Onozuto Protocol

Onozuto Protocol

Onozuto Protocol

Wait by the river long enough, and the bodies of your enemies will float by.

Exhibiting patience by playing the long game, represents the difference between mental dystopia or the serenity of a sublime mind—onozuto protocol is clarity over time.

It is never too late to incorporate the encouragement of a 4-character compound, fueling the raging reactor in the core of the belly, vibrant life no matter at what age or stage—elderly statesman of the neo-clan nation—tai ki ban sei—great talent matures late *\(^o^)/*

Great talent matures late

It matters not how slow one goes; the purpose of the long game is civilized serenity along with copious amounts of jocular hilarity, for it is in this iteration of this animated quest that the meaning of life only ends when giving up.

Flush away the putrid rage of yesterday’s torturing of the subconscious and obscuring pathways—yet this is the only way to initiate the journey into ΩNE—the flow of the way.

Flush the baggage away

Plant a tree, though its shade you will never see—space and time are the game—onozuto protocol clearly states: as you sow, so shall you reap.

This golden nugget of wisdom can also be found, embedded in another profound 4-character Japanese compoundin ga ō hō—what goes around comes around.Nuggets of Wisdom

Like any rock-solid relationship that stands the test of time, the key to the kingdom and happiness is growing throughout the nooks and crannies in the infinite space of the sublime—clarity over time.

Onozuto protocol is also inextricably linked to the fundamental, innate humanistic principle of unconditional love.

The fickle nature of the fragile human ego is well-documented; two hearts beating as one—isshin dō tai—romantic notions, infatuation, and puppy love inevitably devolving into stagnation and ennui.

Husky love

So the story goes again and again: initiation of a new search for the “right one” or “special friend”—guaranteed miseryunlike unconditional love, which has no expiration date when following the sun.

Indeed, fly in ointment and chip on shoulder are the very obstacles sent to challenge one to overcome random travesties that manifest as despair when ignoring the han men kyō shi spirits.

Remember who you aspired to be, starting from around the age of three—no longer a brand-spanking-new baby, but a vital member of the emergent neo-society.

Crawl, rise up, stand tall, and imbue the day with the vibration of your personal information, embedded as the personification of a molecular biological iteration inside onozuto protocol DNA.

Evolution of man 津田梅老

The intensity of desire is ascertained by the amount of fire Muse has stoked to keep you warm throughout the brutality of reality’s storms during random attacks from rabid Black Swans and their mischievous cygnets.

There is only the infinite you (ego) in tandem with Muse (ancestors)will you be sharing the elixir of youththe subjective truth of space and time reframedshaking the molecules to blow the mindclarity over time.





The most magnificent thing about living in Japan since 1987 is the opportunity to meet diverse people from all corners of the world, and to explore the depth of Asia, soaking in the vibe of exotic lands.

This allows profound insight into the essence and nature across the entire spectra of humanity, with each person on a unique journey to unravel the mysteries of the multiverse.

Forward to the future-follow the sun

Observing the advent of globalization over several decades, a pressing need for localization translation of the greedy, fragmented minds of shifty suspect merchants was astutely and covertly observed.

The growing presence of foreign entities looking to peddle shoddy goods, vacuous vaporware, shilling the merits of suspect network marketing schemes to the highly discerning Japanese, is the primary example of Failure 101.

Failure 101 American nightmare

Crystallize in your mind an image of the infamous Charles Ponzi, a charlatan extraordinaire with a gaggle of drooling stooges trying to come In Through the Out Door to Japan.

First things first—understanding the Japanese protocol of Form Order Process facilitates creation of articles culturally familiar, thus worthy of the attention of the fickle Japanese.

To conjure artifacts that last forever, involves a much deeper analysis of the psyche of the Japanese, which will lead to material success for all these tedious alien wannabes.

Most of these trivial hacks came and went like the fluttering of ephemeral cherry petals in a gentle spring breeze—dreams of vast fortunes and riches like some kind of exploitable commodity extracted from the Japanese—eternally crushed under the boot heel of the stark subjective reality.

The end of the American empireA fatal glitch in American capitalist psyche is reflected in the prevalent condescending, insolent attitude toward the way of the Japanese.

