in this monkey’s life—deep gratitude for all she does.

Fascinating to observe the youngest female establishing herself as the Empress, reigning above all, the sovereign ruler of this Domain.

Empress Grace Posing - Land Of The Rising Son


Empress Grace Icy Stare - Land Of The Rising Son

Never one to back down from a fight, she is capable of icy stares, which would make Satan himself retreat to safer grounds.

Satan Scared To Death - Land Of The Rising Son

Regardless, she does things her own way, and having an Empress in the house makes for wonderful and fulfilling days.

Grace is Erai - Land Of The Rising Son

One can not recommend a society of companion animals enough, countless animals are anticipating a loving home, and now more than ever is the time to extend hospitality, to all animals who are awaiting an ally’s dome.

Grace Stretched Out - Land Of The Rising Son

One thing that is always present as time marches on will be the inevitable death of these animals long before this monkey’s time on the planet is done.

Pancake With Twinkle - Land Of The Rising Son

This suffering of loss is the price One must pay, for the countless experiences of joy, fellowship, and comfort provided throughout One’s Way.

Pancakes Chill - Land Of The Rising Son