Mal-matriculation of the Occxie student-body has erased any intuitive understanding of the deep-seated notion held close to the bosom of the citizens of Yamato, and what it means to be Japanese.

Whether native or naturalized, understanding the animistic nature of, and desire to preserve the civil Japanese culture has led to rejection of colonization by commodification and subjugation via the Mickey Mousification of Japan.

capital hill insurrection-With Mickey-02

Observe this example of han men kyō shi—bad examples from which one can learna shockingly impoverished viewpoint of a smug arrogant lackadaisical American president, who actually said:

“If it’s good enough for the Mexicans, then it’s good enough for the Japanese (°_°)*

The Japanese live in a rigid hierarchical structure; thus the following diagram makes absolute sense in the minds of the Japanese.

Samurai ΩNE ChartHowever, for our beloved Mexican brothers and sisters, this is simply not the casediagrams must be created in a specific way respecting and reflecting cultural sensibilities of the Aztecs and their indigenous beliefs.

Bind Japan and the Aztecs

A cautionary tale of a typical obnoxious Occxie distributor, who tried his hand at Japan, a failure from the start, without a clue about the Japanese, nor their unequivocal cultural sensibilitiesa vacuous agent of greed, replete with a robust supply of mental excrement: “If it works in Croatia it will work in Japan” ʅʃ 

Herein lies the secret key, allowing access to a group of karmic aliens, who have over time become Japaneseglimpsing into the magnificent creative Japanese mind, a product of civilization evolving over two millennia, unparalleled in all of Hardcore History.

Japan is an extraordinary school of culturalization, a characteristic distinctive style brought to you, with heartfelt love and affection a preliminary introduction to the colourful, vibrating world of ancient Japanese customs and tradition.

Key to unlock freedom

On The Money

On The Money

On The Money

No one knows what the future holds—shrouded in mystery and fate as yet undetermined—but just like a black swan, a rare instance of an exclusive path, preordained by legendary figures of Meiji Japan.

At the tender age of just eight, a girl could not consciously choose the grueling road to become a pivotal historic figure, one destined to pioneer female education in Japan.

Tsuda Umeko was the youngest member of the Iwakura mission sent to the United States on a fact-finding expedition in 1871.
Umeko with Shigeko and Princess OyamaAs the original pioneer of women’s education in Japan, Tsuda Umeko takes her rightful place, her exquisite face now graces the freshly printed ¥5000 Japanese bank note.

Returning from the United States at nineteen, Tsuda Umeko was deeply moved to empower Japanese women to attain new heights recreating Japanese society, one that had outgrown the ancient notions of dan son jo hi (chauvinism).

Tsuda Sensei’s sacrifices created the environment for Japanese women to achieve personal fulfilment as educated productive members of the industrial society—doing their part to make ends meet—making Certificates of Gratitude (money) helping daddy bring the bacon home.
Aunty Umeko ¥5000 with logoOne can only imagine the feeling and emotions that would be going through a child’s mind as she boards a massive paddle-wheeler for a long ride across the Pacific Ocean mandated with a simple yet complex task—“find out all you can and then report back…” 

Like a secret envoy from the ancient past sailing over vast stretches of sea—heading towards an unknown destination—following the sun to fulfil her destiny—an innocent child tossed like a wildcard—throughout infinity just to see—forging forth to identify what is to be.

This is where the legacy of Tsuda Umeko, the eight-year old pioneer, reaches so deeply into this very day—inside the hallowed halls of the esteemed institute bearing her noble name—Tsuda Juku Daigaku.
津田大学と梅子先生の弟子達Perhaps fortitude and resilience were woven into her core being imprinting the DNA of her samurai clan—exemplifying stoic discipline, simple sophistication, and unique Japanese culturalization.

The Japanese continue in the amalgamation of two civilizations, leading to a peculiar abstract mathematical notion inside this particular tricky instance of “time”—one plus one equals infinity.

ΩNE World Civilisation Three-Land Of The Rising Son-Japan
Tsuda Umeko was the catalyst for the sublime combination of the Age of Reason and the essence of the East—ancestor worship—integrating thus creating a contemporary edification spirit inside the ancient society of Japan.

Her brilliant solution to enlighten the girls of Japan, along with the powerful message of her innovative movement makes Tsuda Umeko one of the most influential women in the history of Japan—she did this with a little help from her best friend.

Filial piety - Land Ωf The Rising SΩN - cybersenseiHere, the sublime Ms. Alice Bacon was anointed as the Occidental representative to merge her mind with Tsuda Umeko—a Meiji girl and Ms. Alice Bacon, a puritanical Victorian—two divine flowers signifying humanity—merging into ΩNE—initiating Civilization Three.

The mastery of these brave feminine souls was as accelerators of change, guided by the natural order of all things, or as the Japanese believe—ban butsu万物—life in everything.

Parallel lines exist between Tsuda Umeko, the pioneer of women’s education in Japan, and an autodidactic who could not pay attention so he trotted off to follow the sun—finding out the meaning of life actually lies within the nooks and crannies on the road leading to ΩNE.

Maggie May Way Banner - Land ΩF The Rising SΩN - cybersenseiThe swift water of adversity inevitably encountered by Tsuda Umeko and xybersensei (yours truly) polished resolve and dignity—each confronting two peculiar worlds both alien to the same extraordinary degree—reflecting each other—reflecting ban butsu—reflecting the unseen.

Even much more, how could this possibly be—the seminal historical figure Tsuda Umeko, who is appearing on the ¥5000 banknote of Japan is in reality, our family’s beloved Great Aunty.

Aunty Umeko as a young woman

This story is truly phantasmagorically surreal—as it has now been revealed that xybersensei is simply a mischievous autodidactic child spending this lifetime following the sun.

Inspired even all the more to open up Lady Luck’s mysterious doors when she comes knocking—gazing at Aunty Umeko’s dignified portrait, beaming from the ¥5000 note—grateful for this sublime Goddess of Women’s Education opening doors to feminine edification—the divine Great Aunty Umeko.

Aunty Umeko in the golden years of her life

Curry Favour

Curry Favour

Curry Favour

Through no fault of their own, the Japanese cannot distinguish between “r” and “l”—sometimes leading to mortifying misunderstandings.

Occasional cheeky bloopers slip out during impromptu ido bata kaigi (gossip at the communal well) about an upcoming mayoral election—not to be confused with the philandering mayor’s clandestine trysts seeking to satiate his insatiable erection.

Kanamara Matsuri

Perhaps having led to misinterpreting this article’s title—mistaking this commentary as an ode to the awesome curry flavours now available in Japan—curry favour has a more practical application—to seek favour—a pragmatic protocol for achieving long term objectives—this conclusion is to be favoured.

Even though Japan has incredible cuisine, the Japanese also have an insatiable appetite for an exotic array of Indian curries—along with exotic spices comes their virtuous Hindu kindred spirit—binding them deeply to the heart of the Japanese.

Hindu and Japanese connectionIndeed, the spectrum of delectable curries now available in Japan cannot be denied, nor the international flavours arriving from around the world, which the rapid globalization of Japan can no longer hide.

Enticing Indian chefs to bring along their Mother’s Secret curry roux and sublime regional recipes—curry favour with the women for these ladies hold Civilization’s Keys.

Key to unlock freedomWhile their men work in distant lands, the women embrace an ancient clan dance—their men toil away, while the matriarchs stay by the hearth collecting their husband’s pay—building their noble bloodline in their ancestral homeland.

Here curry flavour changes to an intriguing life lesson—to curry favour with the women—especially with the hidden matriarchs of Japan.

A quick look, through the Hardcore History books, reveals plenty of reasons to curry favour—think of it as part of a survival plan—making it easier to understand where true power lies and exactly in whose cold calculating hands.

女武芸者 - Land Of The Rising Son

In other cultures, the notion of currying favour may not yet be applicable within that culture’s grand scheme—all emergent society and culture must evolve or they will certainly expire. Change cannot be forced; it must always come from within.

Women in burkkaAs for the Hindu nation and Japanese—obsolete sentiment as described in dan son jo hi (male chauvinism) reflects a decaying historic description of how the world should not be.

The laws of nature require society to be built upon ingrained civilized behaviour—a reflection of the Frequency binding the masculine and feminine—honouring the roles in the creation of Civilization Three—the foundational principle of harmony and civility.

dynamic energy between a man and a woman within the Yin and Yang




Originating from the Occxie communication protocol of English—an alphabet soup with a plethora of quirks and quarks—a continuum intermingling just 26 letters—highly useful to create mystical magical monologues of a somewhat poetic kind.

After entering Japan, ΩNE was faced with a massive wall of what looked like hieroglyphics—a seemingly insurmountable mountain of 2,136 ideograms making up the reading system of the Japanese.

Abstract Kanji ChartThe seemingly overwhelming task of reading Japanese left this wayward student functionally illiterate for several years after arriving upon the Land Of The Rising Son.

Just for good measure, there are also two other syllabaries—one for describing foreign words—KATAKANA—カタカナ—the other—HIRAGANA—ひらがな—developed as a simpler, more accessible script for native Japanese speakers, primarily women, who were often excluded from Chinese character education back in the day.

Interestingly, prominent court figures like the divine Lady Murasaki Shikibu, the author of “The Tale of Genji” was influential in popularising HIRAGANA script—an early example of Woman Power.

Tale of GenjiBeing an autodidactic is somewhat of a lonely place, yet the cure for any such fleeting emotion is what is known as mental elbow grease—the conviction of just three words—Yes I can.

For certain it is crucial to petition for assistance from a memory aid somewhat like a friend, this is where the bosom buddy named mnemonics comes to the rescue over and over again.

Somewhat of a secret superpower, mnemonics employ several different memorisation techniques to recall information more effectively. 

Indeed, integrating mnemonics into a personal study of Japanese is a highly powerful technique enhancing memory and recall, and using visual imagery to memorise kanji is always an awesome place to start.

Walk your own way and follow the sunAt first glance kanji may seem like a jumbled mess, and to the untrained eye this is indeed what is first seen. 

These complex ideograms are made up of different components, know as radials, understanding this is as helpful as can be.

Breaking down kanji into simpler components and associating each part with an image is an excellent way to get started on a glorious kanji quest. 

A primary example is the kanji for “tree” () which actually resembles a tree—so the key point here is to imagine a tree when you see this kanji—this will burn the character into the mind for forever and a day.

Tree in the shape of 木One of the most important point in successful language acquisition is building a robust vocabulary as quickly as possible and ΩNE can do so by linking the sound of the word to a similar-sounding word of ΩNE’s own mother tongue. 

For example, “neko” (), meaning cat, sounds like “neck” in English—this is where creating an image of a cat with a long neck will facilitate internalisation of this unfamiliar foreign word in a jiffy.

A whimsical image of a cat with an unusually long neckLinking the meaning of associated words with a vivid and related image or concept is also a handy tool in the quest for fluency. 

Here is a two birds with one stone scenariowhen internalising the word kumo—meaning cloud also has the same pronunciation as spider蜘蛛here it is easy to imagine a cloud in the shape of a spider—there you have ittwo words one stone. 

The spider is the cloud

As with all things, consistent daily practice to review mnemonics regularly will accelerate the path to fluency and as your personal mnemonics journey progresses be sure to update all mnemonics to match your own understanding and beyond.

Another great idea is to implement personal experiences and creativity into the mnemonics as the more personal and creative the mnemonics are, the more effective it will be. 

Let’s Go Molecular

Let’s Go Molecular

Let’s Go Molecular

Viewing the humanoid body as a chemical Matrix akin to thick green pea soup, at first glance may seem surreal.Green pea soup-itadaki mouseRest assured, there is simply nothing more visceral, bona fide, or reflective of the Fabric of Reality than metacognitive acknowledgement of the physical flowing of molecules throughout Material Sludge.

Coming to terms with the fascinating reality of the intricate intertwining of heart, mind, body, and soul is exactly where the story begins—you are now in control of a new constructed reality where the legitimate meaning of life as the revealed revelations are slowly unpeeled.

Just as in the Matrix described in the Rising Son’s Earth Log, closely examining the mirror reveals your personalised chemistry and its veneer—scary at ignition at the Beginning of Infinity—your molecules starts the evolutional journey outside the Matrix where lies worlds of endless eternity—no beginning—no middle—no end—truth no longer surreal.

no beginning—no middle—no end—truth no longer surrealOnce consciously assimilating the quirky quarks of the molecular being—heart, mind, body, and soul amalgamate for an illuminating journey—Follow The Sun—journeying on her beloved sister Mother Earth—just one of the many planetary islands among an infinite number of gooey atolls—inhabited by otherworldly chemical matrixes of enigmatic bizarre sentient beings.

The physical body is a carnal conduit consisting of mind, heart, spirit and soul, thus, it is imperative to nourish the restless wary whole—personification of Personal Identification—the Ego and the  turned loose Muse, floating in Harmony in the True Communities throughout this celestial atoll.

New Worlds Indeed the composition of a humanoid chemical Matrix, varies widely depending on the sauce in the feed mix deeply impacting all 4 vital signs, personalised touchstones as a present to all seminal sentient beings.

Fortunately, at the tender age of just twenty-three—Japanese food arrived instantly—in deep contrast to this Incidental Occxie’s humble culinary beginnings—straight to pickles, rice, and sashimi.

豪華刺身船盛り - Land ΩF The Rising SΩN - cybersenseiInflection ʅʃ Point

As an Incidental Occxie, this journey Following The Sun can only be considered in the realm of inexplicable happenstance, a most peculiar instance of surreality, manifesting into materially reality inside Earth’s Force Field.

Undoubtably the selection of Japanese cuisine includes much more that pickled vegetables and raw fish, in fact, when asked why to have remained in the Land of Japan, the answer envelopes just three:

(1) Japanese people

(2) Healthy Japanese food with reverence for rice

(3) The foundational workings of the civil society of Japan—internalising this leads to penetrating insight into Civilization Three.

Surreal map of Japan high tech red rising sun backgroundMoreover, the Japanese astutely describe the essence of savoury scrumptious succulent nibblets—corresponding to the flavour of glutamates—the fifth category of taste—umami.

Once upon a time in Occxie-land visiting a grocery stores—there was shock and dismay in what appeared to be food devolved into sludgy chemical goop—conjured in an Industrial Laboratory—bad news ya’ll have been duped—consuming ubiquitous chemical compounds like high fructose corn syrup—you are fat, stupid, sad, and a pathetic pale hue of Mississippi Delta blue.

Fat and stupidUnsolicited (ò_óˇ) Advice 

The vital organs of humanoids orchestrate the music of mind and soul—reconstituting earthly chemical matrix using natural flavour decisions, the sustenance of your life akin to personal rocket fuel 

Rejuvenating the physical body creates a solid foundation to build the four divine points of homeostatic humanity—reseting the entire celestial body the personal Mitochondria Muse, an ally and the new best friend. 

The simplicity of the molecule rearrangement theme and its execution therein, is where a complex mind game in earnest will begin.

The mandate is clear—72 hours of abstinence—three fleeting days—on the quest for eternal harmony—rejuvenation starts from within.

As in all heroes journey’s, the antagonist will show up again and again—its must be viscerally experience personally—you now own this pesky little hunger hormone—who goes by the name of Ghrelin.

Ghrelin moleculeThe sole mission of Ghrelin is to bring hunger pangs—let the first battle kick in—even if breaking down and giving in—there is always tomorrow as described in the song—ashita mo aru sa—the vision of another day—Start From The Beginning Again.

In the blink of an eye, the renewed bio-chemical system can now fly, collective gratitude abounds for this soul cleansing protocol profound, brought to you by the wise Dr. Sten.

One more fascinating magic ally in the quest for the heart to sign and the soul to fly is also courtesy of the sagacious Dr. Ekberg—most important to know, thus to be aligned the regeneration of the cellular—the miracle of Autophagy the ultimate regenerative friend.

Sten-Ekberg mashAutophagy is the personal cell recycling program—just like a tired out cellular telephone eventually it starts to slow down too many old files cluttering up the memory—leading to ageing, physical breakdown, and eventual senility.

Clean up the unnecessary files and update the software so it can run smoothly once again—72 hours of abstinence—three ephemeral days is where Autophagy is put into play.

As cells live and work, they accumulate waste material like old or damaged proteins and organelles, which are the vital organs inside each cell.

In the Autophagy process waste material is packed up to be destroyed—break it down and recycle it making new cell parts with a renewal of stelar energy is where the new beginning starts is definitely the place to be.

Happy cells, molecules, atoms kissing each other